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How to maintain best workout routine and diet plan?

So you have decided to step towards a healthy lifestyle and worked out a workout and diet routine. To be honest, initially, it is going to be really hard for you to stick, to the plan because you will be highly distracted by the comfort of your couch and temptation of your favorite junk food. What would you do?

Best Workout Routine and Diet Plan:

Here are some of the ways that you can stick to your workout routine and diet plan-

  1. Motivate yourself:

Rather than exercising to lose weight, exercise because you love to exercise or because you love being fit. People who are able to hit their workout session with this attitude are more likely to stick to their workout and diet plan as compared to the people who go to the gym for the sake of it.


  1. Take one step a time:

Just because you have a workout and diet plan doesn’t mean that you have to stick to each and every point of it from the beginning. Naturally a new plan is going take some time to properly execute, so don’t over-stress yourself and take tiny step at a time. Besides, if you will do too much of exercise in just first time you are likely to end up with sore, injured muscles which can discourage you. In the beginning take things, easily; may be start by running less than a mile for a week and then when it becomes easy for you challenge yourself.

  1. Mix things up:

Don’t stick to a single exercise for the whole session try mixing different exercises. This will not only make things interesting for you but you will be able to exercise different muscles of your body in a single session. Also when you are doing strength training make sure you switch different machines.

  1. Tag along a friend:

When you cannot get up off the couch and jump on the treadmill, a workout partner is just what you need to get you back on the track. It is easier for you bail out of gym but when you know your friend is waiting for you; it might give you the much needed push. In fact, even studied have showed that tagging a pal along is a great motivator.


  1. There is no perfect combination of foods:

First thing when it comes to sticking to your diet is realizing that there no perfect diet or perfect combination of foods. Sure you should eat healthy food but ones in a while treat yourself to your favorite food item. If you want to eat more of your favorite food than moderate quality tries eating something that you didn’t plan to eat; this is a great way to divert yourself.

  1. Know the difference between hunger and craving:

You need to educate yourself about the difference between hunger and craving. In the end, you want to tag what you are feeling and patiently get over it without looking towards the food. Try to list down some of the things that had acted a powerful distraction when you wanted to divert yourself from food.

A Closing Thought:

Maintaining a perfect workout routine isn’t difficult; you just need to make up your mind for this. These were some of the basic steps that you need to follow to start with an ideal workout routine and diet plan.