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Best ways to improve your vision


Eyesight or vision is the ability to interpret the surrounding environment using reflected light. For having a functional vision, integrity of the eyes and neural pathway behind it is necessary which converts the visible light to electrical signals which are then transmitted to the brain. Light is refracted (bend) at the surface of cornea (which is the transparent lining at the front of the eye) and lens which then passes through the eye and undergoes conversion to electrical signals at the retina which are then transmitted by the optic nerve to the brain which decodes the signal to perception of vision.

Eyesight is most commonly objectively measured in terms of visual acuity which relates to the sharpness of vision. It is measured by Snellen Chart which is a chart containing letters/numerical/symbols in decreasing order of size. A normal visual acuity is expressed as 6/6 (or 20/20). It means that visual acuity is sufficient to clearly see at a distance of 6 meters (or 20 feet).Other parameters to measure eyesight includes near vision (reading), color vision.

Well, in this article we have discussed some of the common causes and symptoms which describes that a person may be suffering from a poor eyesight. Next, we have describes some of the best ways which may help an affected person to improve his/her eye vision.

Common causes and symptoms of poor eyesight are:


1. Myopia /Nearsightedness – Blurry vision when looking at distant objects

2. Hypermetropia /Farsightedness – Blurry vision when reading

3. Cataract – Painless and gradual diminution of vision due to opacity of lens

4 Glaucoma – Usually associated with pain/discomfort in eye

5. Colour Blindness – Difficulty in making out shades of light.

Preventable causes of poor eyesight are:

1. Straining the eyes.

2. Eye Fatigue – reading for a long time without adequate rest in between

3. Poor diet/nutritional deficiency

4. Poor general health

Measures to prevent poor eyesight:

Poor eyesight can be prevented if adequate and necessary behavioral changes are made. Most common eye problems can be tackled if appropriate measures are taken well in time.

1. Eat a lot of fresh fruits. These are a rich source of vitamins and minerals and are the best way for consistent quality eyesight.

2. Include a considerable amount of green leafy vegetables in your diet. Green leafy vegetables are a good source of vitamins especially dark leafy vegetables are good source of vitamin A which helps to prevent night blindness

3. Make a habit to blink regularly. This helps to wet the surface of the eyeball with tear fluid which is continuously formed and thus helps to prevent abrasions at the surface of the cornea.

4. For people who eat nonvegetarian diet, include fish regularly in your diet. Fish and cod liver oil are abundant sources of vitamin A and D which helps to maintain the health of the retina and the rod cells.


5. When reading for a long time or studying, try to take a break regularly usually every 20-30 minutes. This provides rest to the muscles of the eye which prevents eye strain.

6. Wear sunglasses. This helps protect the eye from exposure to ultraviolet rays which is a known risk factor for the formation of cataract.

7. When working on computer screens:

(i) Keep the eyes at the level of the monitor screen

(ii) Use a comfortable chair

(iii) Rest eyes by looking away from the screen every 20 minutes. Take a rest from work every 2 hours.

8. When reading, do so in a well-lit room. Make sure the light is directed towards the book being read.

6. Undergo periodic eyesight examinations so that the problem can be identified early and appropriate measures can be taken well in time to prevent any deterioration or complication. These can be taken every 2-3 yrs in young adult and yearly in people above the age of 50 yrs or those already wearing spectacles or suffering from diagnosed eye ailments.

7. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Quit smoking as it is a known risk factor associated with retinal macular degeneration.

8. Wear protective eye gears when employed in hazardous jobs

With these healthy habits, it is possible to maintain a good ocular health and prevent poor eyesight.

When Does Prescription Drug Use Become Prescription Drug Addiction


The prescription drugs are the medication prescribed by the doctors for the management of numerous diseases. But, the scenario is now changed. The young generation is consuming several prescription drugs to get addicted to them. This abuse has become endemic across the globe and the growth in the consumption rate is increasing day-by-day. It is found in the US that opioids, sedatives, stimulants and tranquilizer are considered as the most common abusing drugs.

The misuse of these medicines is commonly found among the large population. Instead of using them is pain, anxiety, sleeplessness, they are using them to satisfy their urge of taking drugs.

Notice the signs and symptoms of prescription drug abuse

The symptoms of taking the prescription drug for addiction vary among the individuals. Take an example, if a person is consuming opioid, he would show pain at the initial stage. As consumption increases the condition also gets worse. He might compliant about constipation, constriction of pupils or slow breathing. The benzodiazepine addict shows anxiety and sleeplessness. Likewise, different drugs show different symptoms.

Here are some basic symptoms that could be noted in the person taking prescription drug for addiction.


-          Drowsiness

-          Memory loss

-          Slurred speech

-          Coordination problem in the body

-          Dilation of pupil

-          Depression

-          Tiredness

-          Suicidal tendency

-          Headaches

-          Dizziness

-          Heart palpitation

-          Irregular sleep

When people start abusing the prescription drugs?

The condition of consuming the drug could be any. The enjoyment they get from the prescription drug make them to use the drugs in frequent basis that further leads to the drug addiction. An individual start showing the signs to indicate that he is taking the drugs that in the long term can harm his life too.

drug (1)

Gradually, the abusers start withdrawing from the family and friends while spending lots of the time alone. A time comes when they give up all their hobbies and activities. With passing time, they become more aggressive and start losing the control. They cry for little things and make the whole scenario irritating.

Our rehabilitation center has a team of expert who understand the condition of a drug abuser. Their pattern of sleep change quite a lot.

We salvage a person who is on prescription drug addiction

Our rehabilitation center runs numerous rehabilitation programs to help the people who are fighting with these problems for the decades. We have been helping the people to get rid of the addiction problem. There are many rehabilitation centers around the world, but ours is the best. We are a successful running rehabilitation center that is trusted by most of the clients. With lots of options available, we treat the patients by strictly controlling their diet and referring different exercises that could be helpful in coming out from the situation. Contact us for any kind of guidance or visit our center where you meet the proficient experts who listen to your problems and come up with the efficient treatment.

High Blood Sugar (Hyperglycemia)- Causes And Signs


Whenever the sugar (glucose) level in one’s blood rises high temporarily that condition is known as HYPERGLYCEMIA. This situation takes place when the body has too much food or glucose, or too little insulin. The body takes glucose to all the cells of the body. A glucometer is a machine which is used to measure blood sugar level in seconds. There are two types of diabetes TYPE-1 and TYPE-2.

People with diabetes should be very careful about keeping their blood sugar level under a limit.



1. SLEEP: A lack of sleep can be bad for a diabetic patient because it can raise their blood sugar level. Promoting health hygiene and giving importance to sleep is important for everybody but it is very important for the diabetic person.

2. STRESS: Stress is the biggest reason why sugar level spikes up because due to stress body produces hormones that make difficult for insulin to do its job. Finding the way to keep the stress level down is compulsory for diabetic people. By doing regular exercise or by doing yoga can help to relieve stress.

3. INSULIN CONTROL: Not producing enough insulin either by injections or medication. People with diabetes must control sugar level by taking medicines, physical exercise, and properly balanced diet. When exercise and food are not proper sugar rises.

4. CAFFEINE: Your blood sugar rises after coffee and with tea, whether it is green tea or black tea and same goes with energy drinks. Each person reacts to different food differently, so you should keep check for yourself.


5. EXERCISE: Physical exercise is great for everyone. But people with diabetes should know that what they need. When you work out more, chances is there that your sugar level spikes up. A fruit or snack before you begin may help. Check your sugar level, before and after exercise.

6.  SMOKING: Smoking cigarettes make it difficult to keep sugar level low. A person with diabetes should make it the priority to quit smoking.

7. CARBOHYDRATES: Eating food with a lot of carbohydrates is one of the ways of consumption of sugar. The body of the diabetic person cannot convert carbohydrates into energy easily.



1. EXCESSIVE URINATION: Your body tempts to equalizing the concentration of glucose with the number of cells in your body. So whenever the sugar is high excessive urine is the sign you will have. Frequent urination, including regular waking up in the middle of the night to urinate, is a sign.

2. EXCESSIVE THIRST: Whenever sugar level is high our urge for water increased because of more concentration of glucose in the body.


3. WEIGHT LOSS: Even though you are eating like a crazy, but when the blood glucose is high, you will start losing weight. Moreover, the excessive amount of urine can lead to low body fluid which in turn can lower your weight.

4. INFECTIONS: Your body cells aren’t the only one that eats glucose; many bacteria and yeast do too. In women, it is more likely to have this kind of infection.

5. SLOW HEALING OF CUTS AND WOUNDS: High blood glucose greatly shows the healing of skin and tissues because of weakening immune system. Another reason can be that sufficient amount of oxygen is not received as delivery of oxygen is reduced by nerve damage. Sometimes even minor wound take so many months to get healed.

6. DRY ITCHY SKIN: High blood glucose can make your skin dry and itchy because of dehydration. Though it is not a major problem yet it is highly vexing.

7. FATIGUE: When blood glucose is high your body is neither strong nor uses glucose properly as you are not burning energy efficiently and cells are not getting the fuel they need. If you are suffering from lack of sleep or excessive urination you will feel more tired.


High blood sugar level fluctuation occurs in diabetic patient daily, so it is important that a person should control sugar level through diets, medication, and exercise and when necessary should seek treatment to doctor. Anyone experiencing the symptoms should immediately contact the doctor. Ask your family member for their support.

9 Science-Backed Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

maxresdefault (1)

It is a type of fish oil supplement. It has many health benefits because it contains Omega-3 fatty acids which helps in reducing inflammation and helps in lowering blood pressure. In addition to these it also contains Vitamins A and D which have many other health benefits also. So, here below are the benefits of cod liver oil which are scientifically proven:

1)      High In Vitamin A and Vitamin D

Cod liver oil are mostly extracted from the liver of Atlantic cod. These are used from many years ago, especially in case of joint pain and treat rickets. On contrary cod liver oil is somehow different from the regular fish oil.

Nutritional Facts: 1tsp of cod liver oil contains:

  • Calories: 40
  • Fat: 4.5 grams
  • Omega-3 fatty acids: 890 mg
  • Monounsaturated fat: 2.1 grams
  • Saturated fat: 1 gram
  • Polyunsaturated fat: 1 gram
  • Vitamin A: 90% of the RDI
  • Vitamin D: 113% of the RDI

In a single spoon of oil it fulfills all the daily need of Vitamin A and Vitamin D. Vitamin A helps in maintaining our eyes healthy and also helps in maintaining our skin and proper brain function.

Cod liver oil is the excellent source of Vitamin D, which helps in maintaining healthy bones

2)      May reduce inflammation:

Inflammation helps in fighting injuries and fight injections. It is all a natural process. In some cases inflammation can be there in low level for long period of time. This is known as chronic inflammation, which can lead to several diseases, high blood pressure.


As you know cod liver oil contains Omega 3-fatty acids which can help in reducing chronic inflammation. It also contains vitamin A and D which are powerful antioxidants which intern can help in reducing inflammation by neutralizing and binding harmful radicals.

3)      May Improve bone health

Cod liver oil is very helpful in maintain healthy bones as you age. As after 30 people start to lose bone mass, which intern can lead to bone fracture? It can help in reducing age related bone loss. Because, it helps our body in to absorb calcium which is very essential for strong gut and bones.

4)      May reduce joint pain

5)      May support eye health

6)      May reduce heart disease risk

7)      May improve symptoms of anxiety and depression

8)      May help heal gut ulcer and stomach

9)      Easy to add to your diet

So, those are all the benefits of using Code Liver oil. For more health tips Stay Connected J


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