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When Is the Best Time to Take Creatine?


Creatine is one of the most popular exercise performance supplements.

It increases strength and muscle mass as per found in the studies. In full Extensive research has also found that it’s safe to consume

As we all are familiar that creatine is effective and safe but many of the people do not know what the best time to take it is. There is a little bit of confusion in the mind of people. In this article, we will demonstrate you all the people when to take creatine.

Why Take Creatine?

It is a molecule that’s naturally found in your cells. Creatine is also a popular dietary supplement that has been widely studied. It can lead to several unrelated health benefits and the other performance benefits when taken as a supplement. The some of the health benefits include muscular health, neurological benefits, and improved exercise performance.

In some of the studies, it is found that on average creatine can increase strength 5-10% in average.

Creatine is helpful in producing cellular energy level inside the body. Creatine is best for the people who want to promote overall health and want to increase muscular strength.

Supplementing on Days You Exercise

So how should you take it on the workout days?

You can split your daily dose and can take it throughout the day or you can take it before your exercise and the third option is to take it after your exercise.

Ps: You must not take creatine during workout


Should You Take It After You Exercise?

Now in many of the studies, it is found that males can take 5gm of protein before and after their workout. Because these are the most effective times to take creatine.

In a four-week study, the participants have taken creatine 5 days a week, before and after their workout. After the completion of the study, it is found that they have to gain lean mass and there was a decrease in body fat mass.

In the other research, it is found that there is no difference of taking it before and after exercise.

It’s best to Supplement Shortly Before or After Exercise

Supplementing on Rest Days

Timing is less important on the no workout days. The main goal of taking supplements in the rest days is to take the daily intake amount only. There is no such issue of time in the rest days.

If you are starting to take creatine then you must load 20gm of creatine for about five days. Then creatine content for your muscle will be enough. After that daily dose of 3-5gm is recommended for you.

Should You Take Anything Else With It?

The benefits of taking creatine are very good but many people wonder how to maximize their benefit.

To increase the benefits of creatine researchers tried adding other ingredients that are:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • Amino Acids
  • Cinnamon

And other plant-based compounds to increase the effectiveness of creatine.

In several studies, it is found that taking carbs with creatine helps in increasing its impact on the muscle. But consuming carbs can lead to excess intake of calories which can lead to increase in bodyweight.

So, creatine is an effective and safe supplement. If you will take extra carbs and protein, it can help you maximize the benefits of its. For more stuff like this Stay Connected 

Rheumatic Diseases


These are the type of diseases which generally attack the joints of the body and sometimes also include the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. These occur due to the wear and tear problem in the body. These are the result of joint inflammation which is also known as arthritis. If we look at the data, then it is evident that about half million people of America are suffering from rheumatic diseases.

The most important thing is that, these diseases mostly affect the older people and women, hence proper care should be taken to prevent this type of illness.

Various Categories are as Follows:

Rheumatoid Arthritis

It is mainly linked with joint pain and swelling, that too not because of aging problem.


This is a kind of autoimmune disease in which healthy tissues get targeted and damaged.

Ankylosing Spondylitis

This is mainly linked with the sacroiliac joints which is the place where the spine attaches itself to the pelvis. Inthis, usually, people suffer from lower back pain.

Following are the Various Symptoms according to their Categories:


For Rheumatoid Arthritis:

1. Swelling in joints and tissues

2. Damaging of organs such as eyes

3. Fatigue and lumps in the body

For Lupus:

1. Rashes in the skin and body

2. Hair loss

3 .Pain in chest and muscles

For Ankylosing Spondylitis:

1. Pain in the buttocks as well as lower back

2. Severe pain in the upper back and neck

3. Stiffness in the back particularly while waking up.

Two main factors responsible for these diseases are:

(a)               Genes

(b)               Environmental factors

Here genes are mainly linked with the heredity things, that is a person suffers from such diseases if he/she has a family history of developing this kind of diseases. And the most important thing to note is that gene variants are the cause of these diseases such as in human leukocyte antigen genes.

Environmental factors also act as a fuel for developing rheumatic diseases.

Risk factors involved in rheumatic diseases:

Firstly we will get to know what exactly risk factors are, basically, these are the triggering elements for any particular kind of disease and hence the chances of suffering from that ailment will increase. The following risk factors can be associated with it:

1.Age group, that is young people are less likely to have these type of diseases. It is clearly evident that people above 30 years are the victims of such diseases.


2.Gender, it basically defines that women are more likely to have joint and tissue problems rather than men. This is because of estrogen which is a female hormone.It also increases the chances of developing any kind of diseases more than that of men.

3.Smoking, it means that the people who smoke are more prone to rheumatic arthritis.In fact, smoking is harmful to body organs also.

4.Obesity, it is also one of the factors contributing to it.

Diagnosis for rheumatic diseases:

Firstly, patients are given a physical exam to go and then after that doctors examine them from this exam. Along with this, they are also asked about their medical history. There are also various tests associated with it like tests of blood and urine samples.HLA-B27 protein is checked in a blood test for the confirmation of the diagnosis. In addition to these, there are also X-Ray reports for the joints which help in its diagnosis.

Does lemon water help you lose weight?


Lemon water is made from fresh lemon juice mixed with water. You can take it either hot or cold. Lemon juice is claimed to have various health benefits including increased energy levels, enhancing focus and improving digestion.

It is used by many people in their diet and is helpful in reducing weight.

It is low in calories:

Lemon water is very low in calories. It contains only 6 calories if we squeeze half of lemon in water a single water glass. Now, if you cut out soda and orange juice from your diet which is high in calories and then replace it with water then this can be an excellent way to cut calories in your diet. So, by this way, it helps in weight loss.

Let us take an example:

One cup of Orange juice contains 110 calories.

16-ounce bottle of soda contains—182 calories

Now, if you cut out any of these from your diet then it will lead to decrease in minimum 100 calories intake.


Lemon juice can keep you hydrated:

Drinking enough water is a very critical component for good health, as it helps in carrying nutrients and transporting waste out of the body.

For improving physical performance and regulating the body temperature it is very essential to maintain adequate hydration. If we are well hydrated then we are an aid to losing more weight as shown in the studies.

Increased hydration also leads to the breakdown of fat and enhance fat loss. As a majority of the lemon water is made from water so, it helps in keeping our body well hydrated.


It may help in boosting metabolism:

As per the studies, it is found that drinking lemon water can help in increasing your metabolism. Besides that good hydration enhances the functioning of mitochondria. It is a type of organelle that found in cells that can help in generating energy for the body.

Lemon water can make you feel full:

Drinking water is found to be helpful in reducing body fat and make you feel your tummy full without adding calories to your diet.

In many studies, it is found that drinking water with a meal can increase satiety during the meal and helps in decreasing hunger.

Because lemon water can promote fullness and are also low in calories, so these can be effective in reducing calorie intake.

It could increase weight loss:

As, lemon water has beneficial effects on hydration, satiety, and metabolism, so it could also help in weight loss.

As per many studies by the researcher, it is found that lemon water could help in reducing weight.

How to drink lemon water?

It is a highly customizable beverage and can be made according to your own need and taste. As per the recipe it half lemon is mixed with a glass of water. You can also add some more ingredients to it as per your need and of flavor which you want.


Sprinkle turmeric and few fresh mint leaves are healthy and delicious ways to spice up a glass of lemon water. You can have a glass of lemon water anytime a day, it is not necessary that you should take it in the morning only. It can be consumed hot as a tea and also cold by adding some ice cubes to it.

So, that was all about the weather lemon water helps in losing weight or not? For more stuff like this stay connected 

What are the Benefits of Going to an Orthopedic Clinic?


An average orthopedic health facility brings medical and surgical expertise to patients. If a person is facing any kind of orthopedic related problems then they can find all in one solution in the clinic. These clinics also offer physiotherapy and acupuncture services along with the diagnostic and radiology services. Among all these things they also provide surgical and medical solutions for those who are suffering from arthritis in knees, joints, and hips.

In a good orthopedic clinic, they provide 24-hour emergency medical assistance. If a person is having any orthopedic, injury then he can go to the clinic can have access to the specialist.

If you are experiencing pain in your shoulders, hips, knees, you should see an orthopedic surgeon, instead of thinking to go for medication. Medication is not the solution for everything in this world. Symptoms of these may be following:

  • Difficulty using that particular body part to perform daily functions (e.g., walking up the stairs or carrying grocery bags)
  • At the time of rest, joint pain becomes intense.
  • Limited range of motion, such as an inability to straighten the back
  • Joint deformity
  • Pain in muscles, tendons, or joints that persists for more than a few days
  • Signs of infection including heat, inflammation, fever, and/or redness
  • Any unusual symptoms in the pain region
  • Swelling or bruising around the joint or the location of an injury

Orthopedic doctors do everything they can do to delay the treatment such as physical therapy and medication. At times when these treatments do not provide relief to the patient then at that time they recommend surgery. The most common surgeries that doctors perform include ankle, knee, shoulder and hip replacement.

Orthopedic dictators perform a variety of arthroscopic procedures, which allow them t visualize diagnose and treat problems inside of a joint.


The earlier you know the problem the earlier you will be able to treat the problem. As you know that prevention is better than cure. Now, what do orthopedic doctors do is they try to isolate the problem and narrow down the cause of the issue and will tell you some of the treatment options whichever is feasible to you.

Orthopedic doctors also provide proper advice about the injections and the medications, physical therapy including a potential time frame and ongoing.

So, what are the Benefits of Going to an Orthopedic Clinic? So you must not always go on medication all the times. You must prefer to go to orthopedic clinic all the time. For more stuff like this Stay Connected

Simple Exercises for People with Heart Problems?


Now, in the current scenario, many of the people are suffering from heart diseases. This is all due to bad nutrition and no physical activity being done by the people. If you are suffering from any heart problem, then it becomes very necessary for you to exercise daily for some time and side by side to improve your nutrition to keep your heart healthy. Let’s move further aside and elaborate more on what you can do:

Doctor’s advice: Now your doctor will let you know which exercise is ok for you. He will tell you which type of workout you can do either light or heavy lifting.

If the doctors will think that he needs to change your medication on the basis of your exercise then he will do so. Let us keep these things aside and talk about the simple exercises for the people with the heart problem:

Benefits of exercise:

1)    It helps in improving the cholesterol in the body.

2)    It helps in lowering the blood pressure of the body.

3)    It helps in proper blood circulation.

4)    It helps in strengthening the cardiovascular system.

5)    It helps in controlling your insulin.

Simple exercises for people with heart disease:

1) Do balanced exercise. Don’t do too much, too soon. Give your body time to rest between workouts.

2) Don’t exercise outdoors when it is too hot, cold, or humid. In case of extreme temperature:

  • It can cause chest pain.
  • It can be difficult for you to breathe in the hot environment.
  • It will also cause a problem in the blood circulation.
  • In case of humidity, you will feel tired quickly.



3) Stay hydrated: Drink as much as water as you can. It helps in proper blood flow and helps in removing toxins from our body. You must drink 3-4 liters of water every day, especially on the hot days.

4.    Skip extremely hot and cold showers or sauna baths after exercise.

5.    Don’t exercise in hilly areas. If you are living in the hilly areas, always monitor your heart rate when you are going uphill’s.

Important Note: If you ever get short of breathing while performing exercise then stop the exercise immediately. Get your appointment with the doctor and share your details.

6. Don’t: Stop the exercise if you are not feeling well or you are suffering from any minor or major problem. You must wait for the symptoms to disappear.

Always monitor your heart rate while doing exercise. If in any case, it is greater than 100-120 beats per minute. Immediately stop the exercise and then consult your doctor about this.

Stop the exercise if you are feeling pain. Do not ignore the pain.

Rest if you:

•    Feel Weak

•    Are dizzy or light-headed

•    Have unexplained weight gain or swelling — call the doctor right away

•    Feel pressure or pain in your chest, neck, arm, jaw, or shoulder

•    Are concerned for any reason

So, these were some of the simple tips that you must take care if you are a heart patient. Before going for any kind of physically you must consult with your doctor. For more health tips, Stay Connected

Save a life! Best Ways to Stop Drug and Alcohol Abuse


If your family members and friends are having drug abuse problems, then its high time to start taking care of them so that they will not push themselves so much into the dark that they will even lose their lives due to drug intake. This problem can be cured.It does not require many efforts. We will have to be more alert at homes for our children what they are doing, with whom they are hanging around, why they have stopped talking to everyone and many more things.

There are many ways through which we can control the drug abuse.Following are some of them:

  1. Educating people about signs, symptoms and harmful effects of drugs

Most of the youngsters start drugs and get addicted to them because they do not have much knowledge about the signs and symptoms of the drugs.If everyone will be well aware of all these things, then much care can be taken regarding the control of the drugs.The education should be imparted in colleges about the adverse effects of drugs so that youth can control the use of drugs.With the knowledge, parents can also take good care of their children.

  1. Handling life and peer pressure

Junkie girl

The major reason for the use of the drugs by young children is the peer pressure. Usually, friends pressurize their mates for the things they are into.Because teens do not want to feel left out so they also start taking drugs so that they will not be thrown away from groups.Hence, in this case, we should be very wise while choosing our friends and should not choose the bad group of friends.And also the life is very complicated these days and hence people feel anxious and stressed.Only way they find out to cope up with the problems is the drugs, but in long run, their lives get badly affected. So dealing with these pressures is necessary.People can opt for various physical activities such as gym exercises and join different clubs.

  1. Restriction on the bars

Mostly alcoholand drugs are served in clubs and bars only.Youngsters are very fond of these bars and used to party a lot.If even some young individuals are not involved in drugs, they will start taking them by seeing other drug abusers in the party who are enjoying.Hence the bars and clubs should be closed or restriction should be made on the use of drugs in the clubs.

  1. Make good connections with family and friends

If people have good connections with their parents and friends, then they can overcome even the biggest problems of their lives.This connection builds such a comfortable level between parents and children that the young people can even share problems related to drugs and can learn from their parent’s mistakes and experiences.

  1. Don’t be afraid to say no


Sometimes we are afraid that if we will say no to something which our friends force us to do, then they will break their friendship and we will be left alone.Because of this fear, most of the young people start taking drugs when their friends ask them to do them.In this case, we should be comfortable to say no to others if they are forcing us to get involved in wrong things.As everyone has the right to do whatever they feel like to do.


Hence from above, it can be concluded that we can live a meaningful drug-free life through some efforts and precautions.We can also take help for mental illness and keep triggers and cravings in check.The best thing is to learn to relieve stress without drugs.

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