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PMS- Does Exercise Help?

If you struggle with symptoms of premenstrual syndrome or PMS, the effects can be truly debilitating. For some women, the monthly cycle of symptoms can severely disrupt their daily lives. Bloating, cramps, headaches, intense mood swings, cravings for sweets are some of the common symptoms of PMS. 

A study has shown getting active can really improve the physical and psychological symptoms of PMS. Moderate aerobic activities like walking, biking, jogging, and swimming for about 30 minutes five times a week may be of great help.

Here we have mentioned some useful effects of exercising in relieving your premenstrual symptoms: 

  • Steady cardio like running, cycling, hiking and power walking are perfect during PMS, and will also help regulate mood and even help reduce water retention.
  • Production of brain chemicals known as endorphins that boost your mood, which could help cope up with depression, anxiety and mood swings you may experience each month.
  • Increased endorphins may help reduce the amount of pain you feel from PMS.
  • Endorphins in the bloodstream can stabilize your blood sugar and cut your cravings for sweets.
  • Certain yoga poses namely ‘cobra’, ‘cat’ and ‘fish’ helped ease painful cramping (dysmenorrhea).

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