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CMC Mohali employs the best Gynaecologists in Chandigarh

Are you suffering from some vaginal infection? Is there any problem related to your reproductive organ? When was the last time when you had visited a gynaecologist? Worried? Thought you might just get a bad news, which you were not expecting. Don’t worry, visiting a doctor is not at all scary. Doctors, are you friends, […]

Detailed Facts About Hemorrhoids – CMC Mohali Hospital

Hemorrhoids are vascular structures in the anal canal which help with stool control. They become pathological or piles when swollen or inflamed. In their normal state, they act as a cushion which helps in continence to the passage of stools and flatus. They are of Internal and External types. Internal hemorrhoids usually present with painless […]

Diseases of Mind: A Neglected Reality

Have you ever seen a person with a bone fracture or pneumonia, sitting at his home and not coming for treatment as he feels that bone fracture or pneumonia are nor diseases? I would guess that your answer would be a no with certainty. But then why is it that many millions with diseases of […]

Addiction: An Underlooked and More Sighted Problem

Everyone would say it’s a growing menace and one another hand people wouldn’t even feel comfortable while talking to a person who is suffering from addiction. This term “addiction” carries a load stigma on its back and it hinders the new outlook. Addiction is a biological disease and it is certainly not a choice as […]

Natural DIY Dental Care

Don’t let the headline of this post fool you – I don’t advocate “do it yourself” dental care at home instead of at your usual Monarch Dental office, only that some dental care is DIY worthy. So before you grab an ice skate and a rock for that abscessed tooth à la Tom Hanks in […]

How to deal with mouth burns

There are few things as painful and startling as a mouth burns. You think that coffee is farther away in your travel cup or that your burrito couldn’t have gotten that hot in the microwave, but then it hits you! And the most frustrating part of the whole experience is the after-burn. Unfortunately, there isn’t […]