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Painless Treatment for Drug-Free Healthy Life

Addiction is a chronic disease which is known by drug seeking and use that is compulsive and is difficult to control. The harmful consequences are also associated with the addiction of drugs.

Changes that occur in the brain can be persistent because of which drug addiction is considered a “relapsing” disease. People involved in recovery from drug use disorders are at increased risk for returning back to drug use even after years have passed without the intake of drugs.

Drug de-addiction is the withdrawal of addiction to drugs. Nowadays many de-addiction centers by specially trained physicians are working for drug addicts.

Many people don’t understand the reason behind addiction to drugs. They mistakenly think that those who use drugs lack moral principles or willpower. People believe that they could stop their drug use simply by choosing to. But in real life, drug addiction is a kind of complex disease, and quitting usually takes more than strong will or good intentions.

Painless Treatment for Withdrawal of Addiction to Drugs

Our dream is to create an addiction free society. To make this reality, we have started awareness programs, de-addiction treatment programs, and comprehensive rehabilitation facilities.
Our basic objective is the design of a treatment module in accordance with our culture and human values which are actually based on actual life experiences.

This collective and collaborative experiment based on painless treatment will awaken the spirit inherent in human beings. It will enhance hopes of a meaningful life, in each and every individual who shares this objective.
The various painless treatments are discussed below:

Painless treatment1. SANR/URD Treatment [Super accelerated neuron regulation]

It is one of the most recent and Hi-Tech technique. All addicts can be treated with the help of this technique.
In this technique, the process of detoxification is done in the time range of 3-4 hours and it is regarded as absolutely painless. The brain cells are washed and normalized with special medicines for this purpose. And you will be astounded by the fact that within 3-4 hours, complete neuron regulation takes place and the drug substances present in the body gets completely washed out.

The treatment requires fasting for 24 hours. Extensive medical investigations are carried out and medical fitness is prescribed by one or two physicians.

At the point of time, the patient becomes medically fit; SANR process starts the coming morning and is completed within 3-4 hours. The patient is kept in the hospital for the whole night.

The next morning patient is discharged in a fit state completely de-addicted.

Drugs that can be treated by SANR method:

Drugs like:
• heroin
• smack
• opium
• dode (post)
• codeine
• syrups like cortex & phensydryl.
The above drugs are called opiates.

salk2. SAT technique [Simplified American Technique]

This is a kind of traditional technique. All that a patient need is a strong desire to leave drugs. It involves no dietary or work restrictions.

In the process a smooth detoxification takes place. Counseling and indoor admission of the patient are done.
The thing that is expected from the patient and his family members is cooperation and optimum environment for the patient so as to develop a strong will power in the patient that he can have a better life without the intake of drugs.

3. M-SAT [Modified SAT – Home Detox]

This is the third method of treatment of drugs. No admission is required in this technique.
Multiple investigations are carried out at first. After that, the treatment is started and the patient is sent home within 2-3 hours.
The treatment of the patient is continued at home. He is able to carry out all routine activities as usual.
This depends on the patient’s pain threshold and is painless treatment. This method is effective in almost all types of addictions.

These treatments are complemented with expert counseling from the physician or doctor. Counseling is essential part with addicts so as to boost their willpower and self-confidence.
Counseling of both the addict and his family member is an essential part. It helps in training them to lead a drug-free healthy life and continue a normal life as before.