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Tips shared by Patients and experts for those diagnosed with Atrial fibrillation


Atrial fibrillation is a condition which is related to a problematic rhythm of the heart. In this condition, a person’s heart can misfire and become chaotic due to the fluctuation or irregularity of the electrical signals that are responsible for proper heart functioning. The heartbeats may either skip or go too fast.

This condition can also have an impact of various aspects of a person’s emotional health. It can also affect the body’s stamina. People living with such conditions also experience a change in their relationships. This is the main reason why, it is essential that you have to be in control of your condition and take active interest to make an attempt of living with AFib. Here are a few tips that can help you out.

Speak out what you feel

Taking professional help for your emotional and mental needs is essential. Speak to your doctor and let him/her know how this condition is taking a toll not just on your health but also in your living environment.
doctorUpdate your doctor regularly

People who are diagnosed with this condition are at a greater risk to have a heart failure. This is one of the main reasons why you need to ensure that your doctor is updated with everything. If you experience any kind of discomfort, go to the nearest hospital at once to get it checked. You can also give a call to your doctor to find out what you can do immediately to prevent anything dangerous from happening.

Have your medication on time

Considering that this is the matter of your heart, you need to ensure that you have your medicines on time. In case you forget but remember later on, take it immediately. The medicines that are prescribed are to help the condition to stay under control. In case there is a change in the medicine or dosage, make sure that you follow it properly.

Change your diet

Another perfect way to help you keep a control of this condition is by changing or altering your diet. Make it a point to eat foods that can help your heart and keep it healthy. You can speak to a dietician who can give you professional guidance with foods that will be perfect for you and your condition. Pay attention to what your doctor says since he/she will advise foods based on how bad your condition is.

tests_featuresdGet yourself tested regularly

In order to live with such a condition, you have to ensure that you get yourself tested regularly. Regular tests can help you to know if you are at a risk to develop diseases like diabetes, thyroid, pressure problems etc. It also helps you to know the blood pressure and cholesterol levels in your body. Make sure that you get an ECG done regularly to keep a track of how your heart is working.

Talk to your doctor if you’re experiencing sleeping problems

For those who experience sleep disorders like sleep apnea, inform your doctor about it so that he/she can tell you what can be done about it. This is because people with such a condition are prone to sleeping problems.
It is evident that a person having atrial fibrillation problem has to be cautious for the rest of his / her life. A small mistake can be life threatening in no time. Not only the person having the atrial fibrillation, but also the inmates of his house have to be very vigil towards his day to day life including diet, medication and checkups at regular intervals. If you can, life is smooth.

Pneumonia| Symptoms and Signs|Complications


Pneumonia is a kind of infection which affects the lungs and may cause mild or some severe illness to people of all ages. Most of the times, doctors treat pneumonia with medicines but it totally depends upon what is the basic cause. If you are thinking about prevention, then yes there are some vaccines that can surely prevent some time of pneumonia. But still, in spite of vaccination, pneumonia is the largest cause of death in children who are less than 5 years.
In this article, we are going to provide you some information about its contagious nature, signs, and symptoms which will help you spot the disease and the complications that may arise.

Who can catch pneumonia? Is it contagious?

Pneumonia infection is basically caused by germs that are usually breathed in and these germs may be present in their nose and throat. And answering the question, yes pneumonia is completely contagious and can be passed on through coughs and sneezes or by merely touching and object and transferring germs on to it. People of all ages can catch this infection: infants, young children of all age group, old age people who are above 60 years of age, people with weak immune system and other health problems.

symptomsSymptoms and warning signs of pneumonia

Infants and senior citizens are most commonly diagnosed with this infection as compared to other adults. So let us discuss some of the warning signs and symptoms of pneumonia that we believe will surely help you:

1. Coughing
The most common symptom associated with pneumonia is coughing. It is the first alert that your body starts giving you that something is not going normal with your lungs.

As the time passes by, you may observe persistent coughing which becomes painful and requires suppressant syrups for its cure. The patient may also suffer from chest pain due to a persistent cough.

2. Fever

Fever is considered to be a primary symptom of pneumonia and often includes a high temperature which signifies that our body is attempting to fight off some serious infection.
So in case you are experiencing fever, that is not coming doing then you are in a need of medical treatment as there is a probability that this fever is associated with pneumonia.

chills3. Chills

In case the infection has permeated to some deeper levels up to lungs then a patient may start experiencing chills. Chills often begin when the muscles of your body start contracting in order to warm up the temperature of your body which has been decreased due to fever.

4. Thoracic Pain

Patients with pneumonia often suffer from chest pain because of restriction on the flow of oxygen to the blood. They may experience pain in either of the lungs or in both. In worst cases, the patient may experience heartburns also. So you need to be extra careful in case your child is showing some signs of pain in the thoracic region.

5. Digestive Problems

Patients having pneumonic infection may also suffer from liquid stools, diarrhea etc also. This is because of the improper digestion and a reduction in appetite.

Pneumonia_and_Lung_Cancer6. Abnormal Cardiac Activity

In case you experience a noticeable change in the heart’s activity such as quickening pace of the heart then it is symptomatic of pneumonia. It is because of decreased supply of oxygen-rich supply of blood to the heart. So, if you notice signs of racing heart or chest pain we advise you to take these signs seriously and head towards some medical checkup for sure.

7. Vomiting and Nausea

As discussed earlier, pneumonia is strongly linked with the digestive problems also, so it is very common for patients to experience vomiting and nausea.



It is a severe type of pneumonia which is mostly caught by children younger than 5 years of age. Studies have shown that 1 out of 15 dies of this infection. In other cases, patients may have long-term effects and may have some other problems such as loss of hearing capability or delay in the proper development of the child.


Bacteremia is a type of pneumococcal disease which infects children younger than 5 years old and it basically infects the blood. Studies have shown that 1 out of 100 is believed to die out of this deadly disease and the chances increase more in the elderly patients.

Sinus and ear infections

These infections are usually milder than the other forms of pneumococcal diseases discussed above. In this case, the child may develop some ear infections and may also require ear tubes for proper hearing.

CPR: Learn how to administer this technique and save lives.


What is CPR?

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a technique which helps in keeping blood and oxygen circulating to the heart and brain of a person whose heart has stopped beating in case of a cardiac arrest. It involves mouth to mouth rescue breathing operations and chest compressions.

If you know this technique and performing it as soon as possible can help save someone’s life. This treatment will help you to buy some extra time until the ambulance arrives. It will help in restoring the normal pumping action of the heart.

Steps involved in CPR:
The basic steps involved in this process get summarized with their initials- DRSABCD:
6. CPR
7. Defibrillation


It is the first step in which you must make sure that there is no kind of danger involved to you or the people around you.
• In this first step make sure that there is no risk for you, the collapsed person or the other people nearby you.
• Try to touch the person who is collapsed only if you feel that there is no risk involved. You should avoid twisting the neck or bending the back of the person.


You need to check the response given by the collapsed person to see if he/she is conscious or not.
• Squeeze the shoulders of the person tightly and say in a loud voice: “Are you listening?”
• In the case the person is giving some response, make him lie in a comfortable position and ask for some help nearby.
• And if the person is not giving any response or is responding very lightly then you need to do what is explained next.

In this case, make sure to call an ambulance straight away and don’t wait for any other thing.


Till the ambulance arrives you need to perform these following four operations:
• Open the mouth of the person gently and clear the mouth of some loose matter if presents such as food or broken teeth.
• If there is some sort of fluid, you can turn the person on the other side so that the fluid present in the mouth drains away.
• You can also tilt the head of the person in the backward direction. Place your one hand on the forehead and the other on the chin and move the face backward.


• At first check for the breathing of the person by listening to their heartbeats or listen to the sound of breathing of air escaping out from the nose or mouth.
• If they are breathing properly, make them comfortable in laying and wait for the ambulance.
• And in case, the person is not responding properly and is not breathing then make sure they are lying flat and start CPR.

6. CPR

Start Compressions: Place the heel of your right hand over their chest (in the lower half of the breastbone) and other hand on the top of your right hand. Give 30 compressions at a rate of 2 per second by pressing firmly and smoothly to the depth of the chest.

Start rescue breathing: Lift their chin and give rescue breathing. Give at least two rescues breathing of about one second each. To give rescue breathing you need to cover their open mouth with your mouth. Seal their nostrils by pinching with your fingers and blow until their chest arises.

Repeat the CPR operation: Keep on giving chest compression and rescue breathing until the ambulance arrives or if the person starts responding normally and breathing properly.


In case there is a health care specialist available nearby or if you are carrying an automated external defibrillator (AED) with you then you can perform this operation. If the ambulance arrives with an AED then also you can this to buy the person some extra time until you reach the hospital. Stand straight and give an AED shock to the person below their breastbone. Don’t touch the person while the shock is being given to him as it will hamper the process.

Studies have shown that a person in cardiac arrest has the best chance of survival if CPR is started immediately.

Symptoms & Risk Factors of Pulmonary Tuberculosis


Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It can affect any organ part but most commonly affects lungs or the respiratory system. Tuberculosis is endemic in India and most commonly spreads through air. Even after wide treatment modalities available TB remains one of the largest killers in India, claiming nearly two lives every three minutes. Earlier TB was thought to be a disease predominantly of lower socio economic strata; however, this myth has long gone and can affect person of any socio-economic status.

Symptoms of Pulmonary Tuberculosis:
• Cough more than 2 weeks
• Blood in sputum
• Fever with evening rise
• Loss of weight
• Loss of appetite
• Night sweats

Risk FactorRisk Factors:

• Diabetes: With India rapidly becoming the diabetic capital of the world, there has been a rapid rise in the cases of tuberculosis.

• Malnutrition: Improper diet or diet deficient in essential nutrients may lead to higher chances of developing tuberculosis.

• Addiction: Smoking/ alcohol consumption or any other drug addiction has been proven to be a risk factor for TB.

• HIV: HIV leads to depression of the immune system and makes the patient more prone to develop TB.

• Chemotherapy: In patients affected with cancer and on chemotherapy there is suppression of immune system which makes them prone to develop tuberculosis.

• Other immunosuppressive conditions like chronic kidney disease, chronic liver disease etc. are also risk factors.

Apart from the clinical examination your doctor may advise following investigations for diagnosis:
Sputum examination: Usually two samples of thick sputum are required, one of which is taken when the patient presents to the hospital and the second is the next day early morning fasting sample.
Chest radio graph: There are certain features on the chest radio graph which point to high suspicion or certain diagnosis of TB.

Mantoux test/ Tuberculin skin test: It is a test in which injection of tuberculin protein is injected in to the skin of forearm (preferably left) and the reaction is noted in 48-72 hours.
Bronchoscopy:It is a test in which the airways are visualized through a scope and appropriate samples are taken from the affected area. These samples are then subjected to lab investigations to diagnose tuberculosis.

Treatment of TB is largely based on whether the patient has taken anti- tuberculosis treatment in his/her life. Depending upon the history of the patient and his clinical condition, duration as well as dosage of the treatment may change. However, treatment of TB mostly remains medical and less likely involves surgical methods.It is also necessary that the patient takes the medicine as advised by the doctor and completes his/her course of the medications.

Prevention is always better than cure and it is imperative that on takes care of the following points to prevent TB.
• BCG vaccination of infants
• Good control of blood sugar levels
• Proper nutrition
• Avoiding alcohol, smoking or other addictions
• Adopting cough etiquettes

10 Best Snacks if You Have High Cholesterol

Lowering Cholesterol

Cholesterol isn’t the boss of you. Don’t let Cholesterolpull the strings of your taste buds. With the people getting more conscious towards health and fitness, they are discovering and revolutionizing new, clean and health-friendly alternative diet. If you have Cholesterol then you can switch to these snacks that are low in Cholesterol yet equally delicious.

1. Chocolate-Covered Strawberries
These beautiful looking delights are a treat to eat. The sourness of strawberry and sweetness of dark chocolate balanced perfectly to give you the taste of your lifetime. Strawberry is a Cholesterol friendly food and dark chocolate does no harm to the body. Take strawberries and dunk them in the melted dark chocolate syrup. That’s it

2. Smoothies
smotheesSmoothies are for all season and mood. Smoothies are the best alternate one can go for. Perfect for heath conscious folks. There are gazillion recipes available on the web, pick anyone and blend it together and sup the pleasant delight, you can actually make a smoothie of your own by blending whatever fruit you have in fact vegetables will do great too. If you have Cholesterol issues then think no more, a glass of smoothie will satisfy your craving without doing any harm.

3. Fruit and Dip
Aesthetically pleasing food platter to look at, combined with nutrients. You can chop and dice any fruit and vegetable and then please yourself with a dip, that dip could be anything – peanut butter, hummus, custard to name a few. Fruit and veggies are full of nutrition itself.

4. Oats
Oats is a superfood, well-known for its richness and nourishment. It is well established that oats do highly good for people who have Cholesteroland it tastes amazing. You can improvise oats by adding nuts, flavors, masala and what not.

5. Popcorn
popcornYour movie pal. Popcorn is the best snack one can have. You don’t have to have a movie in the corner to enjoy a bowl of popcorn. Nowadays, popcorn comes in many different, delicious flavors to devour. It’s a comfy and fluffy snack to have when you have Cholesterol besides all of that who doesn’t like popcorn.

6. Yogurt parfait
Layers after layers of richness, this easy to make recipe filled with enjoyable and modifiable ingredients. Yogurt is jam packed with nutrition and to top that you can add more of health by slicing and dicing fruits, crumbs of oats and nuts. This protein filled snack will lift your mood.

7. Margarine spread
France invented margarine when there was scarcity a butter. Margarine serves as an alter option for butter. If you are craving for butter and wanna put some on your bread then margarine is the option to go for, remember everything overdone can do more harm than good, always note what your consuming for the sake of your health.

8. Quinoa
quinoaFeel like having a bowl of rice but feared of Cholesterol, the step it aside. There is a new hot topic been circulating around the down QUINOA. It is high on protein and rich with fiber and above all it helps reduce Cholesterol. Could there be any better alternative? It’s just as tasty as rice and looks exactly like the white wonder.

9. Dried apricot and raisins and almonds
Dried apricot is delicious and so low on calories and so does raisin and almonds. Just mix those 3 combos in a jar and whenever you crave for something pour the jar of miracles in your hand and eat through it. The fiber and protein richness will keep you full and satisfied. What better snack you could wish for. Cholesterol fears at the bay.

10. Ditch chips for tortilla
The beauty of chips and the longing to devour the full packet is tempting but chips do more harm when you have Cholesterolso beware. You can switch to tortilla, they are just as crispy and tasty as chips and tortilla is a more heathier option than chips.

Never hesitate to eat what you like but know what are you taking inside. Your body is your responsibility. Follow a healthy lifestyle and live long and happily.

The Ultimate Guide to Quit Drinking Alcohol Permanently


Conquering alcohol addiction is not an easy thing to do. For many, it is a life long struggle. Some believe that quitting alcohol is next to impossible, but this is not true. If you are willing to leave this habit and seeking for some effective tips, you are here at the right place.

#Alcohol is helpless NOT you - First of all, you need to understand that alcohol is powerless before. Don’t allow alcohol to control you. Once you overcome this issue, you can achieve your goal. Understand this fact that you have a control to make decisions. Self empowerment is the key to success when your goal is to quit alcohol for life. Focus on your present and make a right decision for your better future.

#Determine the reasons that encourage you to drink – Many people drink in some special circumstances, with particular people and because of some special reasons. Many people get addicted to alcohol in guilt and stress. Don’t allow anything to ruin your life. Even if you made any mistake and failed, forget the past and try again for your best. Maintain distance from the elements that encourage you to intake alcohol.

#Memorize the bad times and alcohol – Many people think about how calm, relaxed and happy they feel after drinking alcohol. They always think about positive stuff and drink again. If you really want to stop drinking, think about bad times. Memorize the severe headache, your sickness, your loved ones who were upset because of your alcohol and your sickness. It will encourage you to stop drinking.

Alcohol#Know the reason to quit alcohol – There are countless benefits to quit alcohol addiction. This addiction does not only ruin your physical health, but affect your financial status, spoil your personal life and mental ability. Make a list of reasons to quit drinking alcohol. Think about strong reasons and let them drive you.

#Maintain a right attitude – It is really important what you think about alcohol and your aim about quitting smoking. Don’t be like you are trying to give up alcohol, be like, I don’t drink as it’s not good for me. Your attitude can make a big difference. Your own voice will influence and encourage you to kick off alcohol addiction forever.

#Be social – Be social and stay connected with good and happy people who create a positive impact on you. Talk to your near and dear one and inform them about your goal and willpower. Your friends, family and colleagues may help you stay away from alcohol. It is advised to get enrolled in quit alcohol class or program to schedule activities that don’t entail alcohol. Social work, volunteer work, sports, art and gardening, etc. can help you a lot.

#Enjoy the benefits – Think about the benefits you will get after quitting alcohol addiction. You will be a happy and healthy person after overcoming this bad habit. Additionally, it will help you to save a lot. What’s more? It will reduce the risk of alcohol related cancer, liver disease, heart problems and blood pressure, etc.

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