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Cheema Medical Complex

Month: October 2017

Most Common Orthopedic Procedures

Those who practice the orthopedic field are specialized in dealing with both skeletons and muscles of your body. At our organization, we are proficient of offering a number of solutions and find out the way to solve the patient’s requirements. Our team of surgeons has the capability to perform various surgeries ranging from sports medicine […]

Selecting a Good Orthopedic Mattress

Doctors say that sleeping on the wrong mattress can affect your back and spine. And, if someone is already having the back pain they must have to be careful while selecting the mattress. Selection of a good mattress can promote sound sleep, relaxes muscles and ideal for better sleeping posture. Obviously, there is no ‘perfect’ […]

How to Choose Your Orthopedic Surgeon

Are you still in the pain because of arthritis and bone injury? Opting for the right orthopedic surgeon for your pain is a passive task as it involves your trust on them. For every one of us getting back into our normal life after ridding all the pain is very important. While getting treatment, the […]

7 Interesting Facts You Should Know about Orthopedic Surgeon

In day-to-day life, we suffer from various chronic conditions such as arthritis or osteoporosis. Whether it is a joint, muscle or bone injury, you need to go to the orthopedic surgeon. They generally treat the spine and joint injuries along with all the musculoskeletal problems. But, making the selection of right Orthopedist is quite difficult. […]

Importance of Cardiac Rehabilitation Program for Heart Patients

Having a trouble in deciding whether to join a rehab program after undergoing heart surgery? Undergoing a heart surgery is a life changing event in an individual’s life. To continue with a healthy lifestyle and stress free mind, cardiac rehabilitation has become a necessity post surgery and treatment. It focuses on a patient’s social, physical […]