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Save a life! Best Ways to Stop Drug and Alcohol Abuse

If your family members and friends are having drug abuse problems, then its high time to start taking care of them so that they will not push themselves so much into the dark that they will even lose their lives due to drug intake. This problem can be cured. It does not require many efforts. We will have to be more alert at homes for our children what they are doing, with whom they are hanging around, why they have stopped talking to everyone and many more things.

There are many ways through which we can control the drug abuse. Following are some of them:

  1. Educating people about signs, symptoms and harmful effects of drugs

Most of the youngsters start drugs and get addicted to them because they do not have much knowledge about the signs and symptoms of the drugs. If everyone will be well aware of all these things, then much care can be taken regarding the control of the drugs. The education should be imparted in colleges about the adverse effects of drugs so that youth can control the use of drugs. With knowledge, parents can also take good care of their children.

  1. Handling life and peer pressure

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The major reason for the use of drugs by young children is peer pressure. Usually, friends pressurize their mates for the things they are into. Because teens do not want to feel left out so they also start taking drugs so that they will not be thrown away from groups. Hence, in this case, we should be very wise while choosing our friends and should not choose a bad group of friends. And also life is very complicated these days and hence people feel anxious and stressed. The only way they find out to cope up with the problems is the drugs, but in the long run, their lives get badly affected. So dealing with these pressures is necessary. People can opt for various physical activities such as gym exercises and join different clubs.

  1. Restriction on the bars

Mostly alcoholand drugs are served in clubs and bars only. Youngsters are very fond of these bars and used to party a lot. If even some young individuals are not involved in drugs, they will start taking them by seeing other drug abusers in the party who are enjoying. Hence the bars and clubs should be closed or restriction should be made on the use of drugs in the clubs.

  1. Make good connections with family and friends

If people have good connections with their parents and friends, then they can overcome even the biggest problems in their lives. This connection builds such a comfortable level between parents and children that young people can even share problems related to drugs and can learn from their parent’s mistakes and experiences.

  1. Don’t be afraid to say no


Sometimes we are afraid that if we will say no to something which our friends force us to do, then they will break their friendship and we will be left alone. Because of this fear, most of the young people start taking drugs when their friends ask them to do them. In this case, we should be comfortable to say no to others if they are forcing us to get involved in the wrong things. As everyone has the right to do whatever they feel like to do.


Hence from above, it can be concluded that we can live a meaningful drug-free life through some efforts and precautions. We can also take help for mental illness and keep triggers and cravings in check. The best thing is to learn to relieve stress without drugs.