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Why Drug Addicts Deserve Their Own Help?

Drug Addiction

In today’s era, in which more and more facts and figures are easily available, there seems to be more and more confusion about the matter “Cure for Addiction”. Is there a cure for addiction? Is an addict ever cured?
Someone has said that “even quitting use completely, for many years—does not mean that someone is cured.

Cure yourself of addiction without a professional help

Many persons recover and many persons make it their own. But, there is no point that everyone should be expected to quit on their own and no one can deny that quitting is a hard thing to do. This is just a realistic fact. This can be possible that those who quit addiction on their own might have quit earlier with the help of a professional. The message does not mean that treatment isn’t vital for many, in fact, it should possibly be made easily accessible. But it is simply a fact that most people cure themselves.

Drug AbuseCan addicts stop on their own?

Addicts need to be motivated by their family and friends. But it is not that easy as seen in the text. They quit for the sake of their parents, children, and relatives. If not, there are lots of regaining policies that addicts figure out themselves. For example, they change their routine. They can make themselves impossible to reach drugs, maybe by never carrying cash with them. People will put hurdles in front of themselves. Whether, some people adopt a professional for treatment as they can’t do it on their own and this can also be in the hands of the patients.

If you’re already in an action, you’ve made a big step. Even for law-ordered treatment, people often adopt the decision as their own. You get a lot of courage. You get training in the formal decline inhibition treatment.

CMC Mohali is thriving in the industry since years to fulfil our only motto of rendering world-class healthcare services to the patients, at highly competitive prices. And that is why; they have also included free online consultation service as well. So, today you can consult their online psychiatrist team and discuss your issues with them anytime.

Heart Check-Up –When You Need It!


Heart tests can be very supportive in the judgement of what type of heart problem you have and what action you need.

These investigations help doctors find out what’s triggering new symptoms, such as uneasiness in your chest, fluctuation in blood pressure, breathing problem, or uneven heartbeats. They can also examine the heart’s electrical system, check pacemaker, check whether the heart can handle more exercise or not, or check how well the heart valves are working.

How should you protect your heart?

Know your risks. Lower your risks. The best ways to lower your risk of heart disease are:
1. Be smoke-free.

physically-active2. Be physically active.

3. Know and control your blood pressure.

4. Eat a healthy diet that is rich in fibre, lower in fat and sodium

5. Attain and sustain a healthy weight.

6. Control your diabetes.

7. Minimise alcohol use.

8. Decrease stress.

9. Visit your doctor regularly and follow your doctor’s advice.

These tests have proven to help measure your risk of having heart disease:

1. Blood pressure- Every person should be tested at least twice in a year using the blood-pressure cuff. If you have been identified with high blood pressure, your doctor will suggest that your blood pressure is checked more often. Be sure to confirm your doctor after how much time you should have your blood pressure checked.

2. Cholesterol- Your doctor can recommend how often you should have your blood test for cholesterol tested. If you are a man and over 40, woman and over 45 or at the stage of menopause, you have heart disease, congestive, high blood pressure, you are overweight, you have a hereditary problem of heart disease.

Blood Group3. Blood sugar- For the person having age more than 40, should have a blood test once to check the level of sugar in the blood. The high volume of glucose can harm the blood vessels. Discuss with your doctor about whether you need a blood sugar test.
To reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes, you need to get tested from the well-equipped and well-qualified doctors. If your blood pressure, blood cholesterol, or blood sugar are too high, work with your doctor to lower them. CMC Mohali provides you preventive health packages at attractive prices:

1. Pre-Employment medical check-up
2. Annual Medical Check Up
3. Executive Health Package

What Does It Mean To Live With Migraine?


A migraine is a regular painful headache, commonly on one side of the head that is often originated or “triggered” by specific composites or conditions. It happens more often in women and may disturb a person’s capability to do the normal life tasks.

Migraine Symptoms

1. Throbbing pain, usually on one side of a person’s head
2. Nausea
3. Vomiting
4. Vision problems
5. Sensitivity to normal light or mild exertion

A Migraine With Aura
Typical migraines begin with an aura such as sighted visual pitch changes like spots, curvy lines and haziness about an hour or less before the pain begins. Almost 25% of people with migraines have this typical type.

symptomsMigraine Warning Signs
Typical auras do not arise in all patients, but about 30% of migraine patients can have a prodromal phase. A day before the migraine pain develops, the prodromal phase occurs with several mood changes like depression, excited, irritable.

What Causes a Migraine?
The neurological causes of migraines are not agreed but scientists wonder something that mix of the blood vessel and brain compounds to intermingle with brain cells to cause a migraine. Below are the some triggers of a migraine

1. Blinking Lights
Migraine headaches are often triggered to occur when the person is bare to a particular set of conditions. One of the most common triggers is solid trembling light. For example, fluorescent lights, a television picture briskly going on and off, or sunlight reflection in a lake or the water bodies are all probable triggers.

2. Anxiety and Stress
Stress is many times a trigger for migraines. While it is nearly impossible that people can live without stress, many people can overcome their stress and avoid triggering migraines by using meditation techniques, deep breathing, and other relaxation techniques.

3. Lack of Food or Sleep
Regular daily meals and sleep can work well for some persons to avoid migraines. Sleep disruptions and inadequate liquid intake or supper and even some excess amount of food intake may trigger a migraine.

migraineTreatment: Over-the-Counter Drugs
There are many types of medicines for headache pain. Some of the most common are aspirin, naproxen sodium, and acetaminophen. Some medicines are promoted as actions for migraines. Although all of these medicines may be helpful to some extent, but people should not overdose them to avoid poisonousness, sores, and other stomach problems. In addition, overuse may make migraines worse

Treatment and Prevention
Sometimes you can overcome the counts of migraine headaches you have by avoiding potential triggers. Recognising migraine triggers aren’t easy. Many doctors suggest keeping a headache diary. By jot down the situations immediate your migraines, you may finally come to know what conditions to stay alert to reduce your risk of migraines.

There are some actions you can use to reduce the number of migraine headaches:
1. Avoid sleep deprivation and
2. Undue stress and
3. Maintain a regular exercise program and
4. Good nutrition
5. Yoga and meditation
6. Proper medication

7 Reasons Will Make You Aware Of Drug Abuse in Teenagers

Aware Of Drug Abuse in Teenagers

There are many reasons behind teenagers’ drug use and alcohol use. It’s vital that you, as a parent, recognize these reasons and discuss with your kids about the threats of drinking and using drugs.

Surrounding People
Teenagers see tons of individuals using several kinds of stuff. They see their parents and other grownups drinking alcohol, smoking, and, at times, abusing other elements. Sometimes friends force one another to try a drink or drug, but it’s just as common for juveniles to start using these things because it’s freely available and they see all their friends adoring it. In their minds, they think a drug use is a very common part of the teenage life experience.

Drug abuseWidely Held Media
At least half of the teens agreed that cinemas and TV shows make drugs seem like a normal thing to do, according to a recent study. Not astonishingly, 11- to 16-year-olds who watched three or more “R” rated movies per month were seven times more likely to smoke cigarettes, to use marijuana, and more likely to drink alcohol as compared to those who hadn’t viewed “R” rated films.

When youngsters are hopeless and can’t find a good passage for their frustration or a reliable soul-mate, they may turn to chemicals for comfort. Depending on what substance they’re using, they may feel ecstatic, brilliantly happy, or thrilled and assured. The often coarse teenage years can take an emotional change in children, sometimes even initiating depression, so when teens are given a chance to take something to make them feel better, many can’t resist.

EscapismMonotony and Boredom
Teens who can’t bear to be alone, have a problem keeping themselves engaged or crave excitement are leading candidates for drug abuse. Not only do these substances give them a bit to do, but help them to fill the internal void they feel. Further, they provide a common ground for interacting with like-minded teens, a way to instantly bond with a group of kids.

Instant Satisfaction
Drugs and alcohol work rapidly. The preliminary effects feel truly good. Teenagers start to drug use because they want an immediate shortcut to happiness.

Instant SatisfactionLack of Self-Confidence
Many teenagers who lack confidence state that they’ll do things under the impact of alcohol or drugs that they might not otherwise. And drugs and other substances tend not only to loosen your inhibitions but to alleviate social anxiety. Not only do you have something in common with the other people around you, but the myth has been created that if you do anything wrong or stupid, everyone will just consider you had too many drinks or drug abuse.

Lack of Information
Possibly the most preventable cause of substance abuse is incorrect information about drugs and alcohol. Almost every teenager has friends who state to be specialists on various amusing substances and make convince that the risks are nominal. Educate youngster about drug use and its consequences, so they can be aware of the dangers of drug use.

Amazing Facts about Magnesium

Amazing facts about Magnesium

You don’t know much about magnesium, yet an approximated 80 percent of people are lacking in this vital mineral and the health consequences of deficiency are important. One reason could be because magnesium, like vitamin D, assists so many purposes it’s hard to confine. Magnesium is the second richest element inside human cells and the fourth richest positively charged ion in the human body. Within the body’s tissues, it serves literally hundreds of functions.

How Does Magnesium Deficiency Occur?
Unluckily, most modern farming processes change soil’s texture, depleting it of its natural magnesium. In addition, many crops are selectively produced to survive low levels of magnesium and most predictable fertilizers use nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, and do nothing to reload magnesium intensities.
1. Consumption of caffeine
2. Consumption of sugar
3. Consumption of processed food
4. Consumption of alcohol
5. Consumption of produce from depleted soil

Deficiency Of MgImportance of Magnesium
Magnesium is necessary for hundreds of functions within the body, but is especially important for:
1. Provides firmness and elasticity to the bones
3. Controls and stabilises blood pressure
4. Prevents and converses kidney stone formation
5. Treats asthma and emphysema
6. Help make proteins
7. Appropriate Vitamin D absorption
8. Promotes relaxing sleep

The Following Symptoms can point to Low Magnesium Levels:
1. Low magnesium levels are often diagnosed by symptoms alone, and
2. Inability to sleep or insomnia
3. Irritability
4. Sensitivity to noise
5. High levels of stress
6. Headaches
7. Heart “flutters” or palpitations
8. Fatigue or tiredness
10. Allergies
11. Loss of appetite
12. Constipation
13. Frequent cavities or poor dental health
14. Kidney stones
15. Thyroid problems

MGHow to Get Enough Magnesium
Magnesium is often not well engrossed by the digestive gut, and is even tougher to absorb if you are lacking in vitamin D, nowadays, most foods are also depleted of their natural magnesium levels.
There are numerous ways to enhancement, and a combination of more than one type of magnesium supplementation appears to be most effective. Leafy green vegetables, sea vegetables, and specifically nettle are good nutritional sources of magnesium, however, if you have a deficiency, it will be difficult to increase your stages enough through diet alone. The best way to increase levels of magnesium is by using it on the skin. Unlike internal dosages of magnesium, relevant magnesium does not have to pass through the internal gut and kidneys and can more rapidly go into the blood and tissues of the body.

Tips to Stay Cool in Hot Waves

Stay Cool in Hot Waves

In the northern region, summer is the hottest season of the year. As summer comes in, these simple tips will help you keep you cool and comfortable.

Dress Yourself Right
What you wear can help you stay cool. Dress in cool cotton clothes. Avoid synthetic clothes, as they grasp heat and can be very uncomfortable. They may even cause prickly heat rashes. Prefer full-sleeved, light coloured clothes when going out in the sun. Get a sun hat and make sure it has a wide rim, and that it fits well.

Avoid Going Outside During Peak Heat Hours
It is best to stay indoors during the burning hours of the day. If you need to go out in the sun, confirm that you should be well sheltered. Try to go out for walks early in the morning or late in the evening. You can place a cotton sheet on the bed. Lying on cotton will be less hot than on the synthetic covering of the bed.

Tips to Stay Cool in Hot WavesKeep Yourself Hydrated
In hot weather, you may want to have more regular, shorter nourishes. To keep yourself hydrated, drink enough water and you could also try milkshakes, fresh fruit juices and lemon juice. These are refreshing and nutritious.

Avoid Buying Food and Drinks From The Vendors
Don’t go for ice-cream, water and fruit juices from roadside hawkers. These may not be fresh and may make you sick. Try to feed yourself and your family with home-made and fresh food. You may like to buy good, food grade plastic ware to store the food. Taste food before consuming, to ensure that it is not spoilt. This is the most important in the hot summer months, when kept cooked food spoils very rapidly. Make sure food kept in the refrigerator is non-toxic, especially during power cuts.

Minimise The Use of Oils
In the summer, try to escape massage oils. They can give you a rash or irritate skin if not splashed off correctly. If you still want to massage, you can have a dry massage. Ointments and lotions can also irritate your skin in the heat. But when going out in the sun, it’s important to use a sunscreen recommended by your consultant.

Limit The Use of Talcum Powder
Many persons use a lot of talcum powder on themselves after a bath, thinking that this will keep them cool. Talcum on the showery skin can cake up and cause annoyance and frustration. So it’s best to limit its use, especially near the neck and joint areas. If you still want to use talc, use it on dry skin and rub it in well.

Home Made RemediesTreat Your Rashes at Home
Hot, moist days cause prickly heat rashes on the neck, shoulder, back, and in the skin folds. You can help treat this. Some persons use milk or yoghurt combined with chilled water on the rash. Some also use a cream of Fuller’s Earth and rose water to keep skin cool.

Let Yourself Cool off With Some Water Play
Summers are a good time to enjoy some water activities. Avoid going to an air conditioned room just after a wash. It’s also the best not to go outside in the warmer regions just after has been in an air conditioned room. Initially, make yourself adjust to the warmth before going out.

Prevent Mosquitoes and Insects
Summer comes along with mosquitoes and insects about that spread diseases, like malaria, dengue and various types of allergies. Use mosquito repelling machines or any anti-insect sprays to get rid of them and if you have a desert cooler, frequently clean and change its water. This will eradicate the upbringing of any insects.

Treatment Tactics for Drug Addiction


Element abuse can be defined as the use of a drug or other stuff for a non-medical use, with the motive of generating some type of excitement within the user. Some people are capable of use amusing or prescription drugs without having negative costs or addiction. But for many others, drug use can be an effort to escape from reality or problems in their lives and get much more serious results. The abuse of drugs to cope with life’s problems only makes the current problems worse and ultimately causes new problems to develop, along with the feelings of loneliness, powerlessness, or shame. The problem of drug abuse among the youngsters in the world is fast becoming an epidemic.

The definite steps of one’s addiction rehabilitation process will differ according to the type of addiction.

Drug Rehab1. What is Drug Rehab?
Drug rehab services help drug addicts prepare to re-enter society. Drug addiction probably changes a person’s behaviour, which can affect all phases of his or her life, including professional and personal relationships. In drug rehab, addicts do their best to recover their normal lives in a harmless and healthy way. Sometimes drug addictions can adversely affect the family of the patient. In this case, drug rehab treatment centres can provide counselling and healing services to friends and family of patients. Near and dear ones can help an addict best once they have hunted healing for themselves.

Drug detox2. What is Drug Detox?
Most drug addictions need a stage of detoxification at the start of the rehabilitation process. This phase of detox is considered to remove all hints of drugs and alcohol from the body. In some cases, preservation medication may be given to ease the extraction symptoms related to certain drugs. Detoxification is usually a safe process when to go through in a supervised medical setting. Meanwhile, detox for some individuals and substances can possibly be very severe and in some cases, it’s not generally recommended for individuals to detox on their own at home.

The complexity of the detox process varies according to:
a. The patient’s unique body structure and metabolism.
b. The specific drug and dosage that was being used.
c. How long the drug has been taken.
d. If there are any other addictions involved.

Drug Recovery3. Recovery
Even after addicts have finished their rehabilitation program, they are not completed with recovery. In fact, for many individuals, recovery is a lifelong process, demanding their constant work and devotion. Sometimes, the track to lifelong recovery may feel calm. Other times, it will be difficult for individuals to withstand with the difficulties. Like anything in life, it’s a voyage that may involve varying land, so lifelong support is crucial.

Awareness and Education system
Children should be made aware of their rights and tactics to escape being abused. The education system should be such that it can meet the challenges of this developing world. Drug awareness platforms, job prospects, educating the people regarding the effects of drugs may create the bright future of the nations. Awareness of every domain should be within the reach of each and every person.

CMC has Drug De-addiction & Rehabilitation Centre in Mohali, Punjab. Family counselling services are provided by psychiatrists to overcome the addiction. A special attention is given to each one of them and a special rehab treatment plan is formulated for their betterment in the minimal time. In the recent years, CMC has come up with sufficient successful cases in Punjab.

How to Overcome Urinary Incontinence?

Urinary Incontinence

Men and women contribute many analogous health problems, but women also have their own health problems, which require special treatment. Women’s lives have changed over the centuries. Do you know what condition causes the biggest problem to women’s health?
Incontinence: It is a deficiency of control, which means you can’t resist but pee your pants. Another, more satisfying type of incontinence has to do with being disobedient and dependent to life’s pleasures. Incontinence is somewhat we expect in infants or babies, but it can also happen to unhealthy or old people. For many women with incontinence, the following tips and changes in the lives are enough to get rid of symptoms.

Urinary Incontinence1. Movements in pelvic floor muscles
Doing exercises with pelvic floor muscles can be really effective at reducing leakage. If you try to stop the flow of urine when you can feel your pelvic muscles. To reinforce your pelvic floor muscles, sit easily and squeeze the muscles 5-10 times in a row. When you get habitual of doing pelvic floor exercises, you can effort holding each squeeze for some seconds. Every day, you can increase more squeezes, but be cautious, an excess of everything is bad, and always have a break in between sets of squeezes.

2. Have a boycott with Smoking
If a woman smokes, she put herself at risk of incontinence because coughing, which happens due to smoking puts pressure on your pelvic floor muscles and leads to leakage. So quit smoking, or you can also ask your doctor or pharmacist.

3. Aerobics or Gymnasium
High-impact exercise puts stress on your pelvic floor muscles and can rise leakage. Ups and downs can also make you leak by damaging your pelvic floor muscles. Try to do the gentle method of stretching and strengthening core muscles as a treatment for stress incontinence.

4. Escape from lifting
Lifting puts stress on your pelvic floor muscles, so resist it wherever you can. When you have to lift something, such as when picking up infants, babies or carry bags, stiffen your pelvic floor muscles before and while doing the lift.

5. Obesity can be a reason
Having extra flesh on your body can weaken your pelvic floor muscle, and become a source of incontinence due to the pressure of the fatty tissue on the bladder. If you lose the excess weight, you may improve the symptoms or could clear up completely.

6. Say no to constipation
Straining to empty your guts declines your pelvic floor muscles and makes leakage worse. Never postpone the need to empty your bowels. If you have constipation, you may have to change your diet and lifestyle. Consuming extra fibre and doing a particular exercise may help. A high-quality physiotherapist can recommend you on this.

7. Cut down on caffeine and alcohol
Caffeine and alcohol irritate the bladder and can make incontinence worse. Coffee has the vast amount of caffeine, so avoid it or switch to decaffeinated coffee. Soft drinks, tea, and other beverages also contain caffeine, so cut down on these too, and substitute them with water and herbal or fruit teas. Alcohol is a diuretic, an ingredient that makes you urinate again and again. Avoid alcohol may help you in solving your incontinence problem.

8. Drink water as much as you can
Many women with urinary incontinence avoid beverages as they feel these will cause more problems. However, controlling your fluid intake makes symptoms worse because it decreases your bladder’s capability.

9. Supper for thought
Avoid spicy and bitter foods, such as fast foods and citrus fruits, as they can cause a sense of frustration in the bladder and make signs worsen.

Cheema Medical Complex (CMC) is thriving with its mission to assist women of all ages across the globe in overcoming their sexual problems, such as loss of sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and much more.

Since our inception, our team of highly qualified specialists and therapists has helped thousands of people from across the nation to eradicate problems occur in sex organs. With proper analysis, the right combination of medication, counselling and in rare cases of surgery, we have successfully treated patients and rendered them a happy and contented life they never thought of.

How Asthma Is Related To Allergy?

Asthma Banner

Asthma is a disease caused by a particular type of breathing problem that arises due to contraction of the airways. This contraction is caused when certain natural elements within the body are released, usually an answer to infection or allergy. Allergies and asthma are two of the most common prolonged diseases in the worldwide, but what many people are confused about the relationship between the two conditions.

How does an allergic reaction cause asthma symptoms?

In fact, there are strong connections between allergies and asthma. Allergic asthma encounters when immune system antibodies incorrectly classify a harmless substance, such as tree pollen, as an attacker. In an effort to protect your body from the element, antibodies bind to the allergen.
The most common symptoms of asthma are:
1. Coughing, particularly at night, during the workout or while, laughing loudly
2. Exertion while breathing
3. Chest and Nasal congestion
4. A runny nose, Itchy eyes or skin infections
5. Wheezing i.e. a shrieking or squeaky sound in your chest while breathing, specifically when exhaling.

Is all asthma due to allergies?

Although allergic asthma is very common, there are other types of asthma with various kinds of generates. For some persons, asthma can be caused by workout, infections, cold air, gastroesophageal reflux disease or depression. Many people have more than one kind of asthma trigger.

How to escape from allergic asthma?

There are some measurements available that will treat allergic asthmatic symptoms.

• Avoid going outside: keep yourself and your children inside when pollen amounts are high. Keep the windows closed. In summers, use an air conditioner with a clean air filter. Avoid using dessert or evaporative cooler.

• Escape from dust bugs: These minute mites live in stuff and mats. Cover your all beddings with allergen-proof covers. Either change or wash your bedsheets and covers once in a week in a hot water.

• Indoor moisture content: Control indoor humidity. If moisture is higher inside the home, use a device to reduce the humidity or air conditioner. This will dehydrate the air and reduce the growth of pests, insects, and house dust mites. Immediately repair any plumbing or roof leaks.

• Pets can be more allergic: Pets’ allergies can be more drastic, so have a check-up of your animals whether they are creating any infection or not. Try to keep them outdoors and restricted their entry into the bedroom. Any anti-pet allergen sprays are not that much operative.

• Keep your home clean: Keep your kitchen and bathroom clean and try to prevent mites and cockroaches. Switch on the exhaust fan when you cook or take a shower to lower the humidity in the room. Choose air filters wisely.

• Be cautious while doing the outdoor task: Gardening and scraping can blend up pollens and mites. Project yourself by wearing an air filter mask to eradicate the attack of pollens at your lungs.

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