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Natural DIY Dental Care

Natural DIY Dental Care

Don’t let the headline of this post fool you – I don’t advocate “do it yourself” dental care at home instead of at your usual Monarch Dental office, only that some dental care is DIY worthy. So before you grab an ice skate and a rock for that abscessed tooth à la Tom Hanks in Castaway, read on to see what I mean.

•  Prevent cavities: Beyond the obvious tooth brushing, flossing, etc., you can also add specific foods to your diet that help fight cavities. Fresh spinach leaves, raw onion and lemon and lime peels can all naturally help fight against cavities.
•  Treat Toothaches: Believe it or not, garlic and salt can both help alleviate tooth pain. Just place a small clove of garlic or salt rock on the achy tooth. Remember though, you’ll want to make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible to address whatever issue is causing the pain.
•  Freshen Breath: Gum and mints are a natural choice, but you can also chew on some parsley, eat licorice or fennel to neutralize odor.
•  Whiten Teeth: Tooth whitening strips and toothpaste can make your teeth sensitive, so try strawberries instead. They can help to naturally polish teeth and even remove stains.

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