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What are the Secrets of a High-Performing Surgical Department?

No matter if it is about a surgical department or any other department, in order to excel and generate high –productivity and to become a high-performing body, there are some critical factors that make their contribution and focus, accountability and data are the most important of all.

Factors like improving patient satisfaction, attracting and retaining surgeons, generating additional revenues and reduction in costs do make a surgical department worth its services however, and in order to ensure these things one should always be prepared with the plan. So, here is how you can step towards being a successful, high-performing body in a healthcare sector.

  • Improvement always requires time and attention so make sure you do not lag behind in this case. Most of the areas that you need to stay focused on are OR block utilization, Or turnover time, first case on time starts, staff overtime.  Apart from this, since every department has it own ways of working it is important to keep a check on things that do not work properly and that are not being performed accurately.  As soon as you gather information on the current performance of your department, you can easily make your way through the path of success with focus and dedication to render great surgical services to patients.
  • Accountability is often the biggest challenge. Thus make sure you have the chief people working on critical cases all the time. Besides this,, it is important that proper goals and guidelines are build prior to the action so that no room for mistakes is ever left.  Create a dashboard of the results so that it becomes easier to understand things and make changes to your plans in the future. Always be open to suggestions and recommendations for your improvement for this is that one factor that will lead you to your success without any hassles.
  • Appropriate data has a great role to play in order to decide if you really are a high-performing body or not. So, as soon as you start your project, this data will help in identifying the potential areas and will signify your attention to those aspects. The dashboard you maintained, whether in electronic form or in manual, will help in taking important decisions according to the need thus you will step towards efficiency and higher productivity of your processes.

Once all the above mentioned factors are ensured and considered accordingly, there is no doubt of failures and dissatisfactions. The moment you have important things in hand, you can gear up your work and deliver world-class services to your patients.

Therefore, it is true to say that in order to become a high-performing surgical department, proper data access, hard work by the surgeons and other professionals, ability to stay focused and accountability has to play a great part.

After all it is the aim every firm to be successful, so consideration of these factors will help a lot!