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Month: October 2016

Does your child have Autism? Learn the signs of autism

Many kids with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) may express growing differences when they are infants—especially their social and linguistic skills. Because they frequently sit, crawl, and walk on time, less visible differences in the growth of posture, pretend play, and social language often goes unobserved. In addition to interruptions in spoken language and behavioural differences, […]

Adverse Effects of Addiction on Intimacy and Personal Relationships

Intimacy and Addiction Alcohol and drug abuse are the cause of many problems for those who absorb in this activity. One of the initial casualties from drug abuse will be intimacy. It is just impossible for individuals to abuse mind-altering substances and maintain healthy relationships. The person falls into misconception and self-interest, and they will […]

9 Home Remedies to Control your Blood Pressure

If you’ve been identified with high blood pressure, you might be nervous about taking prescribed medicine to carry your figures down. Lifestyle plays a crucial role in handling your high blood pressure. If you positively control your blood pressure with a good lifestyle, you may escape, delay or diminish the requirement for medication. Here are […]

Menopause: A life changing activity for women

The menopause spots the period in a woman’s life when her monthly mensuration cycle stops and she is unable to become pregnant or say non-fertile. The average age for the menopause is 51. But approx. one-fifth of women in India encounters with menopause before the age of 41. The menopause is an ordinary part of […]