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What Are the Regular & Phenomenal Causes of Chronic Heart Failure?

In the modern time with changed lifestyle, the count of heart-related problems in increasing steadily. Heart failure as a term defines the condition where the heart is not able to pump up the blood. It’s already become a huge problem and continues to hit the youngsters also. That’s why it is counted amongst the fatal conditions. When the heart fails, the blood circulation gets impaired and there is a development of a painful condition that even can result in death.

Causes that lead to heart failure

There are different factors responsible for choric heart failure

        I.            Regular Causes

These are general causes responsible for the occurrence of heart-related problems.

  • Hypertension
  • Past occurrence of heart problems
  • Diabetes

      II.            Phenomenal Causes

These are mentioned as:

Prolonged cardiomyopathy: The condition is related to the enlargement of the heart without knowing any reason.


Æ  Valvular Heart disease: Aortic stenosis is one condition where the blood faces problems to move through the genuine valves.

Æ  Alcoholic Cardiomyopathy: Drinking excess amount of alcohol can affect the pumping of blood.

Æ  The occurrence of irritation in spirit muscle or myocarditis.

Æ  Incessant arrhythmias

Æ  HIV related Cardiomyopathy

Æ  Taking medications that result in heart failure.

    III.            Lifestyle Causes

These are directly related to the lifestyle you are living

F      Smoking

F      Obesity

F      Alcohol intake

F      Consumption of high amount of salt

F      High fat nourishment

Know about the indication give your heart

The first indication is breathlessness. Known as Orthopnoea, this condition tells you about your heart health. Don’t ignore it. The heart palpitation is another way that gives you a warning signal about the heart failure. You can also face swollen feet and legs, loss of famishing acid flow and fluid development inside the body.

Talking about the clinic examination

At the time of heart nonperformance, a clinical examination is required to find out the real problem. By seeing them on and off occurrence of heart symptoms, the doctors ask the patients about the symptoms they are going through. For example:


v  Shortness of breath, coughing

v  High blood pressure

v  Physical activity

v  Sleeping disorders and many more

On listening to the mentioned symptoms, a physician starts his diagnosis based on:

Û    Measuring the pulse rate and blood pressure

Û    Checking the swelling of the vein in the neck. The bulging veins indicates right side heart failure

Û    Occurrence of lung sounds

Û    Analyzing the abdomen for swelling. This could be due to enlargement of the liver.

Û    Legs and ankles also get swell.

Û    Finding out the body weight.

Heart failure is a fatal disease and if not treated well can cause the death of a person suffering from it. Always listen to your heart what it is saying. If you will not listen to it on time, get ready to face the consequences. It’s better to think about your heart from now before it gets too late. Because, if your heart is healthy, then only you are able to function properly and live a stronger life.