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10 Best Snacks if You Have High Cholesterol

Cholesterol isn’t the boss of you. Don’t let Cholesterolpull the strings of your taste buds. With the people getting more conscious towards health and fitness, they are discovering and revolutionizing new, clean and health-friendly alternative diet. If you have Cholesterol then you can switch to these snacks that are low in Cholesterol yet equally delicious.

1. Chocolate-Covered Strawberries
These beautiful looking delights are a treat to eat. The sourness of strawberry and sweetness of dark chocolate balanced perfectly to give you the taste of your lifetime. Strawberry is a Cholesterol friendly food and dark chocolate does no harm to the body. Take strawberries and dunk them in the melted dark chocolate syrup. That’s it

2. Smoothies
smotheesSmoothies are for all season and mood. Smoothies are the best alternate one can go for. Perfect for heath conscious folks. There are gazillion recipes available on the web, pick anyone and blend it together and sup the pleasant delight, you can actually make a smoothie of your own by blending whatever fruit you have in fact vegetables will do great too. If you have Cholesterol issues then think no more, a glass of smoothie will satisfy your craving without doing any harm.

3. Fruit and Dip
Aesthetically pleasing food platter to look at, combined with nutrients. You can chop and dice any fruit and vegetable and then please yourself with a dip, that dip could be anything – peanut butter, hummus, custard to name a few. Fruit and veggies are full of nutrition itself.

4. Oats
Oats is a superfood, well-known for its richness and nourishment. It is well established that oats do highly good for people who have Cholesteroland it tastes amazing. You can improvise oats by adding nuts, flavors, masala and what not.

5. Popcorn
popcornYour movie pal. Popcorn is the best snack one can have. You don’t have to have a movie in the corner to enjoy a bowl of popcorn. Nowadays, popcorn comes in many different, delicious flavors to devour. It’s a comfy and fluffy snack to have when you have Cholesterol besides all of that who doesn’t like popcorn.

6. Yogurt parfait
Layers after layers of richness, this easy to make recipe filled with enjoyable and modifiable ingredients. Yogurt is jam packed with nutrition and to top that you can add more of health by slicing and dicing fruits, crumbs of oats and nuts. This protein filled snack will lift your mood.

7. Margarine spread
France invented margarine when there was scarcity a butter. Margarine serves as an alter option for butter. If you are craving for butter and wanna put some on your bread then margarine is the option to go for, remember everything overdone can do more harm than good, always note what your consuming for the sake of your health.

8. Quinoa
quinoaFeel like having a bowl of rice but feared of Cholesterol, the step it aside. There is a new hot topic been circulating around the down QUINOA. It is high on protein and rich with fiber and above all it helps reduce Cholesterol. Could there be any better alternative? It’s just as tasty as rice and looks exactly like the white wonder.

9. Dried apricot and raisins and almonds
Dried apricot is delicious and so low on calories and so does raisin and almonds. Just mix those 3 combos in a jar and whenever you crave for something pour the jar of miracles in your hand and eat through it. The fiber and protein richness will keep you full and satisfied. What better snack you could wish for. Cholesterol fears at the bay.

10. Ditch chips for tortilla
The beauty of chips and the longing to devour the full packet is tempting but chips do more harm when you have Cholesterolso beware. You can switch to tortilla, they are just as crispy and tasty as chips and tortilla is a more heathier option than chips.

Never hesitate to eat what you like but know what are you taking inside. Your body is your responsibility. Follow a healthy lifestyle and live long and happily.