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Dealing with morning sickness- preventive and precautionary measures

Pregnancy is without a doubt one of the most beautiful phases for women. But as much as this phase is beautiful, it also has a downside. Due to the continuous development of the baby and the natural hormonal changes, a woman’s body undergoes a lot of pressure.

During this time, it is also natural to feel nauseated especially when you wake up in the morning. Also known as morning sickness, this can be one of the crappiest feelings a woman can get while she is pregnant. Well thankfully, by following a few tips, it is easy to deal with this situation. Let us have a look at what can be done and a few preventive measures.

To deal with morning sickness, here is what you can do

• Do not keep your stomach empty, it would be advisable to eat small meals at regular intervals. Foods like nuts, yoghurt, cottage cheese, milk (if you can handle it) or even fruits and veggies that are rich in proteins and carbohydrates would be perfect.
• Have a glass of fresh limejuice in the morning, if you want you can also mix lemon with black tea or coffee. While having your tea or coffee, make you eat something.
Drink-Lime-Juice-During-Pregnancy• Your doctor will prescribe some medicines and supplements. This would be depending on the type of pregnancy (normal, risky, high risk, complicated etc). Make sure you take them on time. If you are on regular medicines for a particular condition, inform your gynac about it.
• During the night if you happen to have broken sleep or sleep problems, keep little munchies next to you. You can always have a night snack like dry toast, soda crackers, protein or energy bars etc.

Points to keep in mind as preventive or precautionary measures

• Too much of salt and fat is not advisable for pregnant woman; this is why it is advisable to avoid such foods.
• During pregnancy, make sure you wear clothing that is lightweight and free flowing. Also, ensure that you do not wear belts or anything tight. Even your shoes have to be flat, high heels are not advisable because there are chances you can fall. Orthopaedic shoes would be a perfect choice since they can help release the pressure on the legs while walking.
• While exercising is good, it is also essential that you do not overdo it. Choose exercises that are effective and helps to reduce the strain on your body. Therapies like meditation and yoga is a perfect choice.
• Stress, tension, fights and other such situations will always play a negative impact on your pregnancy; this is why it is important to stay away from it. Remember that you have a little life growing inside you and if you let yourself get affected with situations that can be easily avoided,
• We know that smoke and pollution is all over, this is something that cannot be avoided, what can be done is avoid going into areas that are too polluted. If there is no choice, then ensure you cover your nose and mouth or wear a nose mask. Do not be near smokers and if you find someone smoking, move away.