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How Parents can help children in preventing drug abuse?

The study shows that the main cause that children don’t use illegal drugs is because of their parents — because of their positive inspiration and because they recognise it would dishearten them.

That’s why it is so important that parents create a healthy connection with their children and talk to them about drug abuse — the earlier the superior! Here are some ways:

1. Create and preserve good communication with your kids.

• The better you know your children, the easier it will be to lead them towards encouraging actions and relationships.
• Talk to your kids every day. Discuss your day with them and ask them what they did during the day.
• Exchange your thoughts with your children and indulge them in making conclusions. Express your kids that you worth their opinions and views.
parent-teen-relationship-lg• Be ready to understand your children as early as they reached the stage when they may feel peer pressure to trial with alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes.

2. Make your involvement in your kids’ lives.

• Youngsters are less probable to get attracted towards drugs when caring parents are a part of their life.
• Spend time with your children by doing their favourite activity.
• Cheer your children’s actions by joining special occasions, like recitals and games, and admiring them for their efforts.

3. Create perfect protocols and impose them steadily.

• Investigation shows that when parents make strict rules or no rules, children are more likely to attempt substance abuse.
• Talk over protocols, prospects, and results in advance.
• Give compliment when your kids follow instructions and meet expectations.

4. Be a positive role model.

• Kids replicate their parents.
drug• Establish ways to solve difficulties, have fun, and handle pressure without using alcohol or drugs.
• Show some examples of careless attitudes, such as ones you see in pictures or listen to the songs.
• Remember that you are a role model. Avoid conflicts between your words and your doings. Use alcohol in balance, don’t smoke and never use drugs.

5. Help your children choose friends wisely

• When children are involved in a good company, there are fewer chances to engage in risky behaviours.
• Help your kids feel relaxed in social conditions.
• Have knowledge about kids’ friends and their families.
• Participate your children in encouraging group activities, such as sports teams, camps, and after-school programs.

Educate yourself about drug abuse before discussing it with your children. You will lose reliability if you don’t have clear thoughts. Describe the adverse effects of drugs on the body and the legal penalties of using drugs.
If any of your kids have tried drugs, be true about your frustration, but emphasize that you still adore them.