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Cheema Medical Complex

Month: August 2015

Meningitis: A Serious Brain Issue- All You Need to Know

Meningitis: Going with the common adage, “Health is Wealth”, it is important for every one of us to take every health issue very seriously. No doubt, every part of our body is crucial, yet when it comes to our brain, no symptom, no pain should be ignored. You never know, when a serious issue would […]

Negative Emotions and Physical Change: Yes, there is a Connection!

What happens when something happens against your will, or against your heart’s and mind’s thoughts? Just like negative emotions hardships, breakups, and losses! Do you get angry, or you get a feeling for which you never had an explanation! Being human beings, we get affected by traumatic events a lot. Such events not only disturb […]

Drug Addiction- The Negative Side of Rave Parties

Dance and loud music is the favorite of youth. In fact, a place with loud music, laser lights is amongst the best places for them to escape the reality. There is nothing wrong until things are limited to dance and fun. However, the moment it crosses the boundary and involves selling of drugs and alcohol, […]

Drug misuse: Women, the Prime Victims!

Drug addiction is undoubtedly an awful habit and its consequences are harsher than what we actually imagine. If we talk about its effects, they are not just limited to the addict. In other words, the consequences affect both, the addict and family in various ways. Especially, it is the women who have to suffer the […]