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Vegetarians: How to get the best nutrition?


Being a vegetarian is a huge step, for most people it is like changing their whole eating behavior. Their many reason one chooses to switch to a vegetarian diet; it may be because of health reasons or personal belief. Some people are strictly against using animals for a meal. Other concern of the people includes environmental harm or food industry.

People think that one of the downsides of the being a vegetarian is a lack of nutrients. However, there are many sources by which one can get the necessary nutrient level in the body.

1.    Calcium:

It is important for us to consume an adequate amount of calcium to stay healthy. Dairy products are boosted with calcium. Here are foods that are enriched in calcium:

•    Low-fat or fat-free milk, cheese, and yogurt

•    Fortified plant-based milk like soy or almond

•    Fortified ready-to-eat cereals

•    Calcium-fortified juice

•    Calcium-set tofu

•     Leafy green vegetables such as collard greens, turnip greens, and kale

•    Broccoli

•    Beans such as soybeans, chickpeas, and black beans

•    Almonds and almond butter

Health benefits of calcium:

•    Helps in weight loss

•    Combat colon cancer

•    decrease the risk of type II diabetes

•    It makes one fertile

•    It ensures oral health


2.    Iron:

Consuming a rich source of vitamin C (orange juice, citrus fruits, tomatoes) is a great source of iron. Here are food items that are enriched in iron:

•    Beans

•    Soybean

•    Fortified breakfast cereals

•    Dark leafy greens such as chard and spinach

Health benefits of iron enriched food

•    Forms Hemoglobin

•    Better functioning of muscles

•    Helps in carrying oxygen to different body parts

•    Helps in fighting

•    .Iron deficiency anemia

•    Helps in better functioning of brain

3.    Protein:

There are many food items that are enriched in protein and can be really helpful for the vegetarians in maintaining a healthy level of nutrients. Here are some of the food items that are rich in protein:

•    Whole grains

•    Nuts and nut butter

•    Legumes including peas, lentils, beans

•    Dairy products

Health benefits of protein:

•    Boost Muscle Mass

•    Manage Your Weight

•    Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels

•    Improve Your Mood

•    Promote Healthy Brain Function

•    Maintain Strong Bones


4.    Vitamin B12:

People who eat sufficient amount of dairy products don’t really have to be concerned about the healthy intake of vitamin B1. Other food items that are enriched in vitamin B12 are:

•    Fortified food such as soy milk, nutritional soy, and cereals.

•    Dairy product

Health benefits of vitamin B12

•    Protects Against Certain Cancers

•    Protects Against Heart Disease

•    Prevent Alzheimer’s disease

•    Boosts Energy Levels

•    Reduces Depression

5.    Vitamin D:

•    Orange juice

•    Soymilk

•    Mushrooms

•    Cheese

Health benefits of Vitamin D:

•    Maintaining healthy bones

•    Reduces the risk of flu

•    Reduces the risk of diabetes

•    Beneficial for pregnant women

•    Beneficial for infants

•    Prevent cancer

Summing Up:

It is not necessary that to have a healthy diet, you need to have non-veg. Vegetarians also have many options which can help them in fulfilling all the requirements of the body. These were some of the sources by which you can get a healthy nutrients level for your body and maintain your healthy vegetarian diet.

Does Butter Go Bad If You Don’t Refrigerate It?

Does Butter Go Bad If You Don’t Refrigerate It

Butter is a popular baking ingredient and spread. When you put it in the refrigerator it becomes very hard and then you have to melt it to make it soften when you want to use it.

This is the main reason why some people store the butter in the counter rather than in the refrigerator. So, now the main question is whether the butter goes bad when you leave it out open. We will explore in this article what happen when we store the butter in the fridge?

High-Fat Content:

As butter is a dairy product, it means that it is made from the milk. Butter is very high in fat. You will find 3% fat in the milk, 40% fat in heavy cream, on the other hand, butter contains 80% body fat and the rest 20% left is mostly water. It does not contain any carbs and proteins. Due to it higher fat content it becomes so thick and when we put it in the fridge it becomes hard.


So usually people store it in the room temperature so that it can be ideal for spreading and cooking.

It does not spoil as quickly as other dairies:

 Butter does not support bacterial growth as it mostlontains fat content and only 20% of water in it. Now if we will make the butter salted then it additionally lowers the water content, so the butter then becomes inhospitable to bacteria.

Stays fresh longer in the refrigerator:

Raw, whipped, unsalted butter is kept in the fridge to minimize the chances of any kind of bacterial growth. If the butter is salted then there is no need to store in the fridge because there is no risk of bacterial growth in it due to less water content.

In some of the studies, it is found that butter can also be kept for months at room temperature it will not become bad. But it will remain fresh if we will store it in the refrigerator, as refrigeration slows down the oxidation process. So, if you want your butter to be fresh and want to keep it for a long time then you must store it in the fridge.


On the other hand, if your room temperature is from 21-25 degree then it is preferable to store it in the fridge to keep it fresh. If you want to put it on the counter then you can put only that amount of butter which can be used in very short interval of time. You can store a large amount of butter in your fridge and it can keep it fresh for up to 1 year.

Tips for Storing Butter on the Counter:

While the most type of butter should be kept in the fridge but sometimes it is fine to store or to keep the butter on the counter if it is salted. Now here are the few tips you can follow in order to let your butter fresh for a long time on the counter.

  • Only keep a small amount on the counter.
  • Store it in an airtight container.
  • Store it out of the fridge if the room temperature Isles then 21*c.
  • Keep it away from the stove, sunlight or any source of heat.

So, that was all about Does Butter Go Bad If You Don’t Refrigerate It? Stay tuned for more.

Breakfast is must for children


Breakfast is often called the most important meal of the day. It not only provides children with important daily requirement of nutrients like protein, fibre, calcium and carbohydrates, but also improves their mental performance and gives them the energy needed to start the day.

Skipping breakfast can have serious consequences on your child’s weight, energy levels and even their blood sugar. Not only does it affect their metabolism, but can lead to weight gain and induce sluggishness.
Eating a low-glycemic and balanced breakfast increase concentration levels of children as compared to kids who eat a carb-heavy breakfast or no breakfast. It is also important to regulate what and how much your child eats for breakfast to maintain a healthy weight. Children who skip breakfast in the morning are more likely to overeat during the day and that can increase their BMI.

vitamin-CWhile eating even a little amount of breakfast is better than eating no breakfast at all, you need to make smart choices. Cards-only breakfasts, such as paranthas and bread, can give energy for short periods. So it is important to have a balanced breakfast that provides required amount of protin, fat and carbohydrates to keep blood sugar levels steady for hours.

Give your child some toast with peanut butter and a piece of fruit or cereal with milk and glass of 100 natural fruit juice without added sugar. An omelette with cheese and veggies like broccoli is another good option.
There are certain other factors to keep in mind for maintaining your child’s other physical and mental wellness, while making breakfast for him /her.

Avoid too much salt: Quick-fix meals like masala oats, instant noodles, pre-packaged foods are usually loaded with sat. Sodium in salt induces water retention giving a feeling of being bloated right at the start of the day.

Eat vegetablesDon’t skip vegetables: Eggs, cereal, milk, fruits, bread, paranthas are the usual choices. However, vegetables can be a perfect option for a healthy breakfast. These are naturally low in calories, full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. These are fibre-rich and can keep children feeling full for longer.

Encourage good sleeping habits: Missing even a single night of sleep can disturb your child’s appetite and hormones. Every night of poor sleep makes any human being feel hungry the next morning. Make sure the child gets adequate sleep every night. Be a good role model.

Don’t encourage eating while watching TV: Children need to eat slowly and chew every bite consciously rather than focus on any other activity while eating. Children glued to the TV or other devices during meals cannot not enjoy the flavour and texture of the food they are eating. They are not even conscious about the size of portions they are eating.

Watch your child’s fibre intake: Even though fibre is essential, having a large portion of fibre in one sitting can leave the body feeling bloated and flatulent. Ensure your child has plenty of water to drink to clear out the digestive tract.

Practice your personal hygiene daily and feel the difference


Raise your hand if you have ever felt embarrassed due to feminine itching. Over 65% of women faced this condition once in their lifetime. It’s all because of the yeast infection that leads to vaginal itchiness and irritation. The occurrence is generally caused due to Candida, found in the vaginal flora. Generally, it gets overgrown in the dark and moist environment of the vagina and makes the women feel uncomfortable. If you are feeling any of the following symptoms, then there are the chances that you are suffering from a yeast infection.

• Vaginal itching ranging from mild to intense
• Presence of lumpy discharge, generally white in color.
• Occurrence of vaginal soreness or sensation of burning
• Presence of redness around vagina
• Pain at the time of intercourse

vaginal itchingThe vaginal flora is very sensitive to the change in the environment and trigger of yeast infection disrupts the balance in between good and bad bacteria. Women of all ages are prone to this condition, if they do not care about their hygienic routine. If not taken care properly, it can lead to certain kinds of consequences. In certain conditions the risk of infection gets much higher as compared to normal condition. These are:

o If a woman is pregnant.
o Women detected with diabetes and sugar is not in control.
o Consumption of birth control pill.
o Having weak immune system.
o Due to certain disease and HIV can be the main reason.
o Prescribed with corticosteroid medicines.
o If you are using broad spectrum antibiotics for a long period.
o Vaginal sprays can disturb the vaginal flora.

What to follow in this condition?

There are several medicines and creams available in the market to treat the infection. All of them provide the relief for short period of time. Have you thought of the long term management? Some of the daily routine habits can make you avoid the condition of itching and irritation.

TAKE SHOWER1. Wear comfortable dress

It is always suggested to wear loose and soft fabric dress that certainly decreases the risk of vaginal infection. This is so because; it lets the vagina breathes. Give it a thought; it will surely make you feel comfortable.

2. Cool down the temperature

The basic thing of avoiding the infection is lowered down the temperature of the vagina. Now, you will think how? The simple way is to take a cool shower that makes your sensitive part feel reprieve.

3. Don’t think anything about itching

A thought of itching can trigger the irritation around your private part. Watch TV or read your favorite novel to distract your mind from it.

4. Maintain the hygiene

The first and foremost thing is to maintain the hygiene around the area. Don’t even try to scrub the vulva and avoid using any kind of scented products like soap or douche, as it can irritate your sensitive part. If your sensitivity level is high, then opt for cotton underwear instead of nylon or fancy one, because it is easy to wash and remain free any kind of infection.

5 Ways to Make Studying stress free and enjoyable


Let’s face it — studying isn’t always the most exciting of activities. You have to spend hours staring at books and computers until you’re blue in the face, and sometimes you don’t even remember the information you spent so many hours attempting to memorize.

1. Buy yourself awesome study gear:
Sure, one solution is to throw money at it. Not a lot of money — just enough to replace your notebooks, pens, and pencils. Try looking for notebooks that feature your favorite cartoon characters from when you were a kid, and pens in fun colors. Since these are just your notes, they don’t need to be super professional — so have some fun with them!

2. Take dancing breaks: Ok, it doesn’t have to be dancing, though that would definitely inject a little more life into your routine. Just make sure you’re taking breaks and getting out of your chair. You can walk around a bit, stretch, or go outside for some fresh air to clear your mind. This will help you feel refreshed and refocused when you sit back down to pick up from where you left off.

3. Draw pictures to illustrate key points:  Sketch out pictures — maybe Edison’s phonograph or a map of Buenos Aires. Whatever subject you happen to be studying, you can probably find a way to illustrate it, which can even make it easier to remember, especially for visual learners.

4. Perform a dramatic reading of your textbook: Quiet reading time can easily put you to sleep. So why not read aloud? You can make it even more interesting by using accents when reading quotes, or singing portions of the text. The added bonus is that when you hear the words out loud, you’ll be more likely to remember them when exam time comes. Just try not to laugh at the mental image of yourself singing during the test!

5. Hiring a Private home tutor: Studies have shown that home tutoring comes out to be a bright option for those students who are suffering from stress and looking to get more grades in the exam and keep bound with the informative assignments and tests. Due to this, many parents are now hiring tutors from private tuition agencies and try to provide Tuition Assignments to help their children in studies and disclose the secret to self-possession and self-learning.

WHO confirms India’s 1st Zika virus cases in India


Zika virus, a lethal disease has reached India after infecting many people worldwide, however, experts believe that older version of virus already exists in some Indian people, preparing a genetic ground to spread speedily. This virus has no cure in India till now and no technique has been yet uncovered to prevent it. This virus was first located in Pune in 1952 when a survey was being performed to detect immunity towards Russian and Japanese diseases. As per a medical journal, India has about 67000 people landing by plane every year, which puts this country more at risk of transmission of Zika virus. Although China, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand are also prone to getting transmission, but India is most vulnerable.

Zika virus, when first detected in 1947 in rhesus monkey of Uganda, it was not so dangerous. This infectious disease came into highlight globally due to its contagious form and millions of cases were found in Brazil. This disease causes small heads and brains in fetuses, which are abnormally petite. In 2007, Zika started emerging on Pacific Island transmitted by female Aedes mosquitoes and plane travelling. By May 2015, it was detected in Brazil and has overtaken 26 countries worldwide with 200 cases reported within 8 days.

virusPresently, 58 countries are affected by the disease. The spreading of this disease started in 2007 towards Micronesia and then to French Polynesia in 2013. This way it travelled towards the East in Asia and reaching India.

The transformations due to which Zika virus became dangerous

Initial phase of this virus started with fever, skin rashes, malaise, joint and muscle pains, conjunctivitis and headache. However, it transformed into an infectious disease causing neurological conditions like microcephaly and GBS (temporary paralysis), leading to death in some cases. It has transformed many times in the NS1 gene causing affect on the human nervous system. NS1 gene present in the Zika virus is from a family of flaviviruses, which evades the human immune system. Flavivirus is then spread through mosquitoes to humans, due to which dengue, chikunguniya, yellow fever, West Nile fever and Zika spread in humans. The Worst part of Zika virus is its capability of infecting pregnant ladies and fetuses causing disorders like microcephaly.

howspreadHow Zika spread throughout the world

Zika started infecting humans in Nigeria in 1954 and several human cases were reported between 1951-1981 in manyAfrican countries, some parts of Asian countries, including Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and India.
There were explosive outbreaks reported between 2007 to 2014 in Micronesia, French Polynesia and Easter Island in South Pacific. By 2016 this disease had spread in America, which was spreading through mosquitoes. By February 2016, Zika had reached China, maybe from America and later it was reported in Bangladesh. In August 2016, Singapore also encountered the infectious disease with first infected pregnant women. Within 13 days, 292 cases were discovered of Zika virus infection, which had swept across the world fromAfrica to America to Asia.

India at major risk-but why

India is a country where the population is very high with temperature in which mosquitoes breed easily. There is a huge lack of hygiene and sanitation due to poverty. These factors make India quite vulnerable and prone to Zika virus disease. If some infected person travels to India and gets bitten by Tiger mosquito, then the disease will start spreading in the country. Aedes Aegypti breeds in common households and buildings and bites during daytime. This mosquito is evolving constantly and increasing its population.
Presently, India is facing diseases like dengue and Chikungunya, which is spread through these mosquitoes. Symptoms of these two diseases are quite similar to Zika infections and they can only be detected through lab tests.

Dealing with morning sickness- preventive and precautionary measures

morning sickness

Pregnancy is without a doubt one of the most beautiful phases for women. But as much as this phase is beautiful, it also has a downside. Due to the continuous development of the baby and the natural hormonal changes, a woman’s body undergoes a lot of pressure.

During this time, it is also natural to feel nauseated especially when you wake up in the morning. Also known as morning sickness, this can be one of the crappiest feelings a woman can get while she is pregnant. Well thankfully, by following a few tips, it is easy to deal with this situation. Let us have a look at what can be done and a few preventive measures.

To deal with morning sickness, here is what you can do

• Do not keep your stomach empty, it would be advisable to eat small meals at regular intervals. Foods like nuts, yoghurt, cottage cheese, milk (if you can handle it) or even fruits and veggies that are rich in proteins and carbohydrates would be perfect.
• Have a glass of fresh limejuice in the morning, if you want you can also mix lemon with black tea or coffee. While having your tea or coffee, make you eat something.
Drink-Lime-Juice-During-Pregnancy• Your doctor will prescribe some medicines and supplements. This would be depending on the type of pregnancy (normal, risky, high risk, complicated etc). Make sure you take them on time. If you are on regular medicines for a particular condition, inform your gynac about it.
• During the night if you happen to have broken sleep or sleep problems, keep little munchies next to you. You can always have a night snack like dry toast, soda crackers, protein or energy bars etc.

Points to keep in mind as preventive or precautionary measures

• Too much of salt and fat is not advisable for pregnant woman; this is why it is advisable to avoid such foods.
• During pregnancy, make sure you wear clothing that is lightweight and free flowing. Also, ensure that you do not wear belts or anything tight. Even your shoes have to be flat, high heels are not advisable because there are chances you can fall. Orthopaedic shoes would be a perfect choice since they can help release the pressure on the legs while walking.
• While exercising is good, it is also essential that you do not overdo it. Choose exercises that are effective and helps to reduce the strain on your body. Therapies like meditation and yoga is a perfect choice.
• Stress, tension, fights and other such situations will always play a negative impact on your pregnancy; this is why it is important to stay away from it. Remember that you have a little life growing inside you and if you let yourself get affected with situations that can be easily avoided,
• We know that smoke and pollution is all over, this is something that cannot be avoided, what can be done is avoid going into areas that are too polluted. If there is no choice, then ensure you cover your nose and mouth or wear a nose mask. Do not be near smokers and if you find someone smoking, move away.

Be careful about Angina! Know the disease


Angina is a condition that occurs due to the lack of oxygen supply in the blood; it can also be due to a blockage or multiple blockages in the arteries. A person may experience tightness, discomfort or chest pain. The reason behind this is due to the fact that the flow of blood to the heart is not enough; or the blood is not rich in oxygen. This is a condition that can be controlled by altering or changing our lifestyle and taking prescription drugs recommended by a specialist. In some cases the doctor may also recommend surgery to treat the condition.

Different types of Angina

Stable angina - Known to be one of the most common conditions, this can be triggered due to stress or extreme physical activity. A person may experience this condition for a few minutes, however, if proper rest is taken, stable angina goes away. This is one of the symptoms that you are at risk of having a heart attack. It is advisable to inform your doctor immediately so that you can take care of it at the right time before it worsens.

angina vesselsUnstable angina - A person may be prone to unstable angina if they are not active. They may experience long-lasting and strong pain that keeps on coming back. If you experience this, you need to ensure that you see a doctor immediately.

Variant or Prinzmetal’s angina - This generally happens when a person is resting or sleeping at night. In this case the heart arteries become narrow or tighten due to which a person may experience a lot of pain. It is important to get it treated ASAP.

Causes of angina

This heart disease is caused due to the plaque build up in the artery, which is a fatty substance that blocks the flow of blood to the muscles of the heart. Your heart is forced to work with less oxygen which is a strain that also causes the pain that a person experiences. In some cases, the reason why a person may have a heart attack is due to the formation of blood clots.

Symptoms of angina

risk factorsConsidering the fact that everyone’s physical structure is different, people who suffer with Angina, experience different kinds of symptoms. While chest pain is one of the most common symptoms, people may also experience
• A Burning sensation on the chest
• Discomfort, Heaviness or fullness especially in the chest region
• A feeling of extreme pressure on the chest region
• A squeeze like feeling on the chest.

Pain experienced by men and women are different

The pain that is felt happens in different regions of the body. For men, it could be on the shoulders, neck or chest. Women may experience the pain on their back, throat, jaw, neck and belly. Some people may also experience dizziness, excessive sweating and have shortness of breath.

Risk factors which can be the reason for a person to develop Angina

There are various risk factors that can cause this condition; some of them are obesity, diabetes, smoking, age, bad levels of cholesterol, lack of physical movement and even improper diet.

So, it is all about changing your lifestyle. Lead a disciplined life and forget not to listen to your physician. A proper diet and a consciousness towards maintaining a controlled lifestyle can always bring smile in your family. Be aware.

Foods that can cool your body during summers


As the summer’s getting hotter, we try various methods to keep ourselves cool and beat the summer heat. Every year we hear about people dying due to the extreme heat. While there a lot of external things we can do to make us feel comfortable, the fact is these are just temporary solutions. To really help ourselves to be cool during the summers, it is essential that we also have foods which can help our body to cool down internally. Here are some foods that can help you beat the summer heat.


There are many vegetables which can help cool our body down. This is because these veggies have rich water content. During the summer, you can eat veggies like sprouts, cauliflowers, carrots, cabbage, pumpkins, cucumbers, tomatoes and onions. You are not only get the required daily nutrition, but you can be sure that they will help keep your body is cool during the summer time.


For those who love non veg and must have it every day, you can replace chicken or red meat with fish. Not only does it have a good amount of fatty acids which are good for the body, however it is also a perfect alternative for non vegetarians during the summer.


This not only gives you a refreshing taste, but it is also considered to be one of the most effective foods you can consume, if you wish to reverse the harsh effects of the sun. This will also give your body the necessary stamina that is needed while you are working out at the gym during the summer time. Along with that, you can also be sure that by eating Gooseberries daily, it can help to strengthen the different glands in the body and heart. It is also a perfect food to eat if you want to have great hair.


For those who are prone to acne or skin breakouts especially during the summer time, this is a miracle food that can prove to be really helpful. Apricots are rich in fiber, potassium, Vitamin C and iron. These also make a perfect snack before or after you finish your fitness regime.


One of the most commonly consumed drink during the summers, buttermilk helps to keep your body hydrated in the summertime. A glass of buttermilk can also help to improve the digestive system of the body.


AKA Elaichi, this is a perfect spice that can be blended in with your tea during the summers. Even in Ayurveda, this is one of the most used spices to help cure various digestive problems and other such ailments. Cardamom is a perfect detoxifier that can drain out the unnecessary toxins in the body and help your body stay cool even during the soaring temperature of the summers.


Boiled, roasted or even grilled, the taste of corn has its own charm. Apart from the fact that this is a tasty snack, it is also a perfect food that can be consumed if your want to reduce your stress levels. Corn also helps to reduce the cholesterol levels in the body.

So, it is important for you to maintain your body temperature as well. The foods mentioned above have been prescribed keeping in mind on how to maintain the body temperature. Do not deviate and follow the same for at least couple of months. You yourself will feel the difference.

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