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Cheema Medical Complex

Month: December 2018

Does Ear Discharge Bother You?

Ear discharge is defined as any fluid coming from the ear. It’s also called otorrhea. Earwax is a normal discharge made from oil, naturally produced in the ear. But sometimes, blood or other fluids can enter the ear, such as through a ruptured eardrum. This is why ear discharge symptoms should never be ignored. They […]

Are There Any Alternatives To Knee Replacement?

Knee replacement surgery involves surgeons replacing the damaged or diseased knee joint with a mechanical implant made of metal and plastic composites that act as a joint. Since this is an invasive procedure and requires a lengthy recovery period, this should be only considered after other less obtrusive treatments have been explored. People between the […]

Heart Attack and Heart Failure- What is the difference?

The heart pumps the blood and circulates it to the entire body. It carries the oxygen and nutrients to the tissue and the waste products from the tissue. In turn, blood gets the oxygen and nutrients via the coronary arteries to function continuously. If the blood supply to the heart is deficient, the cardiac muscles […]