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At CMC, department of Dentistry patients are treated with undivided attention. Every one seeking this service will be given a thorough examination followed by a clear explanation of the problem. The emphasis remains not only in treating dental diseases but also effectively make the patients smile without inhibition with the beautiful set of natural and artificial teeth. With a goal to serve the patient with the best dental care possible in the most comfortable settings, the treatment protocol is created keeping patients comfort, safety and health in mind.

Available Services & Treatment:

  • Prosthodontics:
    1. Complete Denture
    2. Over denture with ball attachments
    3. Implant Supported Over denture
    4. Implant supported fixed denture –u/l
    5. Ceramic crown per tooth
    6. All ceramic crown per tooth
    7. Ceramic laminates
    8. Metal Inlay/Ceramic Inlay
    9. Cast partial Denture
    10. Flexible denture – partial
    11. Zirconia’s all ceramic crown and bridge
    12. Dental Implants
  • Endodontic:
    1. Root Canal Treatment with rotary files and thermo fill gutta percha
    2. Post and core – Metal and ceramic
  • Orthodontics (Straight wire Technique):
    1. Metal Braces
    2. Ceramic Braces
    3. Lingual Braces
  • Oral Surgery :
    1. Extraction of Tooth
    2. Complicated Tooth Extraction
    3. Impaction Surgery
    4. Orthognathic Surgery
    5. Trauma to face with Fractures –Simple & Complex
    6. Cyst Enucleation
    7. Tumor Excision
    8. Canlex Surgery to Upper / Lower Jaws
    9. Cosmetic Surgery to Upper/Lower Jaws
    10. TMJ Surgeries
    11. Biopsy of Oral Cavity
  • Pedodontics:
    1. Fillings to child patient with color fillings also done if required
    2. Pulpotomy /Pulpectomy/Root canal Treatment
    3. Stainless Steel Caps/ Adenylic caps to patients
    4. Rampant Caries/Nursing bottle caries
    5. Fluoridation to children
    6. Pit and Fixture sealants
    7. Braces to adolescent
  • Periodontics:
    1. Scaling and root planning
    2. Curettage
    3. Gum surgeries
    4. Cosmetic gum surgeries
    5. Alveolar bone Surgeries
  • Conservative:
    1. Filling – Tooth color / Nano – Composite
    2. Filing for cervical atranon with Ketac-N-100
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