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How to Manage Time in a Heart Attack?

A heart attack is an emergency condition. It needs your immediate attention. An extensive heart attack may cause heart failure. Timely preserve your heart muscle by preventing further blood clots from forming in your coronary arteries. With appropriate medical therapy, help the cardiologist maintain your cardiovascular system.

Prevent any long-term complications from the heart attack by well-timed treatment.
Surviving a heart attack requires an ongoing effort on your part, and on the part of your doctor.

The immediate priorities while managing Heart Attack includes:

  • Accurate diagnosis of the heart attack
  • Stability of your vital signs (pulse and blood pressure)
  • Preparation to deal with life-threatening conditions

Your doctor would open up the blocked vessel to restore blood flow to your heart muscle. Other than that the cardiologist would use all the possible measures to treat acute heart attack well in time.

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Our cardiologist, Dr. Ruchir Rastogi, at CMC is well versed in his expertise. You will be surely impressed by his time management. You would not be disappointed once you get treatment in his fine hands.