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Tips shared by Patients and experts for those diagnosed with Atrial fibrillation

Atrial fibrillation is a condition which is related to a problematic rhythm of the heart. In this condition, a person’s heart can misfire and become chaotic due to the fluctuation or irregularity of the electrical signals that are responsible for proper heart functioning. The heartbeats may either skip or go too fast.

This condition can also have an impact of various aspects of a person’s emotional health. It can also affect the body’s stamina. People living with such conditions also experience a change in their relationships. This is the main reason why, it is essential that you have to be in control of your condition and take active interest to make an attempt of living with AFib. Here are a few tips that can help you out.

Speak out what you feel

Taking professional help for your emotional and mental needs is essential. Speak to your doctor and let him/her know how this condition is taking a toll not just on your health but also in your living environment.
doctorUpdate your doctor regularly

People who are diagnosed with this condition are at a greater risk to have a heart failure. This is one of the main reasons why you need to ensure that your doctor is updated with everything. If you experience any kind of discomfort, go to the nearest hospital at once to get it checked. You can also give a call to your doctor to find out what you can do immediately to prevent anything dangerous from happening.

Have your medication on time

Considering that this is the matter of your heart, you need to ensure that you have your medicines on time. In case you forget but remember later on, take it immediately. The medicines that are prescribed are to help the condition to stay under control. In case there is a change in the medicine or dosage, make sure that you follow it properly.

Change your diet

Another perfect way to help you keep a control of this condition is by changing or altering your diet. Make it a point to eat foods that can help your heart and keep it healthy. You can speak to a dietician who can give you professional guidance with foods that will be perfect for you and your condition. Pay attention to what your doctor says since he/she will advise foods based on how bad your condition is.

tests_featuresdGet yourself tested regularly

In order to live with such a condition, you have to ensure that you get yourself tested regularly. Regular tests can help you to know if you are at a risk to develop diseases like diabetes, thyroid, pressure problems etc. It also helps you to know the blood pressure and cholesterol levels in your body. Make sure that you get an ECG done regularly to keep a track of how your heart is working.

Talk to your doctor if you’re experiencing sleeping problems

For those who experience sleep disorders like sleep apnea, inform your doctor about it so that he/she can tell you what can be done about it. This is because people with such a condition are prone to sleeping problems.
It is evident that a person having atrial fibrillation problem has to be cautious for the rest of his / her life. A small mistake can be life threatening in no time. Not only the person having the atrial fibrillation, but also the inmates of his house have to be very vigil towards his day to day life including diet, medication and checkups at regular intervals. If you can, life is smooth.