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Heart Disease Risk Factors for Teenagers and Children

Heart Disease Risk Factors for Teenagers

There are many risk factors associated with the development of heart disease in a person at a very young age. These risk factors can be treated, changed or modified at the early stages of life but sometimes they are a cause of serious concern if not treated properly.

Most of the risk factors for heart disease can be controlled but in some cases such as children with a family history of heart disease may face difficulties in controlling this disease. As we are familiar with the fact that prevention is better than cure, therefore, controlling risk factors starting at an early age can reduce the risk of developing heart disease as an adult.

Risk Factors associated with heart disease

The most common Heart Disease Risk Factors for Teenagers and Children are listed below:

1.High Blood Pressure
High blood pressure or hypertension is a heart disease that sometimes goes undetected in childhood due to lack of symptoms. There are many causes of hypertension such as eating habits, hereditary link or result of another disease, like kidney disease or heart disease.

2.High Blood Cholesterol
Extra cholesterol gets deposited in the body that interferes in the normal flow of blood in the body causing pressure in the bloodstream. The risk factors associated with high cholesterol include high blood pressure, obesity, and smoking.

Childhood obesity is one of the most common problems of the recent time. There are approximately 30 to 40% of children who are obese. As a result, obesity-related problems such as high blood pressure and heart disease can be seen in children at a very young age.

Some studies have found that the person who smokes have a double risk of developing heart disease. Although in children and teenagers there is a low risk of heart disease if a person smokes the chances of developing the risk of heart disease appears. These days it is being observed that a large number of teenagers begin to smoke at a very early age that may lead to increased cardiovascular problems.

5.Lack of physical activity
Children who do not perform any physical activity are at greater risk of developing conditions such as heart disease, cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity.

Consequences of Heart Disease
Children with heart disease risk factors with high total cholesterol, obesity, and smoking habits have thick arteries than children who do not have these risk factors. All the risk factors listed above may block or reduce the supply of blood and oxygen to many organs of the body. It may affect the heart and the brain. This blockage may lead to other conditions such as stroke.

How to prevent the risk of heart disease in Children and Teenagers

  • Maintenance of healthy body weight
  • Intake of foods low in cholesterol and fat such as fruits and vegetables.
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Talk to children about the effects of bad habits such as smoking and encourage them to involve in more physical activities.


5 Ways Pets Help in Improving your Health

Improve Your Health

Anyone who has ever had a pet knows what it feels like to come home to one. At the end of the day, when you come home to a wagging tail or a purr, the sudden wave of relief and calm that you feel is not just imagination. The dog or cat rubbing against your legs can be helpful in taking off the edge of the most difficult day. A pet is always happy to see its owner and looking after one can you outside yourself. Not only do pets offer you companionship, unconditional acceptance, and devotion, but can also provide you with other benefits that can enhance and improve your health.

Some of the notable ways that can pets can aid in improving your overall health are outlined below:

Pets are great for improving cardiovascular health

There are several things that a pet can do which can lower your risk of developing cardiovascular disease. First, just by petting them, you will feel your stress levels lowering. Secondly, taking your dog out to a walk daily can be useful in lowering your cholesterol as it ensures that you get in some exercise. Your blood pressure is also reduced. All these things combined means that the risk of cardiovascular disease is much lower and the outcomes in existing patients are also improved.

Pets can be helpful in preventing allergies

It is a fact that children who grow up in a household with pets are less likely to suffer from any allergies when they are older. When they are exposed to pets as infants, there is a very low chance of them developing any allergies such as hay fever, asthma or eczema. Moreover, these children also have stronger immune systems and get fewer infections in the upper respiratory system. Why does this happen? This is mostly because when a person is young, they are exposed to pet dander, which is the skin shed by pets, at an early age and this allows them to build up resistance to it. You may not be able to get the same benefit if you wait to get a pet until the child is older.

Pets can aid in reducing chronic pain

When you are petting your dog, cat or any other animal, it will automatically release hormones known as endorphins, which are powerful pain relievers. These can be helpful in distracting you from a world of unpleasant things such as chronic pain. This kind of interaction can also reduce the need of using pain medication.

Pets can make people hygiene-conscious

One of the most notable ways in which pets can improve your health is by making you conscious of your hygiene. Not only do you pay attention to your pet and ensure they are clean and well, but you also start ensuring you stay the same way. Just like regular visits to the vet are needed for getting your pet checked up, you need to see your doctor for an exam regularly as well. In this way, you can prevent cancer in dogs and other dangerous diseases and also keep yourself safe from the same.

Pets are great for improving fitness

It is a given that dog owners who take their pet out for a walk tend to be healthier as compared to those who lack a reason to go out on a daily basis. With pets, you may end up walking twice as much as you would do on your own and this can be incredibly handy for boosting your fitness.

Hence, having a pet can prove to be very helpful for you in the long run because it has a positive impact on your health.

Orthopedic Surgeons: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Orthopedic Surgeon

Why Choose an Orthopedic Surgeon?

Back torment, sports wounds, ligament hips and knees, and solid neck muscles are only a couple of the musculoskeletal conditions that enormously affect Americans and the whole human services framework. Representing around 135 million mobile medicinal services visits, in excess of 3 million hospitalizations, about $245 billion dollars in therapeutic expenses and 488 million days of confined work movement every year, musculoskeletal infirmities contain in excess of 14 percent of the social insurance dollar. For the correct analysis and most fitting treatment choices for musculoskeletal conditions, it is critical to counsel an orthopedic specialist.

Who is an Orthopedic Surgeon?

An orthopedic specialist is a doctor committed to the finding, treatment, aversion, and recovery of wounds, issue, and infections of the body’s musculoskeletal framework. This framework incorporates bones, joints, tendons, muscles, nerves, and ligaments.

While orthopedic specialists know about all parts of the musculoskeletal framework, numerous orthopedists have some expertise in specific territories, for example, the foot and lower leg, hand, shoulder, and elbow, spine, hip or knee. Orthopedic specialists may likewise center on particular fields like pediatrics, injury, reconstructive medical procedure, oncology (bone tumors) or games prescription.

Instruction and Training

An orthopedic specialist has broad preparing in the best possible conclusion and non-careful and careful treatment of wounds and illnesses of the musculoskeletal framework. Orthopedic specialists have finished around 14 years of formal training:

  • Four years of concentrate in a school or college
  • Four years of concentrate in therapeutic school
  • Five years of gathered examination in an orthopedic residency at a noteworthy medicinal focus
  • An extra year of claim to fame preparing is normal

Board affirmation is a vital advance after fruition of the orthopedic preparing program. To end up board confirmed, an orthopedic specialist must experience a companion survey process, and afterward exhibit his/her ability in orthopedics by passing both oral and composed examinations given by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery. It is imperative to visit orthopedic specialists who are either board affirmed or during the time spent getting to be guaranteed (load up qualified).

Since orthopedic specialists finish a thorough re-affirmation process at regular intervals, they spend numerous hours contemplating and going to proceeding with restorative instruction courses to keep up current orthopedic learning and abilities.

Who does an Orthopedic Surgeon Treat?

Orthopedic specialists treat patients of any age – infants, youngsters, competitors, children of post-war America and the elderly – with conditions that range from bone and joint issue and cracks to ailments or tears of the muscles, ligaments in all districts of the body.

It is fundamental that patients and their families create associations with their doctors. This will help guarantee that choices about medicinal medications respect the patients’ needs, needs, inclinations, and qualities. Orthopedic specialists regard the estimation of assorted variety and are focused on serving groups and people with extraordinary requirements.

Orthopedic Surgeon

What does an Orthopedic Surgeon Treat?

An orthopedic specialist treats numerous musculoskeletal conditions without the medical procedure, by utilizing solutions, practice and other rehabilitative or elective treatments. In the event that essential, he/she may likewise prescribe careful treatment if the patient does not react to different medicines.

A portion of the conditions and ailments an orthopedic specialist treats include:

  • Variations from the norm of the fingers and toes
  • Back agony, cracked circles, sciatica, and scoliosis
  • Bone tumors, strong dystrophy, and cerebral paralysis
  • Clubfoot, bunions, pigeon-toes, thump knees and unequal leg length
  • Cracks and separations
  • Development variations from the norm
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Rheumatoid joint pain
  • Games or business related wounds
  • Ligament wounds, pulled muscles, bursitis and torn ligament
  • Torn tendons, sprains and strains

What Types of Surgeries do Orthopedic Surgeons Perform?

Orthopedic specialists play out various kinds of medical procedures on patients. Basic medical procedures include:
Arthroscopy – a strategy utilizing uncommon cameras and gear to envision analyze and treat issues inside a joint.
Combination – a “welding” process by which bones are melded with bone unions and inside gadgets –, for example, metal poles – to mend into a solitary strong bone.
Inner Fixation – a technique to hold the broken bits of bone in an appropriate position with metal plate’s sticks or screws while the bone is recuperating.
Joint substitution (halfway, aggregate and correction) – when a ligament or harmed joint is expelled and supplanted with a counterfeit joint called a prosthesis.
Osteotomy – the adjustment of bone distortion by cutting and repositioning the bone.
Delicate Tissue Repair – the patching of delicate tissue, for example, torn ligaments or tendons.

What Should a Patient Expect from a Visit with an Orthopedic Surgeon?

When all is said in done, visits with an orthopedic specialist begin with an individual meeting, physical examination and audit of past records or tests. This might be trailed by extra symptomatic exams, for example, blood tests, X-beams or different pictures. For most orthopedic conditions and wounds there might be in excess of one type of treatment. The orthopedic specialist will talk about treatment alternatives with the patient to commonly decide the arrangement most appropriate for his/her wellbeing and way of life.

Stem Cell Therapy for Heart Failure


The term heart failure is somehow dangerous to speak and feel as well. it is a condition in which a patients’ heart isn’t able to pump sufficient blood throughout the body for its normal function. The common causes of its failure comprise hypertension, cardiomyopathy, coronary artery disease, and heart valve problems. In fact, heart failure is considered as the non-curable disease.

However, with the advancement in science, around 95% of diseases can cure eventually under the prescriptions of doctors. In this same, let’s discuss “Is Stem therapy effective for heart failure?”

Can stem cells help treat heart failure?

Being the invention of stem cell therapy, it becomes possible to cure heart failure diseases. The Stem cells have the potential to not only protect the damaged areas but instigate a cascade of biological events which both culminate in the healing of the heart muscle as well.

As per the survey of animal studies, it has concluded that stem cell therapy will purpose new muscle cells to be shaped through stimulation of dormant stem cells that are previously available in the heart muscle. Moreover, it was revealed as well, the administered stem cell additionally transformed into new heart muscle cells.

Can medical professionals use stem cells to treat sufferers?

Some stem cells, which include the adult bone marrow or peripheral blood stem cells, have been utilized in scientific treatment plans for over fifty years. Other treatment plans utilizing stem cells consist of pores and skin substitute from grownup stem cells harvested from hair follicles which have been grown in culture to supply skin grafts. The other clinical trials for neuronal damage/disease have also been performed using neural stem cells. There had been side effects accompanying these studies and in addition, research is warranted. Moreover, there are tons of studies to be performed in the future that will give a clear cut picture whether stem cell therapy is 100% successful or not.

What are the pros of treating heart failure with allogeneic umbilical cord tissue-derived stem cells?

  • Allogeneic stem cells may be administered a couple of instances over the path of days in uniform dosages that comprise excessive cellular counts.
  • Being HUCT mesenchymal stem cells are immune system elite, cellular rejection isn’t an issue and HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen) matching isn’t necessary.
  • Umbilical code tissue affords an abundant delivery of mesenchymal stem cells.
  • The stem cells with the first-rate anti-inflammatory activity, immune modulating ability, and capacity to stimulate regeneration can be accessed and selected.
  • No need to acquire stem cells from the affected person’s hip bone or fats under anesthesia, which particularly for small youngsters and their mother and father, can be an unpleasant ordeal.
  • No need to manage chemotherapy drugs like Granulocyte-colony stimulating element to activate the bone marrow to supply granulocytes and stem cells and move them into the bloodstream.

Hence, still, the investigation is continuing to declare that stem cell therapy is perfect to indulge as there is still a need to research in the area of stem cell research.

Want to Get rid of Tendon Pain


When you cherish playing a game, you tend to play it again and again. What can happen to your body when you rehash activities again and again? Tendon Pain or Tendinitis. It can even happen in case you’re constrained into monotonous movements in your activity (which you presumably don’t love as much as that previously mentioned game or action), which pays you cash, which is something else that you like. Fundamentally, I’m stating that the general population well on the way to get tendinitis is not prone to surrender the exercises causing it.

In case you’re not going to surrender whatever is causing your tendinitis, you have to figure out how to treat it before difficult issues fly up. Tendinitis regularly happens in the elbow, knee, shoulder, and foot sole area. Try not to mistake tendinitis for carpal passage, despite the fact that they’re fundamentally the same as. Your ligament (that thing that appends muscles to bones) gets aggravated and swollen, and this doesn’t rest easy. It can possibly happen around any joint and is a consequence of abuse, damage, maturing, and at times illnesses like rheumatoid joint inflammation.

Side effects

  • Ligament torment close to a joint
  • Delicacy
  • Swelling
  • The agony that intensifies with action

Best Treatments for Tendinitis

A sound body can deal with strenuous movement all the more effortlessly; this additionally forestalls damage.
On the off chance that it’s absolutely impossible you will quit playing tennis, at that point show signs of improvement shape. Drink heaps of water and extend when games (or work, if that is causing the issue). Weight lifting or obstruction preparing (utilizing opposition groups like these sold at Amazon) is useful for your entire body yet will particularly help your concern region. (That is for the twenty-two-year-old marathoner and additionally the sixty-year-old who’s losing her depression.) Choosing another game to broadly educate will help reinforce distinctive body parts and in addition offer the focused on one’s a reprieve.


At the point when the agony begins, give it a rest.

The issue with this is, it is considerably less demanding said than done. Taking a break from a game you improve the situation fun is generally straightforward. In case you’re a competitor or need to make dreary or strenuous movements for your activity, it may not be as simple. To the competitor: do what needs to be done and perhaps avoid the occasion you’re preparing for. At work, converse with better or different colleagues than check whether any progressions can be made in day by day obligations, or begin wearing a prop or pressure wraps (Amazon offers a wide assortment of ACE brand gauzes).

Mellow tendinitis will show signs of improvement in home care.

Other than the rest, there are a couple of things you can do at home to help oversee tendinitis. Applying ice for the duration of the day will diminish swelling and will briefly assuage torment. Over-the-counter torment relievers will do likewise. Lifting wounds are constantly used, as well. Experiment with a support, sling, pressure gauze, and brace—whatever works for your damage—and check whether it makes a difference. In the event that you haven’t been extending, begin now. You might need to see a specialist in any case, however certainly make an arrangement if the agony won’t leave.

A specialist can pinpoint the issue and help you to beat it.

After an examination and possibly some X-beams or different tests, your specialist will disclose to you how to settle it. This may incorporate exercise based recuperation sessions to extend and reinforce the ligament being referred to, steroid or cortisone infusions to decrease swelling, or (in uncommon and extreme cases) medical procedure. Your specialist will most likely suggest a portion of the previously mentioned home care strategies also.

Construct your own particular active recuperation regimen.

This is clearly not 100% dependable without a specialist’s or pro’s support, and it won’t supplant her recommendation, yet it might help. Experiment with some physical movement those utilizations distinctive movements from the one causing your torment. I totally adore yoga; it both reinforces you and extends you. There are a couple of extends recorded underneath intended for tendinitis in the patella, rotator sleeve, and Achilles ligament. There are particular extends outside of these, however, and some speedy research will help with that.


For knee (patella) torment:
Remain before a seat. Put one foot top-down on the seat, pointing your knee away and down from your body. Lean forward while keeping your other foot solidly on the floor and hold. Change legs and rehash. You should feel the extent in the quad of your straight leg.

For heel/lower leg (Achilles ligament) torment:
Put the two hands about shoulder-tallness against a divider, and stage one leg back. Keep the two feet level on the floor and lean forward, twisting your front leg, and hold. Change legs and rehash. You should feel the extent in the back of your calf.

For elbow (tennis elbow) torment:
For tennis elbow, simply put your palms together (fingers up, elbows out) just beneath your button. Lower your arms without isolating your hands, feeling the extent in your lower arm.

Inconveniences of Tendinitis
Side effects will, for the most part, enhance with time and legitimate treatment, yet you have to keep over it. On the off chance that your tendinitis is left untreated, it will continue making more harm the ligament being referred to, perhaps bursting it sooner or later not far off. That will likely hurt more than the disturbance you’re feeling now. Regardless of whether the ligament doesn’t really break, wounds are more probable with a frail and excited ligament. Your indications can likewise return in case you’re not cautious.

In this way, regardless of whether your non-intrusive treatment practices are exhausting, tedious, or in some other path aggravating to you, kindly don’t avoid them or some other specialist suggested treatment. They are substantially less irritating than the constant torment or medical procedure you may need to experience later if your condition is permitted to run wild.

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