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How taking drugs during pregnancy harms unborn babies?

When you are pregnant, it is essential that you look at what your body has consumed. Ingesting of illicit drugs is not safe for the unborn baby or for the mother.

More than half of the pregnant women take prescribed or non-prescribed drugs or use social drugs like tobacco and alcohol or illegal drugs at some time during pregnancy. In common, drugs should not be consumed during pregnancy except entirely required because many can harm the foetus. About 2 to 3% of all birth defects are the consequences of drugs that are used to treat any illness or disorder.

Sometimes drugs are important for the health of the pregnant woman and the foetus. In such cases, a woman should consult with her doctor or special gynaecologist about the threats and welfares of taking the drug.

Investigations have shown that ingesting of illegal drugs during pregnancy can affect both, the pregnant lady and the unborn baby.

effectsHow Drugs Affect The Pregnant Woman:

• Loss of appetite
• Insomniac nights
• Premature labour pains
• Bad decision making or plans
• More infinity to sexually transmitted disease
• Water breaks too early
• Unable to identify or handle the usual changes during pregnancy
• Unexpected bleeding
• Placental abruption
• Fatal death

How Drugs Affect The Unborn Baby?

• Underweight at birth time
• Miscarriage or premature delivery
• Imbalanced Progress and improvement
• Fatal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) or Fatal Alcohol Effect (FAE)
• Obstructions in mental health
• Cardiac issues
keep-your-newborn-baby-healthy• Imperfections in the face and body
• Death

How Drugs Affect You and Your Baby After Delivery?

• Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
• Higher probability of getting depressed after delivery
• Face difficulties as a parent
• Tough to handle your new baby’s needs (i.e. eating, sleeping, crying)
• Not get easily attached to your baby
• To sustain a job may be difficult

You can get help from counselling, support groups, and treatment courses. Since timely care, evaluation and apt treatment of such drug abuse is just one amongst the biggest health concerns, renowned psychiatry services offered by experts at Cheema Medical Complex in Mohali are available round the clock.