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Rehabilitation Centers: Saying NO to Opiates

Elections are meant to elect a representative from the crowd who will contribute its part in boosting the economy as well as the development. However, the face of election is a bit different in many regions, especially Punjab, where less about politics and more about drugs. A leader is chosen, but the means to reach […]

What You Need to Know About Sinus Infection

Countless health issues have taken birth since ages, out of which some are popularly known worldwide while some rarely just because of the fact that they do not warn of any serious issues to our health. Out of such rarely known problems is sinusitis, affecting up to 10 to 15 millions of people every year. […]

Few simple and easy tips to stay fit and healthy

Whether you are fed up of fitting yourself into your clothes or wish to have a perfect, appealing personality, getting a contoured body is nothing like an insurmountable thing if you have the right tools and tips in your hand. Staying fit and healthy is indeed the dream of every person on the earth and […]

Drug Addiction Is More Dangerous Than Terrorism

Drug Addiction: Terrorism is nothing new and has been around from quite some time. Different terror groups have been operating in various parts of the globe every day. Their sole motto is nothing but to destroy the world. Suicide bombers with bombed vests reach the targeted place and blew themselves up injuring and killing hundreds […]

Fighting The Evil of Addiction

Addiction is the greatest challenge our community is facing now a days. This term “addiction” carries stigma and hinders the acceptance among the society. So the world health organization recommends the term “Substance Use Disorder”. We are facing this menace worldwide and on a national level. The situation however is grimmer at our very own […]

Simple Yet Important Cold Weather Safety Tips for Kids

Just like summer months, winter is a great season and it is obvious, you and your family might have a number of plans to enjoy the season to the fullest. Whether you plan to go out for sledding or skating in the ice, it can be both, fun and dangerous. Therefore, to be safe and happy and […]

What are the Secrets of a High-Performing Surgical Department?

No matter if it is about a surgical department or any other department, in order to excel and generate high –productivity and to become a high-performing body, there are some critical factors that make their contribution and focus, accountability and data are the most important of all. Factors like improving patient satisfaction, attracting and retaining […]

Important Measures to Prevent Injuries from Some common accidents!

Most accidents are caused by carelessness! They can take place anywhere, at anytime. Sometimes these accidents are minor and do not cause much injury but sometimes, they do end up risking our lives and are often declared serious. However, this does not mean you cannot save yourself from such happenings. Injuries are often predictable and […]

Why are we one of the Top Ranked Hospitals?

Constructing those four walls of your hospital are never enough to earn the desired praises and make that special place in the hearts of people. You need to go through various ups and downs besides making every possible effort to mark your presence in the industry. And gladly, Cheema Medical Complex (CMC) Mohali has been […]