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Simple Exercises for People with Heart Problems?

Now, in the current scenario, many of the people are suffering from heart diseases. This is all due to bad nutrition and no physical activity being done by the people. If you are suffering from any heart problem, then it becomes very necessary for you to exercise daily for some time and side by side to improve your nutrition to keep your heart healthy. Let’s move further aside and elaborate more on what you can do:

Doctor’s advice: Now your doctor will let you know which exercise is ok for you. He will tell you which type of workout you can do either light or heavy lifting.

If the doctors will think that he needs to change your medication on the basis of your exercise then he will do so. Let us keep these things aside and talk about the simple exercises for the people with the heart problem:

Benefits of exercise:

1)    It helps in improving the cholesterol in the body.

2)    It helps in lowering the blood pressure of the body.

3)    It helps in proper blood circulation.

4)    It helps in strengthening the cardiovascular system.

5)    It helps in controlling your insulin.

Simple exercises for people with heart disease:

1) Do balanced exercise. Don’t do too much, too soon. Give your body time to rest between workouts.

2) Don’t exercise outdoors when it is too hot, cold, or humid. In case of extreme temperature:

  • It can cause chest pain.
  • It can be difficult for you to breathe in the hot environment.
  • It will also cause a problem in the blood circulation.
  • In case of humidity, you will feel tired quickly.



3) Stay hydrated: Drink as much as water as you can. It helps in proper blood flow and helps in removing toxins from our body. You must drink 3-4 liters of water every day, especially on the hot days.

4)    Skip extremely hot and cold showers or sauna baths after exercise.

5)    Don’t exercise in hilly areas. If you are living in the hilly areas, always monitor your heart rate when you are going uphill’s.

Important Note: If you ever get short of breathing while performing exercise then stop the exercise immediately. Get your appointment with the doctor and share your details.

6) Don’t: Stop the exercise if you are not feeling well or you are suffering from any minor or major problem. You must wait for the symptoms to disappear.

Always monitor your heart rate while doing exercise. If in any case, it is greater than 100-120 beats per minute. Immediately stop the exercise and then consult your doctor about this.

Stop the exercise if you are feeling pain. Do not ignore the pain.

Rest if you:

•    Feel Weak

•    Are dizzy or light-headed

•    Have unexplained weight gain or swelling — call the doctor right away

•    Feel pressure or pain in your chest, neck, arm, jaw, or shoulder

•    Are concerned for any reason

So, these were some of the simple tips that you must take care if you are a heart patient. Before going for any kind of physically you must consult with your doctor. For more health tips, Stay Connected