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10 Best Ways to Deal with UTIs

The chances of feminine getting affected by the Urinary Tract Infections or commonly known as UTIs in the medical science are relatively high. Proficient researchers have had ranked the lifetime risk associated with UTIs as high as 1 in 2 if women are getting affected by the infection frequently. However, there are certain ways through […]

Adult Bed-wetting: Don’t even dare to overlook it!

Nocturnal enuresis or more commonly known as Bedwetting is a grave affliction and requires immediate attention. Bedwetting occurs due to improper bladder control during sleep. Despite its embarrassing consequences it is considered normal in many cases. In case of infants, this may be an indication of healthy development whereas in case of adults it is […]

How to Tackle The Most Omnipresent Part of Anyone’s Life: STRESS

Stress is an organism’s unnatural response/reaction to the environmental condition that disturbs physically or mentally that causes hormones like adrenaline and cortisol to surge through the body that triggers the fact, “Fight or Flight”. Stress has been declared as an omnipresent part of anyone’s life. An organism in stress responds to any kind of threat […]

VARICOSE VEINS- Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Varicose veins are perverse and inflamed veins that commonly affect legs and feet. However, these are not very serious, but if not treated on time, it can lead to serious problems. This problem is a result of standing and walking upright, which increases veins pressure in the lower body. Symptoms Basically, patient’s suffering from Varicose […]

Fighting Against Dengue: Necessary Prevention Measures!

“Hospitals running short of beds”, “Hospitals over crowded”, “Major Outbreak”… Ever wondered why such titles are covering the very first page of the newspapers nowadays? Yes, you are guessing it right! Dengue fever! It is spreading like a wildfire across the nation; northern, central and eastern India being the worst hit. Latest reports also state […]

Meningitis: A Serious Brain Issue- All You Need to Know

Meningitis: Going with the common adage, “Health is Wealth”, it is important for every one of us to take every health issue very seriously. No doubt, every part of our body is crucial, yet when it comes to our brain, no symptom, no pain should be ignored. You never know, when a serious issue would […]

Negative Emotions and Physical Change: Yes, there is a Connection!

What happens when something happens against your will, or against your heart’s and mind’s thoughts? Just like negative emotions hardships, breakups, and losses! Do you get angry, or you get a feeling for which you never had an explanation! Being human beings, we get affected by traumatic events a lot. Such events not only disturb […]

Drug Addiction- The Negative Side of Rave Parties

Dance and loud music is the favorite of youth. In fact, a place with loud music, laser lights is amongst the best places for them to escape the reality. There is nothing wrong until things are limited to dance and fun. However, the moment it crosses the boundary and involves selling of drugs and alcohol, […]

Drug misuse: Women, the Prime Victims!

Drug addiction is undoubtedly an awful habit and its consequences are harsher than what we actually imagine. If we talk about its effects, they are not just limited to the addict. In other words, the consequences affect both, the addict and family in various ways. Especially, it is the women who have to suffer the […]