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Think You Have a Piles Problem? First Steps to Treating Piles

People suffering piles problem can experience painful bowel movements as the swollen blood vessels in the outer rectum and anus bleed during the process. If you are one suffering from such painful bowel movements due to health issues like piles. Here is an article for you with some self-help measures to ease the suffering of piles and allow healing as well.

Fiber up Your Diet 

Piles are two types one is internal that emerges from the rectum and another that develops on the anus. In either case, passing the bowl is a painful experience. Treating these piles should start with the change in the food habits. It is advisable to add 20 to 30gms of fibre in your diet as it draws water into stools making them easier to pass. This remedy turns to be more effective if you have piles that prolapsed through the anus.

Less Strain, More Gain


When you are suffering from the piles problem, it is not advisable to sit or strain for longer periods as it may be associated with constipation or diarrhea which may aggravate your problem. A person suffering from the piles problem should never delay bowel movements as they can worsen constipation and aggravate piles. You should also consider elevating the position of your feet with the help of the bench so that position of your rectum changes and allow easier passage of the stool.

Drinks and Exercise

As said earlier, constipation can worsen your piles problem. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking a lot of fluids that can soften your stool and make it easy to pass. Surprisingly exercise can help you relieve the pain of the bowel movements to the great extent. Regular aerobic exercises like brisk walking keep your bowl moving and help you keep away from the problems of constipation that trigger piles. Even ice packs wrapped in a cloth on the affected area many times a day will help you relive the pain and swelling. It is a great idea to have short-term relief.

Off-the-Shelf Remedies


There are many over counter medicines available to help you treat the piles problems. You can consider taking them or reach the doctor to get prescriptions for stronger anti-inflammatory drugs to treat the problem. You can consider going for sitz baths with the basin that can be fitted under the toilet seat. You should soak the inflamed area in the warm water during the bath for 10-15 minutes three times a day to have good relief from the problem.

Piles Removal  

Your doctor must be the best person to suggest the right time for piles removal. They will discuss the medical procedure that has to be undergone to remove piles. Of course, this is the last option chosen by the doctors if all the above-stated measures fail to treat your piles problem effectively. However, even in the complex scenarios, the above-stated measures are proven to provide great relief if not cure the problem.