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Things You Need to Know About Addiction Recovery:

drug free

Once you have decided to get rid of drugs or alcohol addiction, and you have yet relapsed this addiction from few days, then you feel like you are done with all that. Now you might believe that the addiction won’t counter on you at any stage.

But probably this is not the end of your fight against the drug or alcohol addiction; you need to follow some harsh steps for the achievement of permanent results. To help you to remain on the track and completely get rid of the addiction we have given some steps that you should follow in the daily life pattern. You just need to go through this article to know about those things that you should follow for your complete recovery from addiction.

# Is Addiction Moral or Mental? :

Most of the people think that they are trapped inside the addiction of Drugs or Alcohol due to their moral failings, but the real fact is that addiction is the brain disease or the mental conjunction. If you are trying to leave the habit, you have to remember that it could be your lifetime commitment as anyway could not easily transform the brain functioning.

# Cure vs. Prevention:

You must have heard a phrase, ‘Prevention is better than the Cure,’ the same implies here for the addiction. The individuals undergoing the addiction have to know that there is certainly no cure available and medical science could not just identify the cause of the issue. Therefore the best thing that the patients could do is to better prevent themselves from the Drugs and Alcohol as far as they can. If you could successfully prevent yourself from the drug consumption then by the running time your body might start to adjust in such a way that you would never wish to grasp any alcohol or drugs!

# Make up the Lifestyle Changes too:

It doesn’t matter if you have stopped the intake of the drinks or the drugs, the dangerous lifestyle could again motivate you to start up again with the addiction. Try hard to change your normal lifestyle, indulge in some joyful activities and keep up the busy schedule all day long!

# Simply Ignore the Addiction Therapies:

If you have ever attended the addiction treatment centers, then you might be familiar with their treatment structure and process. These treatment centers provide the addict patients with some substitute drugs which helps to override the common drug and alcohol addictions. The fact that they follow is that they fill up the void of the patient which requires the drug susception.

What do you believe, is this the right way you would get rid of the addiction? You probably would get addicted to some other substitute drugs and remain alike forever without any susceptible changes! The best thing that should be done is that the addicts should fill their voids with some other cheerful activities like food, shopping, gaming or sex, etc.

drugs# Situation is Different for each:

Not every people suffering from addiction get rid of it with the same style, but every person reacts differently to the various treatments.

If you have met any addicted person getting well and fine with some treatment, then you should not believe that you would also get cured by the same way. Rather you might reflect your alternative progress with that way of therapy.

The best way to find out what would generate the best results for you is to keep on trying the varying treatment style. By this way, you could easily find the proper and the most effective treatment for your addiction.

# Find the Yoga or Meditation Classes:

In your daily lifestyle schedule, you should preferably add up the training for Yoga and the Meditation. These courses intensely change up the mind of the person and remove all those negative variations from arising at any instant. It is all like training your mind for the positive behavior and actions.

# Smoking is also the Big Deal:

Many people going through the addiction cure treatment believe that smoking is not included in the drugs or alcohol class. They feel that they could continue the smoking and on the other side easily get rid of the addiction to medication or alcohol.

Smoking is also one of the leading causes for the growth of addiction in any Individual. Through one of the surveys done by the NIDA, some patients die from the smoking addiction that that of the other drugs or alcohol co Note up to the fact very clearly and remove the smoking habits out of your lifestyle if you are willing to get rid of drug addiction fast.

smoking# Outings with Family:

Going out with your family for any campaigns, parties or the treats would help you indulge into those humorous and thrilling emotions. It makes it much easier to get rid of your attachment for the Drugs or Alcohol. The family is the best option for your growth and hindrance for the harmful interruptions, so just try to spend and live your life in great joy with your family.

# Emotions has great Power:

The feelings you create, or you happen to generate due to your surrounding actions are all related to your behavior. If you are sad due to some reason, then your brain would trigger for drugs or alcohol intake. But if you always remain happy and enjoy up your life with so many cheerful activities then the chances are extremely less that you would ever think of Drugs or Alcohol!

# Relapse is not the Failure:

The chances are that you might get some often lapses while trying to get rid of addiction. It does not mean that if you relapse while going through your treatment, then you could never be cured. The simple thing is that you could heal if you try to work on decreasing the number of relapses per month. Wait for the time to come when you would never relapse again.

You need to believe that you are the only one who has drowned down the addiction of Drugs and Alcohol and you are the only one who could rise above and get rid of addiction. Your will power would decide whether if you get cured or just remain on the same street of addiction forever. If you work on yourself with great motivation and follow up all of the above tips and things, then it is easy to conclude that you will be the person free from addiction in those upcoming few months!

Erectile Dysfunction: Symptoms and Causes


Males do suffer from several bodies and health issues, but nothing is as difficult to deal with as erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction or impotence refers to a condition in which a man is unable to keep an erection firm enough that is required for sexual intercourse.

It is heard that if there is any part of the male body to which a man pays most attention to is his penis. But when this part of the body is unable to achieve the erection for sexual intercourse, then the condition gets worse both physically and mentally.

It is important for men to understand the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in detail and if anyone experiences these symptoms for over a month, he must consult a doctor who specializes in the treatment of ED such as a urologist. It is the only option and is safe which a man should opt for to get back to healthy sex life.

Symptoms and signs of erectile dysfunction

There are two major symptoms of erectile dysfunction which are not difficult to diagnose. If a man is experiencing symptoms occasionally, then it is nothing to be serious at. Men often face some this kind of problems at some point in their life.

But if the problem is consistently increasing then there might be some underlying physical cause. This condition is often referred to as chronic impotence. And if in some case, it happens suddenly but you are still stiff early in the morning and get the erection while masturbating, then some psychological causes can be related. In rare cases, there may be something going on physically too.

causes-and-symptoms-of-erectile-dysfunctionThe two primary symptoms are discussed below:

1. Failure to achieve erection

During a sexual intercourse if a man faces a problem of not achieving an erection he might be suffering from erectile dysfunction. Premature ejaculation or delayed ejaculation is also the symptoms which a person may observe.

If a man used to have erections in the past but suddenly he does not have any erections in the sexual intercourse, a hormonal change might be causing an erectile dysfunction in the body.

2. Erection does not last long enough to complete the sexual intercourse

If a man gets the erection, but they are not hard and are don’t long last as they used to in past times, there is a possibility that a circulatory problem is causing dysfunction.

At times premature ejaculation can also be observed in which the erection does not last long enough to complete the sexual intercourse.

Also, if a man is Obtaining full erections at the times when he is asleep, this tends to suggest that some physical parts of his body are functioning in a wrong manner.

Causes of erectile dysfunction:

The cause of erectile dysfunctioning varies between a variety of factors such as diseases, medicines, injuries, psychological problems, etc.
The causes can be either physical or psychological or both.

ED-9Physical causes:

In most of the cases, it is observed that the problem of erectile dysfunction is due to some physical cause. Understanding the primary physical causes can help a person identify the reason of why they are experiencing this condition. Some of the physical causes are discussed below:

1. Heart disease
2. Clogged blood vessels
3. High blood pressure
4. Diabetes
5. Endocrine diseases related to sexual function, reproduction, etc
6. High cholesterol
7. Obesity
8. Any metabolic syndrome- a condition involving an increase in blood pressure, increase in insulin levels.
9. Tobacco use for example smoking
10. Peyronie’s disease in which a person develops scar tissues inside the penis.
11. Alcoholism and use of other types of drugs
12. Treatments for cancer for example prostate cancer or enlarged prostate

Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction:

Our brain plays a key role in triggering the erection in a series of physical events as in sexual intercourse.
Factor that can interfere with sexual feelings and cause symptoms include:

1. Depression
2. Anxiety
3. Severe mental condition
4. Stress
5. Relationship problems etc

Erectile dysfunction changes a person’s life and affects their self-esteem and confidence. Impotence can also signal an underlying health issue so make an appointment with a doctor in case you observe any of the symptoms.

Vitamin D supplements may lower risk of severe asthma attacks and respiratory infections


Here is good news for people who have asthma; adding vitamin d to your daily diet can cut the risk of serious asthma attacks. Asthma is a chronic disease which is caused by inflammation and obstruction of airways up to the lungs.

The underlying causes of asthma are yet unclear, but the common symptoms include wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, chest pain and tightness. An asthma attack is triggered by exposure to allergens and irritants of its kind such as grass, weed, smoke, and other pollutants.

According to a study at nine clinical trials, an analysis has been made which shows that daily intake of vitamin D supplements in our diet has proven to lower the risk and severity of asthma attacks.

The review showed thatvitamin D supplements ranging from 400 to 4,000 units a day have shown to reduce the possibility of asthma attacks causing requiring medication by 37 percent.

Vitamin D triggers antiviral and anti-inflammatory responses in the lung causing these muscles to relax. These reactions might decrease the risk for a lung infection in any case.

asthmaCochrane reviews

The study was done at Cochrane and the reviews made are as follows:

• Vitamin D is made in the skin when it is exposed to sunlight for some amount of time. People living in cold countries often do suffer from respiratory diseases as they are not exposed to sunlight for most of the times due to which there is a deficiency of Vitamin D.
• Cochrain reviews have found out evidence that patients who take an oral Vitamin D supplement along with standard asthma medication are more likely to reduce severe asthma attacks.
• An individual suffering from asthma have swollen airways, mucus-clogged and tighten because they become inflamed. Inflammation is caused by the body’s response to an injury, irritation, and infection. Doctors recommend the use of Vitamin D pills because it helps in reducing inflammation.
• Theoretically, it makes the airways healthier by building better Airways in childhood which helps in reducing the risk of an asthma attack and improves the symptoms of asthma.
• Scientists and doctors recommend the use of Vitamin D pills because it helps in making the immune system smarter and stronger by producing defensive actions against all type of germs and allergens. This more intelligent immune system helps in reducing the inflammation and the probability of developing any infection or a severe asthma attack.

Scientists are doing researches to understand whether vitamin D supplements during pregnancy will reduce the chance of foetus to develop asthma. Studies are being carried out to see whether vitamin D sufficient children have a reduced risk of developing asthma.

Image00083The link between sunlight and asthma?

Sunlight plays an essential role in controlling asthma symptoms. Exposure to sunlight helps in providing Vitamin D which can assist in managing symptoms of severe asthma attack. Experts have shown that “Asthma is controllable but not curable.” Patients who are suffering from asthma can only manage this problem up to some extent but can’t find a proper cure. By making certain modifications in lifestyle and they have to religiously follow their medication routine.

Studies have found that children with asthma had much lower levels of Vitamin D and spent less time in the sun as compared to other kids. Also, the highest population associated with asthma belong to the region with weak sunshine, low temperature, and rainfall.

Can getting enough Vitamin D in pregnancy and childhood can prevent asthma..?

• Pregnant women start taking vitamin D supplements to their regular diet; it can help to prevent asthma signs or warnings in the foetus.
• But some studies have shown no connection between the amount of vitamin D in cord blood and the chances of their child to get asthma at a later stage.studies are still carried out to understand that if getting enough vitamin D during pregnancy and early childhood prevent asthma in children.

Can getting enough Vitamin D helps in improving the effects of medication in asthma?

The medication of asthma helps in controlling the effects in lungs by preventing inflammation. Patients take dummy pill which they inhale through their nose to prevent the symptoms of asthma. Studies have shown that patients who take vitamin D supplements along with these dummy pills had fewer asthma attacks.

Why it is important to replace missing teeth?

missing teeth

On an average adult has 32 teeth which are a combination of molars, canines, and incisors. By the passage of middle age, most of the adults start losing teeth for several different reasons. These factors can be from an injury, decay or gum disease. Tooth loss is associated with the self-confidence of a person because a gap is created in a person’s smile. Unfortunately, the effects on the physical appearance of a person are not the only consequences that he has to face.

Leaving aside the self-confidence and beauty aspects the replacement of missing tooth is important due to some other reasons also. Each tooth in our mouth plays a different unique role. If you don’t replace a missing tooth, then you may have to face serious consequences.

Severely decayed or missing tooth must be replaced for sure. Here we are going to provide you several reasons as to why it is important:

• Speech

The speech characteristics of a person are closely associated with the placement of teeth in our mouth. Depending upon the location of the missing tooth, it can adversely affect the way you speak. So dental implants helps in the articulation of speech impacting your social and professional confidence.

perio• Gum Disease

There is a redistribution of food load and biting pressure on the opposite tooth or other teeth in the mouth. This can cause shifting of teeth from its original position. This can cause minor spaces to be developed in the cavities. It allows plaque to accumulate in the missing places. Accumulation of plaque is associated with gum diseases of different types. It can lead to further loss of the tooth. So to prevent further loss of a tooth due to gum diseases, you must replace the missing teeth.

• Bite changes

The other consequence that a person can face is bitten collapse. Our jaw opens and closes in a way as we talk and as we eat. Our jaw starts closing improperly due to loss of teeth. There is a redistribution of the bite we make while eating on to other teeth. This insignificant pressure causes the shifting of other teeth from its normal position. This can cause a condition in which a person is unable to chew properly which is often referred to as bite collapse.

• Bone loss

Our teeth are surrounded by bones which protect them and provides them strength to make movements accordingly. The teeth are a sort of placeholders in our jaw. When one tooth falls off and is not replaced by another tooth then the bone that once surrounded it starts to deteriorate and consequently wears down.

dental-implants• Loss of muscle strength of tongue

The loss of teeth have changes associated with tongue also. When the teeth are in its place, they kept tongue tight and scrunched up. After tooth loss, tongue tends to flatten out and lose its muscle tone. There are a lot of nerves and muscles around the lower jaw and with the loss of muscle strength bone shrinks and they become exposed. While eating and chewing people starts to bite on these exposed dentures causing discomfort and soreness in the mouth.

• Promote stability of other teeth

Several changes are incurred due to loss of a tooth on adjoining and opposite teeth due to shifting in their normal position out of insignificant. Dental implants support and provide stability to the neighboring teeth.

• Aesthetics

As we have discussed above, the loss of tooth leaves a wide space and visible gap between teeth. It can cause a feeling of embarrassment and insecurity. Person consequently starts losing the confidence of speaking between friends and in public places.

It is important to understand the effects of missing teeth so that preventive actions can be taken beforehand. We have made clear why replacing a missing or decayed tooth is essential. Dental implants have proven to preserve the bones, preserve your facial appearance, maintain the normal functioning of mouth and help you make feel younger and confident in public. Dental implants help you maintain your quality of life and live with dignity and grace.

Consult your doctor to understand what treatment fits best for your need and smile.

Why should I treat Piles? Ignoring Piles can just pile on pain.


What are hemorrhoids?

Piles are biologically known as hemorrhoids refer to the small swellings at an anal region. These blisters cause painful stools often accompanied by bleeding. The haemorrhoidal veins are located in the lowest part of the rectum and the anal area. Due to swelling by some means, the vein walls become stretched and thin. There is irritation while passing bowel movements.

When a person gets alarmed by the loss of blood or gets tormented by pain in an anal region, he immediately talks to his friends and near relatives about it. They immediately suggest some home treatment for piles. People are often ashamed to go to a doctor and speak to the problem describing them the proper symptoms they are noticing. The private treatment can help a person to get relief of piles only up to some extent, but for proper permanent internal treatment, one should go the doctor.

The need to treat piles..!

This article expresses the fact to reader necessity to recognize piles even in the mildest forms such as mild pain in the anal region while passing bowels, even if they are non-troublesome.

A patient needs to safeguard himself at an early stage in a proper manner to protect against serious and grave complications that can arise later on.

Complications and their need of treatmentComplications and their need of treatment:

1. Internal Piles
Internal piles are commonly associated either with bleeding or some difficult circumstances such as distressing, painful symptoms such as itching, tenesmus, dull, burning, stitching or some undefined pain. There is a need to intelligently understand and recognize these symptoms and opt for proper treatment. Some people don’t pay heed as they think that this itching and pain in the anus is due to attending a dinner and partaking chilies and spices. It is the most common symptom of piles and should not be ignored at any cost. If a person is experiencing all these different symptoms, then the reason is surely piles. If not treated, several complications can arise in future.

2. External piles

External piles are associated with enlarged, elongated hemorrhoidal veins which start appearing in the outer region of anus permanently. These can be of any size varying from slight, large, of grape and ground nut size.
They may be dried, inflamed, shriveled or swelled up. It refers to the varicose conditions of the veins.

3. Bleeding

Bleeding is closely associated with internal piles. Bleeding can occur at the times or passing of bowels and even at other time also. Piles if not treated can cause bleeding from the anal region at debilitating levels. Sometimes people ignore the symptom of piles because the bowel is only blood streaked. But in later stages, if the conditions worsen the patient may experience high bleeding and look pale, anemic and feel depilated and exhausted.

piles-homeopathy-medicine-14. Blind or Non-bleeding

Blind or non-bleeding piles refer to a condition which does not bleed. In this state, a patient is trouble-free and attended with inconvenience. But it is suggested that patient must pay attention to treatment for his constitutional state although his piles are nontroublesome. He should take measures in positive directions to cure piles at this mild stage only.

5. Protruding

This type of piles is cast under the heading of external piles. A person experiences an appearance of puffed up pad around the side of or at some portion of a circumference of the anus. It is referred to as piles of protruding type. The protrusion can occur at any reasonable circumstance such as while a person is walking, coughing, sneezing, urinating, lifting some heavy weight, etc. Protrusion gets back to normal when these acts are over. But a person should intelligently examine these facts of piles to avoid further complications.

Complications that may arise with your ignorance

Domestic treatments do not cure piles; they only treat the symptoms. Proper treatment of piles is required to avoid further complications that may occur. These are:
Anemia: piles if not treated at an early stage, can cause long-term blood loss, which may for sure lead to anemia.
Strangulated hemorrhoid: in this situation, the blood supply to internal hemorrhoid veins is cut off which causes severe pain and death of tissues.

Piles can be treated painlessly in the initial stages with minimal expenses and time. However, layer stages require more time and expenses. Rate of complications is also higher in late stages. So, the treatment of piles should be taken in early stages.

Is Snoring Bad for Your Health? Causes and Health Risks of Snoring.

Snoring is a common condition that can affect anyone. It mostly happens, when you can’t move air freely through your nose & throat during sleep. It occurs more frequently in men and people who are over weighted. Snoring has a tendency to worsen with age. In many cases, snoring can be nothing more than an annoyance, but in some cases, it will be some serious potential health risks.

What Causes Snoring?

Firstly, let’s take a brief look at some of the potential causes of frequent snoring.

Obstructed Nasal Airways: Nasal congestion has a variety of causes, and it usually creates either a structural anatomic blockage or swelling of the nasal tissue. Both problems can narrow the nasal cavity and give a sensation of “nasal congestion.”

Poor Throat and Tongue Muscle Tone: Throat and tongue muscles can be too relaxed which allows them to collapse and fall back into the airway. This can be the result of deep sleep, alcohol consumption, or use of some sleeping pills. Normal aging causes further relaxation of these muscles.

Age: As you reach middle age or beyond, your throat becomes narrower, and the muscle tone of throat decreases. If you can’t do anything while growing older, lifestyle changes and throat exercises can also help to prevent snoring.

Being overweight: Extra weight contributes to snoring. Even if you’re not overweight in general only carrying excess weight just around your neck or throat can cause snoring. Exercising and losing weight can sometimes be all it takes to end your snoring.

Nasal and Sinus Problems: Blocked airways or a stuffy nose make inhalation difficult and create a vacuum in the throat that can lead to snoring.

Alcohol and Smoking: Alcohol intake, smoking, and certain medications, such as tranquilizers like diazepam (Valium) and lorazepam (Ativan) can also increase muscle relaxation leading to more snoring.

change-sleeping-position-to-stop-snoringSleep posture: Sleeping straight on your back causes the flesh of your throat to relax and block the airway and cause snoring. Changing your sleep position that can helps you.

Lifestyle changes that can help you to stop snoring.

Lose weight: Even a little bit but losing weight can reduce fatty tissue in the back of the throat and can decrease or even stop snoring completely.

Quit smoking: If you smoke daily, your chances of snoring are quite high. Smoking irritates the membranes in the nose and throat which can block the airways and cause snoring.

Avoid Alcohol and Sleeping Pills: Because they relax the muscles in the throat and interfere with breathing. Also, consult with your doctor about any prescription medications that you’re taking as some encourage a deeper level of sleep which can make snoring worse.

Eat Healthily: Be careful about your meals especially what you eat before bed. Research shows that eating heavy meals or consuming certain foods such as dairy or soymilk right before bedtime can make snoring worse. Placing a household ban on the following snore-hazards right before bedtime can make for quieter nights.

Do Exercise: Daily exercise also helps to reduce snoring, even if it doesn’t lead to weight loss. That’s because when you tone various muscles in your bodies, such as your legs, arms, and abs, this leads to tone the muscles in your throat, which can lead to less snoring. There are also specific exercises you can do to strengthen the muscles in your throat.

Medical Cures for Snoring

Consult your physician or an otolaryngologist (an ear, nose, and throat doctor or ENT) to recommend you best medicine or surgical procedure. Have a look:

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP):
It keeps your airway open during sleep, a machine at your bedside that blows pressurized air into a mask and you wear over your nose.

Laser-assisted uvulopalatoplasty (LAUP): It uses a laser to shorten the uvula and to make small cuts in the soft palate either side. As the cuts heal, the surrounding tissues stiffen to prevent the vibrations that trigger snoring.

Palatal Implants: It involves inserting small plastic implants into the soft palate which help prevent the collapse of the soft palate that can cause snoring.

Somnoplasty: It uses low levels of radiofrequency heat to remove tissues of the uvula and soft palate that vibrate during snoring. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and takes about 30 minutes.

Custom-fitted dental devices and lower jaw positioners: It can help to open your airway by bringing your lower jaw or your tongue forward during sleep. For the best results, you will need to a consultant with a dentist who specializes in these devices.

Surgical Procedures: It involves Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP), Thermal Ablation Palatoplasty (TAP), tonsillectomy, and adenoidectomy that can increase the size of your airway by surgically removing tissues or correcting abnormalities.

“Sleep well without snoring because sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.”

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