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Drug Testing of Employees in the Workplace

Some schools, colleges, organisations, corporate companies and hospitals conduct drug testing. This can be done by various methods, comprising: pre-employment testing, casual testing, realistic disbelief/cause testing, supplement testing, and post-accident testing. This generally includes assembling urine samples to test for drugs such as marijuana, opium, amphetamines, and PCP.

According to the latest survey, 67.9 percent of all adult illegal drug abusers are working full or part time, as are most indulge and heavy alcohol consumers. Studies show that when compared with non-drug users, drugs using employees are more likely to:
tumblr_nwtp5e2dmH1tbs1sqo1_1280• Change jobs recurrently
• Be late to or absent-minded from work
• Be less fruitful
• Be tangled in a workplace mishap and possibly hurt others
• File an employees’ compensation privilege.

Employers who have executed drug-free workstation agendas have vital experiences to share.

Companies with positive drug-free workplace programs state progresses in self-esteem and efficiency and decreases in absenteeism, calamities, interruption, turnover, and stealing.

Employers with established courses report improved health status among employees and family members and reduction in the use of medical welfares by these same groups.

Some groups with drug-free workplace programs qualify for motivations, such as reduced costs for workers’ reimbursement and other types of insurance.

111Cheema Medical Complex, also known as CMC, one of the leading multispecialty hospitals in the region of Punjab has recently been awarded the license to operate as an authorized de-addiction centre in Punjab. It has joined the list of many other governments approved de-addiction centres in the region, where the cases of drug addiction have been observed to be growing each new day.

Now at CMC, the world-class drug de-addiction treatment program will be offered by the government to all drug addicts across the nation at affordable rates. Depending upon the condition of the patient, treatment plans will be formulated to ensure that the patient restrains himself from taking the substance in a short span of time.