Our dedicated team of experts is amongst the leading veterans known for providing the latest techniques for joint knee replacement and hip joint replacement, physical therapy, and a complete range of other orthopedic services. Our team regularly performs Knee Replacement and joint surgery in Mohali.

Our team of Orthopedic doctors look after every joint and muscle-related condition carefully.

Our specialties include

Hip Treatments:

Knee Treatments:

Spine Conditions: We provide Orthopedic surgeries for treating spine-related pains including trauma, disc problems, infection, and other deformities as well. So, you need not worry as CMC Mohali, the best orthopedic hospital in Chandigarh, is available for your service, round the clock with its staff.
Fractures and Trauma treatment is a specialty of the orthopedic team at CMC Mohali. We are the oldest orthopedic hospital in Mohali and Chandigarh who specializes in trauma.
Operation theatres at our complex are fully equipped with high-class equipment. Along with this, to maintain an infection-free and hygienic environment within the OT, we have world-class systems like laminar flow.
Our service is available 24 hours, and our online help is also accessible round the clock. So, either consult our online ortho experts in Chandigarh or pay a visit to our clinic! We promise you the most advanced knee replacement solutions and other orthopedic services.

When we work

Doctors work schedule

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