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Cheema Medical Complex

Month: November 2017

When Is the Best Time to Take Creatine?

Creatine is one of the most popular exercise performance supplements. It increases strength and muscle mass as per found in the studies. In full Extensive research has also found that it’s safe to consume As we all are familiar that creatine is effective and safe but many of the people do not know what the […]

Rheumatic Diseases

These are the type of diseases which generally attack the joints of the body and sometimes also include the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. These occur due to the wear and tear problem in the body. These are the result of joint inflammation which is also known as arthritis. If we look at the data, then […]

Does lemon water help you lose weight?

Lemon water is made from fresh lemon juice mixed with water. You can take it either hot or cold. Lemon juice is claimed to have various health benefits including increased energy levels, enhancing focus and improving digestion. It is used by many people in their diet and is helpful in reducing weight. It is low […]

What are the Benefits of Going to an Orthopedic Clinic?

An average orthopedic health facility brings medical and surgical expertise to patients. If a person is facing any kind of orthopedic related problems then they can find all in one solution in the clinic. These clinics also offer physiotherapy and acupuncture services along with the diagnostic and radiology services. Among all these things they also […]

Simple Exercises for People with Heart Problems?

Now, in the current scenario, many of the people are suffering from heart diseases. This is all due to bad nutrition and no physical activity being done by the people. If you are suffering from any heart problem, then it becomes very necessary for you to exercise daily for some time and side by side […]

Save a life! Best Ways to Stop Drug and Alcohol Abuse

If your family members and friends are having drug abuse problems, then its high time to start taking care of them so that they will not push themselves so much into the dark that they will even lose their lives due to drug intake. This problem can be cured. It does not require many efforts. […]