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Your Broken Bone May Not Heal! What Are Nonunion Fractures!


After your bone has been fractured, it might be possible that it fails to heal. This is known as Non-union.

What causes a non-union?

For your bone to heal, it needs adequate blood supply, proper stability, and good nutrition. Lack of any of these factors makes a fractured bone prone to form a non-union.

What are the risk factors involved?

Certain factors like smoking, severe anemia, old age, hypothyroidism, low levels of vitamin D, poor nutrition, diabetes, infection, drugs like aspirin, ibuprofen may increase the risk of non-union.

Symptoms of a non-union

You may feel a constant pain at the site of the break long after the initial pain of the fracture has disappeared. This pain may last months or even years.


A nonunion may be diagnosed if the doctor finds one or more of the following in the imaging studies:

  • Persistent pain at the fracture site
  • A persistent gap with no bone spanning the fracture site
  • No progress in bone healing when repeated imaging studies are compared over several months
  • Inadequate healing in a time period that is usually enough for normal healing

If your doctor diagnoses a nonunion, he or she may order blood tests to investigate the cause. These tests may show infection or another medical condition that may slow bone healing, such as anemia or diabetes.

How can nonunion be treated?

The treatment of a nonunion depends on the cause of the problem. Our specialist at CMC is renowned for his proficiency in the field.

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Treatment may involve surgery to remove the infection, to better stabilize the fracture, or to stimulate bone growth with bone graft. If the cause is a lack of good stabilization, you may need internal fixation with metal plates, rods, and screws. External fixation with a rigid frame is used for some nonunions. Bone grafts may use your own bone tissue.

Nonsurgical treatment might use a bone stimulator device that is used daily with ultrasonic or electromagnetic waves.

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