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Dandruff Problems! How to get rid of it?


Dandruff is a very common problem that every person faces in their life. Before thinking about the permanent solution, one must know whether he or she is actually having dandruff. There are many people who wrongly identify dandruff with other scalp related problems. It is a result of the dry scalp which is a condition known as seborrheic dermatitis.

Types of dandruff

  1. Harmless dandruff – This condition is actually a condition of the dry scalp that occurs due to cold weather. With time, it disappears
  2. Harmful dandruff – Basically, this is scalp infection that occurs due to fungal infection. It results in itching and flaking that result in hair fall.
  3. Dangerous dandruff – Condition like psoriasis results in an occurrence of dandruff and lead to bigger problems. This condition can spread all over the body.

Useful remedies for treating dandruff

Here, we are sharing some important remedies that are helpful in controlling or treating the dandruff.

  1. Aspirin

Salicylic acid present in Aspirin is regarded as a medicated component for treating dandruff. You can check the flaking by crushing the aspirin and adding the medicated shampoo to it. Wash your hair with it and feel the difference.

  1.  Tea tree oil

The shampoo has a formulation of tea tree oil is useful for improving the severity of dandruff. You can also add tea tree oil to your shampoo for treating unpleasant conditions.

  1. Baking soda

A basic component found in the kitchen is baking soda that is used to give you flake-free and itch-free scalp. You can directly use the baking soda solution on your scalp to reduce the activity of fungi. At first, your scalp will dry, but after few wash, your scalp starts producing the natural oils. After the use, your hairs will be softer and dandruff-free.

  1. Apple cider vinegar

maxresdefault (2)

Apple Cider Oil is a sure shot remedy against dandruff. This is so because the acidity has the ability to change the pH of the scalp, making the condition hard for yeast to grow. You can wash your hairs with apple cider vinegar to leave your hair smooth, silky and clean.

  1. Mouthwash

A bad condition of dandruff is difficult to treat. But, not anymore; the alcohol-based mouthwash when used with regular shampoo helps is fighting against dandruff. In general, it has the anti0fungal property that prevents any kind of yeast growth.

6.    Coconut oil

A full-proof method against dandruff, coconut oil is a tried formula. A coconut oil is the best remedy for dandruff.

7.    Lemon

On adding 2 tablespoons of lemon juice on your scalp and rinse with water give a tremendous result. The acidity of lemon is useful in balancing the pH of the scalp. This is helpful in keeping dandruff away.

These natural remedies are best as compared to the medicated shampoo. They are purely effective and harmless to the skin. If you also have dandruff, then try these remedies and see the result on your own. The result will be up to your expectations.

8 Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Feet

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Did you realize that there are 52 bones in your feet? That is one-fourth of the number of bones in your body! With every one of these bones come 66 joints and muscles and tendons. In most of the times, these parts of our body normally would serve us indefatigably as long as we require them to – without being spoiled appropriately pampered.

With some little changes and giving careful consideration to your feet, you can incredibly enhance the way you feel and the way your feet feel.

1)      Having Comfortable shoes is the very first step to have happy feet. Shoes which are too tight can really worsen our feet. Whatever the shape, tallness of the heels, style of the shoes, you need to make your feet comfortable.

2)      When you change the late spring shoes for encased (fall and winter) sorts, ensure you likewise wear breathable socks. Socks which do not let air pass can create the problem.

3)      Other than that, while utilizing soap in the shower. It will help to give your feet the good massage. Focus on the impression of the tiredness washing away. Make an effort not to disregard the zone in the middle of the toes. Your feet will be thankful.

4)      Before sleep times, it is a good idea to apply some cream or lotion to your feet. On the off chance that you take some time to massage, it will unwind you and furthermore take loads of torment away. The entire body will be more invigorated and rest easy.

5)      Avoid running or doing any hard work of your feet are injured or having cracks due to harsh winter effect.

6)      Importance of regular exercise cannot be overlooked. You need to do exercise to make blood flow rightly in your body including feet to keep your foot health.

7)      Avoid running and playing in very hot or cold ground. No matter in which part of the world you leave you much time faces extreme weather condition. The western region is famous for cold and winter while eastern for hot and sun. Always keep your feet secure from extreme weather conditions.

8)      Yoga is new buzz these days and there are many Asanas and postures which you can try and can help you. Your feet can also get help from Yoga postures and Asanas.


The vast majority overlooks their feet until there is an issue or especially for ladies, on the off chance that they are changing from encased footwear in the winter to summer shoes. This is where a large number of them will acknowledge how their feet have been uncared to the extent dry skin, split rear areas, corns and calluses are concerned.

Numerous foot problems are because of disregard or manhandle. We should take good care of our foot. If you are visiting the beach, don’t forget o use a good quality of sun cream on your skin and nails. Don’t forget to reapply the sunscreen when you come out of the water. This may seem excessive, but this is helpful.

Take Care of your hands from Skin Allergy


Allergies are the worst thing about life. These conditions fly up at any rate and can make a considerable measure of distress to live. In the further developed stages, Allergies especially o hand inflict havoc since they can turn out to be possibly dangerous! It is a shrewd thing to discover what Allergies your hands are inclined to and how to recognize them. This will enable you to get the correct sort of treatment at the right time before things deteriorate.

Our immune system itself works to fight allergies –

  • At the point when the immune system of your body finds a substance which it sees as unsafe and possibly pathogenic, it produces immunoglobulin G and IgM.
  • With the creation of these agents, now your immune system endeavors to kill the allergens, assist you to recoup the exposure.
  • Because of the initial exposure, it is possible for your immune system to generate a lot of antibodies next time it is presented to a similar substance.
  • This fast development of IgM enables you to recoup from the exposure rapidly and at times with no symptoms of allergy. But if the infection is severe then your body comes under the influence of allergy.

Allergy is hypersensitivity of your hands to certain kind of substance. Skin allergy and especially on hands may occur in the form of skin redness until dermatitis, which can become visible in many places.

Skin Allergy Identification-

When you suddenly acquire the red spots, you turn bewildered and start suspecting that you have acquired an allergy on your hand. You need to find the appearance of red spot appear in the broad part of your body like at your arms and legs. It may be that you have got red spots just at a small part like at your palm hand?


There are many questions which pop into your mind. Some of them are as follows -

  • What unusual food you have taken?
  • Is it the result of drug or the food supplements you are taking these days?
  • Did you change your detergent?

If you find the small part of itchy redness appears in your palm, this may indicate that you have got a skin contact allergy. It is wise to avoid touching the suspected stuff.

Delay in treatment is not wise decision-

Diverse individuals develop distinctive sorts of allergies at their hands. Some can be seen easily, while others are difficult to observe. In any case, they should be taken care as soon as possible. Delay in treatment is not good here. Skin rashes and other skin conditions are exceptionally noticeable and if not treated in time, can leave everlasting scars.

With right medication, you can easily cure allergies. There are certain precautions which you should follow. Your doctor will assist you in this regard to fight the allergies of hand.

Is Sweat Causing Your Acne? How to Deal?


Summer can be fun but come with sweat and acne. Even if there is a milder climate, the scorching heat forces you to release all the toxins from your body. The toxins are removed from the pore and in the condition of coagulation; it results in the formation of acne. Nonetheless, it is a normal body reaction, but the occurrence of acne left you irritating and frustrated. Who likes to have those dumpy acnes?

Sweat is not at all bad as it easily gets evaporated. But, when the sweat sticks to the skin because of the clothes, this definitely obstructs the sweat pore.

The formation of acne because of organism pityrosprorum fungus, this condition is known as Pityrosporumfolliculitis. These organisms basically feed on human sweat. The acne due to sweat is tough and very stubborn to treat. The reason behind this is the yeast that normally grows on everybody’s skin. Most of the times, you will find them on the chest and back, available as pinhead-sized pimples and white bumps. The organism is resistant to antibiotics and needs the treatment to control the growth of fungus.

The tight-fitting clothes, headband, backpacks, and collars are also responsible for the release of sweat that ultimately leads to the formation of acne.

Steps to get rid of acne

Whether it is hot, humid condition or you are doing excessive exercises; the chances of formation of acne automatically increases. Sweat is a reason behind the occurrence of dead skin, a formation of bacteria and excess oil. Bacteria can easily be multiplied in the clogged pores and rapidly trigger the inflammation. This kind of acne generally belongs to the category of Vulgaris family. Below are some steps that proved to be helpful for you on getting rid of acne.


Step 1 – Always take shower

Whenever you come from exercise or hot humid conditions, don’t forget to take a cool shower to remove all kinds of dead skin, bacteria or oil.

Step 2 – Wash the areas properly

It is necessary to wash the affected areas twice in a day. All those areas that are prone to developing sweat must be washed properly. For that, you can use a mild cleanser that should not irritate the skin.

Step 3 – Do the proper cleaning

Always wash the apparels whenever you wear them. Whether it is about cuffs, collars, and bands; all trap the sweat in them and result in coagulation of pores.

Step 4 – Finding the right clothes

If you are a fitness freak and love to do exercises, then choose the loosely fit clothes that do not get stick to the skin and eliminate the reason for occurring pimples.

Step 5 – Use over-the-counter acne cream

On daily application of acne cream, helps you in bringing relief and dry out the excess oil. Additionally, it is also helpful in killing the bacteria and promotes the peeling to exfoliate the skin.

These are very simple steps that you can adapt to your daily routine, but, taking advice from the dermatologists is equally important. Therefore, take sweat-induced acne seriously and treat them properly.

Vitiligo: Myths and Realities


There are many who consider vitiligo as a blessing rather than considered as a skin problem. This is so because this condition makes a better as they learn to adapt their own imperfection.

The recent development is science brings a new ray of hope in the field of dermatology. With the advancements, the doctors are now able to cure the vitiligo that is a medical condition in which there is a formation of white patched on the skin of human body. There are certain Myths as well as realities that help you in finding the truth behind the disease. Hence, it becomes important to shun away all the myths and educate those who are suffering from this problem.

Û    Myth 1 – You will suffer from vitiligo if you have done something wrong. It is purely a superstitious based myth that no one believes on it.

Fact – In actual, there is not a single percentage of truth in this sating. God will not give you the white patches. The real reason behind the occurrence of vitiligo is a destruction of melanocytes. It is a pigment responsible for producing the cells of the skin. In case, if melanocyte stops its work there will not be any production of pigment and the area definitely becomes white.


Û    Myth 2 – If you will take the wrong combination of food, you are prone to the development of vitiligo.

Fact – Please mind that vitiligo has no link with the food. There is no mean to stop patients from taking curd, lemon, tomatoes, and pickles.  Apart from this, there are different factors like burning, scratches or cuts that can leave your skin white.


Û    Myth 3 – Those who are suffering from vitiligo feels physically and emotionally inferior

Fact – From where does this myth surrounded is still unknown. The vitiligo is only restricted to the skin. It doesn’t have to do anything with body organs or intelligence level.

Û    Myth 4 – Vitiligo is related to leprosy and infectious in nature

Fact – Are you serious? Leprosy and vitiligo have nothing to do with each other. It never spread through touch, blood transfer, saliva or sexual intercourse.

Û    Myth 5 – Being a skin disorder, vitiligo is related to different skin disorders like cancer and albinism

Fact – This is quite an interesting myth. None of them is related to vitiligo. Those who are having albinism problem have no or little melanin. On the other hand, in vitiligo, there is damage of melanocyte that is responsible for the production of pigment.

On the other hand, skin cancer occurs due to the mutations in DNA and unlike vitiligo, they grow unstoppable.

Û    Myth 6 – It is an untreatable disorder

Fact – There are many techniques available that are utilized for fighting the battle against several diseases. For example, steroids, Ultraviolet A, Ultraviolet B, punch grafting and split thickness grafting.

There is the latest invention of melanocyte transfer. In this, the melanocyte from a normal skin is transferred to the patients suffering from vitiligo. Overall the treatment is a little bit difficult and slow, yet the result is proven.

Oil can cause PIGMENTATION. How to get rid of it?


Pigmentation marks on the face are normal and they are the symptoms of sun damage. The roughness, dryness, wrinkling, and sagging are some other symptoms of sun damage. Problems related to pigmentation are almost always results of excessive exposure to the sun.

Other contributing factors which add to problem -

Even though there can be some other contributing factors, such as the harmful products which people choose to relieve burning or the protection against sunburn and selection of these products is done by their own without consulting any expert or dermatologist.

Seborrheic dermatitis and your skin –

1)      The old gland on your facile skin cause yeast infection and this become the very reason for the darkening of your skin. Pigmentation is the result of sebum secretion. There is need to remove this infection.

2)      Symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis include red, greasy, itchy scaly, , and inflamed the skin. This is not confined to your face but all area of the skin which is rich in oil-producing glands. It can affect scalp, face, and chest.

3)      The able dermatologist like Dr. Priyal Garg can prescribe the medication by which even the stubborn pigmentation fades away. The medication removes the yeast infection from the skin pores and this becomes the end of pigmentation.

Facial skin needs more care since it is more sensitive-


Our skin is maybe the most imperative organ of the body that functions as the defensive layer for organs which are inside of our body. Skin is always under direct exposure to the outer environment which makes skin contact unforgiving outside elements, for example, contamination and pollution of air, ultraviolet beams of the sun and toxins present in the environment.

The surface of the skin can vary in various body parts and the skin on our face is much more sensitive and delicate, unlike the skin we have on our hands and feet. Subsequently, it is essential to take legitimate care of our facial skin. Pigmentation is the great threat to your facial skin since your face is almost always in exposure of sun.

A cure is needed – which medication to choose-

  • Skin care is not a simple procedure, and it needs constant attention.
  • The skin experiences a considerable measure of stress and pollution for the duration of the day, and it recoups every one of these harms amid the night by retaining basic supplements when we are snoozing.
  • Accordingly, it is perfect to utilize a sustaining night cream that provisions every one of the supplements required by the skin.
  • A dermatologist can recommend the right cream for you so you can apply this cream in nigh of whenever he or she recommends to you.

Finding cure for pigmentation

Pigmentation is harmful, but can be cured if you take good care of your skin. There is need to follow some precautions while in open sun. Exercise can also help. But most important you get the good prescription from the experienced and able dermatologist. Dr. Priyal Garg possesses such a good experience of curing skin problem and a proved expert while it is about eliminating pigmentation.

Vitiligo: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments


What is vitiligo?

Vitiligo causes pale white patches on the skin. The reason for this problem is an absence of a pigment in the skin which is called melanin.  This skin problem can influence any area of one’s skin, however, most normally; it impacts face, neck and hands, and other body areas. The pale areas of skin are more vulnerable to sunburn, along these lines, one needs to be careful when in the sun. One can’t predict this disease and it is impossible to tell which portion of skin can be affected. These white patches may or may not spread to the other part of the body as time passes.

Vitiligo is neither infectious nor contagious. Vitiligo does not cause skin problem like skin cancer, leprosy etc. Vitiligo is not a result of foods you intake or lifestyle you follow. This is found that people with vitiligo are normal. This disease does not cause or prompt any other kind of disabilities.
What causes vitiligo?


It is impossible to get it from someone else. It wrong to think that you have inherited Vitiligo from your parents. It is not genetic and not related to any particular ethnicity. Vitiligo is found in people of all races. Though, it is just more noticeable in you has dark skin. It is the pigment-bearing cell which causes a problem. The destruction of these cells and absence of pigment at that skin area is the reason. But why these pigment-bearing cells get destroyed is still to be found by healthcare professionals.
Which parts of the body are most commonly affected?

It is found that areas of your skin which are exposed to the sun are more likely to have white patches which are caused by vitiligo. But another area of your body which is not exposed to the sun like armpit, eyes, groin, rectal area and genital etc can also have this kind of white patches.

Following are the areas of the skin that are most commonly affected by vitiligo symptoms:

  • Fingers
  • Armpits
  • Wrists
  • The skin around your mouth and eyes
  • Groin
  • Genitals

What are the treatment options in vitiligo?


We have the very limited way to cure vitiligo. It is sad that there is no easy treatment that can slow down the disease process. But, there are some therapies that one can get like surgery such as use of grafts, UV light therapy, some steroids and medications can also help.


How can we stop the destruction of pigment-bearing cells?

It is necessary to stop the destruction of the cell if we want to cure this disease. There are some tablets and creams which help your body to prevent the destruction of cells which carry pigment. A perfect dose is needed according to the severity of this disease.
How can we bring back normal skin color to areas where it has been lost?

The bringing normal color back to the skin is possible and it is done by medical and surgical means. The most commonly used medication of vitiligo is psoralens. The normalization of skin color is done under controlled condition and the perfect blend of sun exposure or some specific ultraviolet beams along with psoralens, help a lot.

Think You Have a Piles Problem? First Steps to Treating Piles


People suffering piles problem can experience painful bowel movements as the swollen blood vessels in the outer rectum and anus bleed during the process. If you are one suffering from such painful bowel movements due to health issues like piles. Here is an article for you with some self-help measures to ease the suffering of piles and allow healing as well.

Fiber up Your Diet 

Piles are two types one is internal that emerges from the rectum and another that develops on the anus. In either case, passing the bowl is a painful experience. Treating these piles should start with the change in the food habits. It is advisable to add 20 to 30gms of fibre in your diet as it draws water into stools making them easier to pass. This remedy turns to be more effective if you have piles that prolapsed through the anus.

Less Strain, More Gain


When you are suffering from the piles problem, it is not advisable to sit or strain for longer periods as it may be associated with constipation or diarrhea which may aggravate your problem. A person suffering from the piles problem should never delay bowel movements as they can worsen constipation and aggravate piles. You should also consider elevating the position of your feet with the help of the bench so that position of your rectum changes and allow easier passage of the stool.

Drinks and Exercise

As said earlier, constipation can worsen your piles problem. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking a lot of fluids that can soften your stool and make it easy to pass. Surprisingly exercise can help you relieve the pain of the bowel movements to the great extent. Regular aerobic exercises like brisk walking keep your bowl moving and help you keep away from the problems of constipation that trigger piles. Even ice packs wrapped in a cloth on the affected area many times a day will help you relive the pain and swelling. It is a great idea to have short-term relief.

Off-the-Shelf Remedies


There are many over counter medicines available to help you treat the piles problems. You can consider taking them or reach the doctor to get prescriptions for stronger anti-inflammatory drugs to treat the problem. You can consider going for sitz baths with the basin that can be fitted under the toilet seat. You should soak the inflamed area in the warm water during the bath for 10-15 minutes three times a day to have good relief from the problem.

Piles Removal  

Your doctor must be the best person to suggest the right time for piles removal. They will discuss the medical procedure that has to be undergone to remove piles. Of course, this is the last option chosen by the doctors if all the above-stated measures fail to treat your piles problem effectively. However, even in the complex scenarios, the above-stated measures are proven to provide great relief if not cure the problem.

Children’s Heart Surgery – Symptoms and Available Treatments


Heart surgery in children is termed as pediatric heart surgery and is needed in the case of heart defects.  Child heart surgery may sometimes be needed right after the birth or can allow the child to wait safely for months or years to perform the surgery.  Sometimes, one surgery is enough to rectify for addressing congenital defects or it may call for series of procedures.

It is even scary to think that your child has a heart defect that has to give a medical attention. Not a worry, this is a relatively common problem faced by 1 in 100 children. There are advanced technology and treatment options to get your child back to normal health.


Gaining the knowledge about the symptoms of heart defects in children will keep you aware of your fears and concerns about your child health are right.


•    Presence of heart murmur- a sound as the heart pumps the blood is the first sign of heart defect in the new born. This creates vibrations that can be heard through doctor’s stethoscope. However, doctors confirms the same after additional tests

•       Breathing difficulties from lung congestion is another sign that calls for child heart surgery within the first year of the life.

•    Children with blue skin, a condition called cyanosis are also a symptom of heart defect.

•    Other signs and symptoms that you should seek medical attention suspecting the caused to include increased rate of breathing, poor appetite associated with colour change, failure to gain or lose weight, prolonged fever, and decreased energy level.


Treatment options

Many heart problems in a child can be treated with single heart surgery. If your child is detected more complex abnormalities, the child may require a series of heart surgery procedures beginning from the newborn period to the period of 3 years age. Children with complex heart abnormalities may have to spend a lot of time under the care of their parents at home while you have occasional visits to a pediatric cardiologist and primary child care doctor.

If your child has to get treated for obstruction in the blood vessel, doctors may choose to balloon angioplasty that is performed in the catheterization lab rather than operation theatre. The procedure involves insertion of a plastic tube with a balloon attached to the blood vessel to open the narrow area of the blood vessel.


Doctors may not suggest the child heart surgery even to close the abnormal openings of the heart blood vessels. They choose to transcatheter device occlusion to treat surgery avoiding the problem.

If your child is detected with the problems like ventricular defects that are the small and moderate size that hampers the growth of the child, the doctors may wait for the hole to close prescribing some medications before the child heart surgery. Some scenarios demand the children continue the medication post surgery too.

Irrespective of the treatment options given by the doctor (medically or surgically), the child may have frequent visits to the pediatric surgeon during the initial days of the treatments. They can be reduced as the treatment progresses.

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