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5 Ways to Make Studying stress free and enjoyable

Let’s face it — studying isn’t always the most exciting of activities. You have to spend hours staring at books and computers until you’re blue in the face, and sometimes you don’t even remember the information you spent so many hours attempting to memorize.

1. Buy yourself awesome study gear:
Sure, one solution is to throw money at it. Not a lot of money — just enough to replace your notebooks, pens, and pencils. Try looking for notebooks that feature your favorite cartoon characters from when you were a kid, and pens in fun colors. Since these are just your notes, they don’t need to be super professional — so have some fun with them!

2. Take dancing breaks: Ok, it doesn’t have to be dancing, though that would definitely inject a little more life into your routine. Just make sure you’re taking breaks and getting out of your chair. You can walk around a bit, stretch, or go outside for some fresh air to clear your mind. This will help you feel refreshed and refocused when you sit back down to pick up from where you left off.

3. Draw pictures to illustrate key points:  Sketch out pictures — maybe Edison’s phonograph or a map of Buenos Aires. Whatever subject you happen to be studying, you can probably find a way to illustrate it, which can even make it easier to remember, especially for visual learners.

4. Perform a dramatic reading of your textbook: Quiet reading time can easily put you to sleep. So why not read aloud? You can make it even more interesting by using accents when reading quotes, or singing portions of the text. The added bonus is that when you hear the words out loud, you’ll be more likely to remember them when exam time comes. Just try not to laugh at the mental image of yourself singing during the test!

5. Hiring a Private home tutor: Studies have shown that home tutoring comes out to be a bright option for those students who are suffering from stress and looking to get more grades in the exam and keep bound with the informative assignments and tests. Due to this, many parents are now hiring tutors from private tuition agencies and try to provide Tuition Assignments to help their children in studies and disclose the secret to self-possession and self-learning.