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Features Specific to Alcoholic Hepatitis

Alcoholic hepatitis is an unhealthy, inflammatory state of the liver caused by unnecessary alcohol consumption over a long period of time. If you face this situation, you must stop drinking alcohol. Non-stop drinking can cause many other health issues, such as cirrhosis of the liver, or even liver failure.

Causes of Alcoholic Hepatitis

When alcohol treats with the liver, it generates highly toxic chemicals. These chemicals can damage the liver cells. This damage then leads to inflammation and alcoholic hepatitis.
Other factors may also encourage the growth of this condition as alcoholic hepatitis doesn’t present in all heavy drinkers. This include:
• the presence of other liver disorders, such as hepatitis C
• undernourishment
• hereditary factors that affect how the body processes alcohol

alcoholSymptoms of Alcoholic Hepatitis
The symptoms of alcoholic hepatitis fluctuate depending on the degree of damage to the liver. If you have a minor situation of the disease, you may not face any symptoms. However, as more injury occurs, you may begin to experience:
• dry mouth
• the loss in weight
• yellowing of the skin or eyes
• fever
• loss of appetite
• nausea and vomiting
• changes in your mental condition, including confusion
• lethargies
• pain or swelling in the abdomen

alcohol1Treatments of Alcoholic Hepatitis

You have to stop consuming alcohol if you get an alcoholic hepatitis diagnosis. You may be able to reverse the injury to your liver by preventing alcohol.
Even if the destruction is too much to reverse, you should still abandon drinking to avoid further damage to your liver.
If you are suffering from alcohol addiction, you should take help from family members or talk to your doctor. There are many hospitals and rehab facilities that focus on alcohol detoxification.
Treatment for alcoholic hepatitis may involve medications that overcome swelling in your liver and recover liver function.
Your doctor may also recommend vitamin and nutrient supplements if you’re malnourished.

Prevention of Alcoholic Hepatitis

The paramount way to prevent alcoholic hepatitis is to escape alcohol. You can also prevent alcoholic hepatitis via appropriate diet and by defending yourself from hepatitis C.
If you don’t stop drinking and your situation degrades, your overall consequence and probabilities for recovery will degrade as well. Your external looks may worsen if you cultivate scarring of the liver (cirrhosis) as an outcome of your drinking.