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Cheema Medical Complex

Month: August 2016

Role of Schools in Drug Abuse Prevention

What does drug abuse prevention mean? You have mostly heard of “drug abuse prevention”, but do u aware of its real meaning. And what does it mean to schools? Drug abuse prevention has three major constituents: 1. Demand decreasing plans These policies aim to diminish the craving and enthusiasm to attain and use drugs and […]

Preventing Digestion Problems to have a Happy Tummy

The digestive system is important to assisting your body to break down food so that it can effectively retrieve nutrients and vitamins, as well as separate waste out of it. It’s comprised of the following organs: • mouth • food pipe or oesophagus • liver • stomach • gallbladder • intestines (small and large) • […]

Drug Testing of Employees in the Workplace

Some schools, colleges, organisations, corporate companies and hospitals conduct drug testing. This can be done by various methods, comprising: pre-employment testing, casual testing, realistic disbelief/cause testing, supplement testing, and post-accident testing. This generally includes assembling urine samples to test for drugs such as marijuana, opium, amphetamines, and PCP. According to the latest survey, 67.9 percent […]

Health loss, CMC cures

Health, a vital aspect of maintaining in this hectic and busy schedule life. Since, it is only our good health, which remains with us in any bad or good situations. As we all have gone through the famous proverb, ‘health is wealth’ in our lives, but always mind that wealth is wealth, however, health is […]

7 Most Common Causes of the Deaths in the World

The most common diseases fluctuate according to the lifestyle of the person. The most common diseases in the world account for 6 out of 10 lives lost every year, with about 133 million people going through at least one chronic illness. Anemia Anemia is the cause of a downfall of well red blood cells, or […]

Features Specific to Alcoholic Hepatitis

Alcoholic hepatitis is an unhealthy, inflammatory state of the liver caused by unnecessary alcohol consumption over a long period of time. If you face this situation, you must stop drinking alcohol. Non-stop drinking can cause many other health issues, such as cirrhosis of the liver, or even liver failure. Causes of Alcoholic Hepatitis When alcohol […]