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What Are the Regular & Phenomenal Causes of Chronic Heart Failure?

Heart attack concept

In the modern time with changed lifestyle, the count of heart-related problems in increasing steadily. Heart failure as a term defines the condition where the heart is not able to pump up the blood. It’s already become a huge problem and continues to hit the youngsters also. That’s why it is counted amongst the fatal conditions. When the heart fails, the blood circulation gets impaired and there is a development of a painful condition that even can result in death.

Causes that lead to heart failure

There are different factors responsible for choric heart failure

        I.            Regular Causes

These are general causes responsible for the occurrence of heart-related problems.

  • Hypertension
  • Past occurrence of heart problems
  • Diabetes

      II.            Phenomenal Causes

These are mentioned as:

Prolonged cardiomyopathy: The condition is related to the enlargement of the heart without knowing any reason.


Æ  Valvular Heart disease: Aortic stenosis is one condition where the blood faces problems to move through the genuine valves.

Æ  Alcoholic Cardiomyopathy: Drinking excess amount of alcohol can affect the pumping of blood.

Æ  The occurrence of irritation in spirit muscle or myocarditis.

Æ  Incessant arrhythmias

Æ  HIV related Cardiomyopathy

Æ  Taking medications that result in heart failure.

    III.            Lifestyle Causes

These are directly related to the lifestyle you are living

F      Smoking

F      Obesity

F      Alcohol intake

F      Consumption of high amount of salt

F      High fat nourishment

Know about the indication give your heart

The first indication is breathlessness. Known as Orthopnoea, this condition tells you about your heart health. Don’t ignore it. The heart palpitation is another way that gives you a warning signal about the heart failure. You can also face swollen feet and legs, loss of famishing acid flow and fluid development inside the body.

Talking about the clinic examination

At the time of heart nonperformance, a clinical examination is required to find out the real problem. By seeing them on and off occurrence of heart symptoms, the doctors ask the patients about the symptoms they are going through. For example:


v  Shortness of breath, coughing

v  High blood pressure

v  Physical activity

v  Sleeping disorders and many more

On listening to the mentioned symptoms, a physician starts his diagnosis based on:

Û    Measuring the pulse rate and blood pressure

Û    Checking the swelling of the vein in the neck. The bulging veins indicates right side heart failure

Û    Occurrence of lung sounds

Û    Analyzing the abdomen for swelling. This could be due to enlargement of the liver.

Û    Legs and ankles also get swell.

Û    Finding out the body weight.

Heart failure is a fatal disease and if not treated well can cause the death of a person suffering from it. Always listen to your heart what it is saying. If you will not listen to it on time, get ready to face the consequences. It’s better to think about your heart from now before it gets too late. Because, if your heart is healthy, then only you are able to function properly and live a stronger life.

See! How Well Do You Know Your Heart


A correct assessment of your heart is very important as it shows the condition of your heart. Keeping the health of your heart safe is sound is very essential. For this, you can contact a doctor and talk about the risks. There are three basic steps that help you in making your heart healthier for future.

Step 1 – Calculating your number

For this, you can schedule an appointment with your doctor and calculate cholesterol, blood pressure, blood pressure and body mass index (BMI). All these counts act as a tool for finding the risk of heart disease and stroke.

On getting the exact calculation, it becomes easy for the doctor to examine the risk factor and start the treatment likewise if needed. There are the chances of development of atherosclerosis that is easily determined by testing. In this condition, the blood arteries and blood vessels get constricted to deliver the oxygen-rich blood to the heart.

There are certain other conditions that are also found by your number. Naming few are:

  • Angina pectoris
  • Peripheral artery disease
  • Stroke
  • Heart attack

Step 2 – Analyzing the risk factors


Once in our life, at a certain point, we face the risk of heart disease up to various degrees. There are some conditions that are totally out of our control. That’s why it becomes important to learn the ability to manage the risk factors by taking the guidance of physicians.

What can you control?

There are certain risk factors that you can control easily which are responsible for the heart disease.

s  High blood pressure

s  High cholesterol

s  Lack of exercise

s  Obesity

s  Weight

s  Diet

Step 3 – Taking the required step

If you want your heart to live longer, then you must follow the proven tips to bring change in your life.

      Cope up with blood pressure

Blood pressure and heart disease have the direct link with together. A high blood pressure condition can put you at a higher risk of having heart disease. Thus, it becomes important to keep the blood pressure in range to minimize the strain on heart, kidneys, and arteries.


      Managing the cholesterol level

The high level of cholesterol is responsible for the plaque that can clog the arteries. This, in turn, results in heart disease and stroke. The prevention of clog gives you the way to make your heart healthy.

      Minimizing the blood sugar level

As we know that the food we eat gets converted into the glucose and used by the body to get energy. But, the excess amount is responsible for damaging the nerves, eyes, heart, and kidneys.

      Lose your excess weight

The excess weight is a reason behind the heart stroke. Losing the extra fat means you are minimizing the burden on your heart, lungs, blood vessels and bones. By losing weight, you can also feel active and energized.

Following these 3 steps religiously can cut down the risk on your heart and make it healthier to function throughout your life. Don’t take your heart for granted otherwise you will have to suffer throughout your life.

Bleeding Piles! How to Stop Your Piles Bleeding?


Piles or you can say Hemorrhoids probably freak out a person suffering from it. The condition becomes when it is a bleeding pile. As you know that it is the condition of swollen veins of the anus or lower rectum, this gives only pain. Its occurrence is a result of tissue’s weakness that is responsible for passing out the waste materials from anal cavity.

But, the good thing is that there is a remedy. You can easily say goodbye to this raving problem without any surgery. Bleeding piles can be annoying, but fortunately, there are some home remedies that you can adapt to get the immediate relief.

Have a look at some useful home remedies

Getting rid of piles is a great relief in someone’s life. For that, you can opt for mentioned home remedies and healthy diet to follow.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar


Counted amongst the magic home remedies for the management of Piles, Apple Cider Vinegar is widely recommended by the experts. The ferment acid present in it works by restricting the production of bacteria in the digestive system. The acid together with potassium, magnesium, sodium, and calcium is helpful in regulating the digestive system. Hence, the offered is perfect for controlling the inflammation and bleeding of internal hemorrhoids.


To us it, you can take a small amount of this vinegar and apply on the affected area. It instantly minimizes the pain, burning sensation, and itching.

  1. Mango seed powder

When the mango seed powder is mixed with honey, it does wonder. Apart from this, you can also go for lime, mint and ginger composition in measured quantity to bring relief in piles condition.

  1. Chebulic Myroblan

Known as Haritkari, this is ideally used for the problem of piles. Half a teaspoon of this powder before going to bed is helpful in treating the bleeding piles. Not only this, by normalizing the bowel movement, it easily cleans up the colon and correct the problems of piles.

images (1)

  1. Dry Figs

In a condition of constipation, most of the experts suggest Dry Figs as the ultimate remedy. Before using them, soak from an overnight and in the next morning, you can consume it. It effectively minimizes the bowel movement and also reduces the straining.


  1. Grated radish

Taking two teaspoons of grated radish along with a teaspoonful of carrot serve the purpose of reducing the inflammation and pain.

  1. Jamun leaf juice

About 20 ml of Jamun juice together with the sugar for thrice a say easily control the piles bleeding.

  1. Drinking the buttermilk

Yes, drinking buttermilk for 2 times a day can do wonders for the pile’s condition. You can also combine it with bitter gourd to make the remedy even more effective.

In a conclusion, bleeding piles are no more painful. You can choose the home remedies that you can follow for piles condition. This is the best way to avoid the surgical step and improving the lifestyle. In case the condition becomes serious then don’t forget to take the help of a doctor.

How Drug Addiction and Alcoholism are Path to Hell


When we discuss Drug Addiction and Alcoholism, there is a hard truth that a great many people will never know, never acknowledge. Drug Addiction can defraud anybody and everybody, regardless of what age, gender, or profession.

Unprecedented thereat -

  • Today, Addiction has turned into an unfortunate propensity for some young people, a simple target, and is proceeding to develop to extraordinary extents.
  • Teenage drug abuse in some areas unfortunately is out of control.
  • Without anybody appearing to have the appropriate response how to control or quit spreading the illness which resembles a fire storm fagged on by whirlwind.

Horrible and dreadful impacts -

The mental impacts that Drug Addiction and Alcoholism cause on a human body are dreadful, and many individuals can’t envision how awful they are. Nearly everybody realizes what substantial drinking can do to your general health; it can rapidly slaughter your inside organs and personal health.

drugs (1)

What many individuals know less, are the mental impacts of alcoholism since a large portion of them just concentrate on the physical harm it does.

There are psychological damages that Drug Addiction and Alcoholism can make to a person’s face and lament for whatever is left of his or her life.

Mental effects –

  1. It kills your confidence in the blink of an eye.
  2. It makes you to embrace a behavior on which your loved ones will dependably look down at you: Your confidence is no longer there.
  3. Once your confidence is harmed, you begin to drink more. This is the way it works: The more a man considers awful himself, the more help he will discover in liquor.
  4. When this confidence is gone, more issues go along including poor performance, socially and professionally.
  5. The individual gets detached from all, the friend network effectively gone and the loss of family is next.

Path to hell –

Your judgment ability gets continuously pulverized too. Individuals who are heavy drinkers are more awful at deciding. Their perspective isn’t working effectively and they are never again control for liquor. They will mislead everybody, steal things, and get occupied with other negative exercises to get their craving satisfied.

shutterstock_107588312A heavy drinker will assault for getting his fix of liquor. No one wants any association or be around a dipsomaniac in light of this. This craving welcomes numerous different issues, for example, having unprotected sex with more than one accomplice. At the point when this happens, the alcoholic gets into circumstances like assaults, spontaneous or undesirable pregnancies, and sexually transmitted ailments.

Family suffers –

These issues, when assembled, produce a horribly negative result on someone who is addicted. It affects addicts’ family, particularly if there are any kids. Liquor mishandle is basically putting yourself and much of the time your entire family in to a prison of

flame. This is how Drug Addiction and Alcoholism are Path to Hell.

Is there really a solution for drug addiction?


Where there is a hand of benevolence there is an eye of evil. On the land of astonishing excellence in every walk of human inventions, the dark reality of evil society is galloping at the same pace. When some categories of drugs are utilized for the purpose of cure, the other species of drugs are busy in curtailing the mind and body of people. It is a well-accepted fact that the negative attracts faster than the positive. The youth of the current society is unable to grip the reigns of their lives and fall as the victim of drug abuse. No doubt, it drains you completely.

Is there a solution to drug problem?

With the advancement of the technology and profound research, the scientific brains have made it possible to squeeze out the addiction from the dependent. But still, the success ratio lies certainly in the hands of the addict.


With the advancement of the technology and profound research, the scientific brains have made it possible to squeeze out the addiction from the dependent. But still, the success ratio lies certainly in the hands of the addict. All the medicines and treatments may work only after the unshakeable determination of the drug addict to get rid of the addiction. There are several ways in which addiction can be brought to a halt.

  • Keeping eye on the behavioural changes and lifestyle of the addict:-

When the failure starts to penetrate the life of an apprehensive person, he tends to mark the destinations of the drugs. Keeping the track of their depressed behaviour can prove to be the helping hand to bring them back from their depression. Taking with such persons and constantly motivating them to improve their moral and help them to divert themselves from the drug.

A high standard lifestyle has become the status for every youth across the globe and drug, is one of the statuses. A proper and regular counselling and medication can bring them back to normal

Admission into the Rehabilitation Centre:


Various rehabilitation centres are the treatment destinations for the drug addicts. There they are been cradled with the proper interval of medications and counselling. Apart from medication, observation, and counselling, the addicts are made to participate in various group activities like drawing, creating best out of waste, helping in certain ways to society and so on. Such activities work to pull them towards the constructive side of their capability.

Maintain hygiene around the addict:

Maintaining hygiene is one of the factors affects the life of the addict. If the abode of a drug addict is shabby and down-run, will definitely encourage the gloomy behaviour and dull thoughts.  So, if the surroundings are kept clean and well ventilated can emit positivity and help in bringing freshness in their day.

The society out there has a huge number of people who have successfully given their call back to the life. Yes, it is possible to exhale the drugs and inhale the life and love. It is the responsibility of an individual as well as the society to keep the poison away which is eating up the youth of the world.

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