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Glycolic acid and skin

Glycolic acid and skin

Also, known as the ‘ fruit peel ‘ glycolic acid is one of the most commonly used peel as well as one of the most widely used ingredient in cosmetic products.

Lower concentrations with 5% up to 12 % of glycolic acid are formulated in creams or gels for use prior to peelings and for long‐term application. Solutions containing glycolic acid at concentrations of 20% up to 70%, are used for peelings carried out professionally by a dermatologist.

Mechanism of action- To normalise keratinisation and increase hyaluronic acid and collagen in the skin.

Used in –

1) Acne and acne scars

2) Pigmentation such as melasma, tanning and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation

3) Fine lines and wrinkles

4) Exfoliation of the skin. Dissolving and removing dead skin cells with clearing of blocked pores and black heads

5) Skin brightening

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