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Cheema Medical Complex

Month: January 2018

See! How Well Do You Know Your Heart

A correct assessment of your heart is very important as it shows the condition of your heart. Keeping the health of your heart safe is sound is very essential. For this, you can contact a doctor and talk about the risks. There are three basic steps that help you in making your heart healthier for […]

Bleeding Piles! How to Stop Your Piles Bleeding?

Piles or you can say Hemorrhoids probably freak out a person suffering from it. The condition becomes when it is a bleeding pile. As you know that it is the condition of swollen veins of the anus or lower rectum, this gives only pain. Its occurrence is a result of tissue’s weakness that is responsible […]

How Drug Addiction and Alcoholism are Path to Hell

When we discuss Drug Addiction and Alcoholism, there is a hard truth that a great many people will never know, never acknowledge. Drug Addiction can defraud anybody and everybody, regardless of what age, gender, or profession. Unprecedented thereat – Today, Addiction has turned into an unfortunate propensity for some young people, a simple target, and […]

Is there really a solution for drug addiction?

Where there is a hand of benevolence there is an eye of evil. On the land of astonishing excellence in every walk of human inventions, the dark reality of evil society is galloping at the same pace. When some categories of drugs are utilized for the purpose of cure, the other species of drugs are […]