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Diseases of Mind: A Neglected Reality

Have you ever seen a person with a bone fracture or pneumonia, sitting at his home and not coming for treatment as he feels that bone fracture or pneumonia are nor diseases? I would guess that your answer would be a no with certainty. But then why is it that many millions with diseases of mind are not coming for treatment.

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This is a shocking reality and to change this we all need to understand this growing problem better. Our mind is like any other bodily system and has its own diseases or ailments. For adequate functioning of ourselves we all need a sound mind and a healthy body. Physically we can manage ourselves adequately inspite of some diseases or handicaps like using a prosthetic. But unfortunately there are no prosthetics for a handicapped mind. So this further necessitates our empathic approach towards diseases of mind.

Diseases of mind results due to variety of factors like genetics/hereditary, environment, brain chemistry and others such as personal and social issues. It can affect any body and no one immune to these diseases. They can present as disturbances in sleep and appetite, being anxious, feeling sad, loss of interest in routine activities and feeling fatigued. Some other illnesses may present as washing hands over and over, repeatedly checking locks and doors. Still other kind may present as being suspicious, fearful, aggressive and not taking good care of one’s own self.

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Psychiatric disorders can vary a lot from above mentioned problems as they may present in childhood such as being excessively naughty, lagging in studies, poor concentration or dyslexia, autism, bed wetting and speech disorders. Similarly in adulthood other problems could be marital difficulties, sexual problems etc

A wide range of treatment options are available for these variety of disorders like medications, counselling and additional support from biologically based relaxation exercises. Related to treatment it is a common myth among masses that all psychiatric medications are same, sleep producing and are addictive. However in reality this is not the case, we have different medications for different cases and they are not addictive. These medicines are just as safe as medicine prescribed for high blood pressure or diabetes.

Our endeavour is to promote the mental health and make masses aware about this gigantic problem which is treatable and preventable to some extent.

Author is a consultant Psychiatrist in Chandigarh  at cheema medical complex, ph. 4, Mohali.
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